April 24, 2014

WFNY Bracket Challenge – Ohio State Out

Well, I am sure a lot of WFNYers are significantly less interested in the tourney now that the Buckeyes have been Calipari’d out of the game.  Still, the contest goes on for the Tribe tickets and Carlos Santana jersey.  As we await opening day on Friday, that should be enough to keep your eyes glued to the competition.

Your current leader, Dingo Jones has Notre Dame winning it all. Merrick Potter has Kentucky winning it all and the rest have Ohio State, Kansas, Duke or Notre Dame. I am sure I could figure out who will win it all based on scenarios, but that would require work and math. And really, who wants to bother with that on a Monday Morning?

Good luck to all the people who still have a shot.

  • Dingo Jones

    How in the heck am I in the lead? My Final Four were Notre Dame, Pitt, San Diego St and Kentucky. That’s horrible.

  • Dingo Jones

    and I figured it out — I think I won this regardless of what happens.

    If Kentucky wins against UConn both Merrick Potter and myself would get 6 points (five for the win, 1 for the seed difference) and then I have a lead that is greater than the 6 points that Merrick Potter could get for a win in the championship game with Kentucky. No other team is within 12 points of me that has either Kentucky or UConn moving on so all the other teams are mathmatically eliminated. At least I think so – I was a B- math student.

    Woo hoo — I won with the suckiest bracket I’ve had in years.

  • JudeLove

    or you can click on Scenario Generator at the top of the page and let it show you that Dingo wins no matter what happens.

  • mgbode

    congrats to Dingo. (please don’t eat my baby)

    now, I’m cheering for VCU. why the heck not I figure.

    VCU has beaten in the tourney:

    Pac10 (USC)
    Big East (Gtown)
    Big Ten (Purdue)
    ACC (Florida State)
    BigXII (Kansas)
    They now play the Horizon (Butler).

    So, you can see that the most improbable champ of all time (if they close out this miracle run) already has their Big East skin on the wall, which means that Kentucky needs to beat UConn so they can beat 7 different conferences.

  • Reggie Ruckus

    How in the heck am I fifth? The only final four team I got right was Butler (thanks a bunch Kansas, OSU and Duke). I hit on a whopping 58 percent of my picks which stinks…however that does give me a higher winning percentage than the Indians, Browns or Cavs so I take some solace from that.

    Kudos to Dingo for the win. Thanks WFNY for setting up the challenge.

  • Merrick

    Well done, everyone. Compare it to baseball- you can fail 7 out of 10 times and be a star. Well, you can miss 3 out of 4 final four picks and still win.

    I got excited last night picturing myself with a Santana jersey if UK wins. And then I realized even if they do, I’m 6 short. I guess I’ll have to buy one if I can pull off my work poll.

  • saggy

    how am i not winning? my final four was Butler, Kentucky, UConn, and VCU?????