WFNY Bracket Challenge – Sweet 16 Abounds

“Nobody cares about your bracket!” That has commonly been bandied about on Twitter, but it just isn’t true right here right now on this post.  This is where we absolutely care about your bracket.  We care so much that we have assigned not one, but two prizes for winners.  We still haven’t figured out something to give to the last place finisher (who also completely filled out the brackets) but we probably will.

I am happy to say that the bonus point structure is also causing a bit of chaos. The leader right now has gotten 34 of 48 picks correct, while second place has gotten 36 correct.  One of the two tied for third has 38 correct.  Picking those underdogs correctly pays!  Even I finally pulled myself out of the basement with a VCU win last night.  Make no mistake, I still have no chance at winning, but it still feels good to be in the 200s rather than the 300s.

  • Jrples

    For my bracket I just pick the teams that I like or the upsets because that way I can’ get disappointed. Hey I had Akron winning the whole thing so my bracket is completely screwed up but it’s all good! Go Ohio State!

  • JO

    I SEE YOU JSHAP27! Let’s go

  • MattyFos

    WFNY Bracket Challenge Rule #1-
    Any team named after Jimmer Fredette is ineligible to win any prizes.

  • Denny

    I bet team jimmer picked the winners based on which team has the best basketballing costumes.

  • BIll

    I’m at #7 right now. It’s so cool to see my bracket in the screen-shot included in this article. Sweet! Go Bucks!

  • Stinkfist

    Craig, the optimist in you sees that you are in the 200’s and not the 300’s.
    The Clevelander in me sees that you are still in the third-hundred (0-99, 100-199, 200-299).
    That said, I’m probably right there with ya

  • Live2CookatHome

    I won it two years ago, sitting #5 right now. Can I pull it off again?