While We’re Waiting… Cavalier Fan Opus, Tribe Previews and Kuiper’s Blast

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Outstanding work here- “But hope is a mysterious power. Battered as Cavaliers fans are, one dreadful season cannot drain us of our hope. We have experienced the euphoria of serendipity too recently to forsake hope. Drunk with its fervor, I send a plea into the ether of cyberspace, perhaps into the ears of someone who can help: build us a future. Build us a young team with talent and promise for whom we can desire victory. Give us look out for us next year! Then develop those players and add energy guys and bench scorers and athletic defenders who nail open corner threes. Build us a team for whom we can desire a playoff run. Build us a team that pushes a better one to seven games. Build us a team that exceeds expectations. Then add a final piece. A late-round draft pick, a reclamation project, a veteran who sets screens and rebounds. Give us a team for whom we can desire a championship. A team that melts our limbs. A team down four with three minutes left in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals. Give us desire, and let it render us dizzy and furious and barely swimming in its spirit-rendering sap.” [McGowan/Cavs the Blog]

The Tribe commercial everyone is buzzing about. Gotta hand it to the Indians, they are selling hard- [MLB.com]

The most comprhensive Cleveland season preview you will find anywhere- “September 28th vs. Detroit Tigers- The Indians fall in their final game of the 2011 season as they fall one game short of 80 wins, finishing the season at 79-83, placing them 4th in the AL Central. Despite the victory on the final day, the Tigers fall short of pushing Minnesota into a one-game playoff for the AL Central as the Twins defeat Kansas City on the final game of the season, finishing 93-69 besting the Tigers’ final record by one game.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

A marriage of Tribe baseball and Bruce Springsteen songs- “4. C Carlos Santana — “Crush On You”. Tribe Fan fell in love with Victor Martinez, and the end of that relationship was painful for both parties. But then along came this other switch-hitting, sweet-swinging Latino catcher that had been dumped by the Dodgers, and Tribe Fan began to feel those old, familiar butterflies in his belly. The first date went really well, then Santana played hard to get and ran away with the athletic trainer for a few months. Now, he’s back, looking “c’est magnifique” and ready to knock Tribe Fan off his feet. Anybody else as creeped out by that paragraph as I am? OK, good. Let’s move on.” [Castrovince/Castroturf]

Finally, our old buddy Vince Grzegorek has a piece of history for you, Kuiper’s only major league homer- [Scene Magazine]

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

  • Harv 21

    Years later someone did a story with Kuiper watching the replay, maybe with Manning, and Kuiper says, “second I hit it I knew it was out.” Very funny.

    BTW, footage is grainy but is that Oscar Gamble’s classic ‘fro greeting him in the dugout?

  • Kunal

    that commercial sent chills down my spine, i’m ready for some baseball!!

  • Pale Dragon

    I was not excited for baseball this year, but that commercial gave me goosebumps.

    GO TRIBE (.500 or bust woo)