While We’re Waiting… Detroit, Grady Sizemore Injury, Braylon Edwards’ Cake

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Any time a story makes me think about the famous Cleveland tourism videos, it’s clearly #WINNING: “Thanks to last week’s trade with the Clippers for Baron Davis and more importantly an unprotected draft pick, the Cavaliers finally seem to have some direction in what had been a season in purgatory. …

If you want to feel better about the Cavs in the meantime, train your tired eyes north, past Lake Erie and to the Palace at Auburn Hills. There plays a team in worse straits, arguably far worse, than Cleveland. The once proud Pistons, a club that hosted a Larry O’Brien trophy not long ago, are now dealing with an alleged player revolt by a roster of over-the-hill veterans.” [Doug/Cleveland Sports Torture]

I hereby declare this the ‘Second-Half Cleveland Sports Conundrum,’ something experienced recently in every major sport. And by the way, happy birthday to our very own TD: “Why am I excited that by Troy Murphy joining the Celtics over the Heat? I hate that reveling in others failings is all i have these days.” [@WFNYTD/Twitter]

Glenn Moore shares this NE Ohio media news, and and I’m sure we will hear more about this soon: “DSN is no longer with cleveland.com. BUT PLEASE DO NOT hate on cleveland.com. There are NOT at fault.” [@DugoutSportsShow/Twitter]

What’s this? A former Cleveland athlete still being a jerk? What a concept: “There’s a fine line between staying on top of the local sports beat and blowing up barrels of fish with a howitzer. And there’s Braylon Edwards’ 28th birthday cake.” [Peter Pattakos/Cleveland Frowns]

Discussing Brian Robiskie’s role and potential with the new system: “With the Browns switching to a West Coast offense in 2011, it will no doubt have a major impact on the team’s receiving corps. One of the biggest complaints about last year’s offense centered around the misuse of the wide receivers.” [Steve DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Notable biographical info on the chief Browns boss: “Upon the passing of his father, Al, Randy Lerner assumed control of the Browns, as well as the chairman’s role at credit card company MBNA. Randy Lerner helped engineer the sale of MBNA to Bank of America in 2006 for a reported $35 billion.” [ProFootballWeekly.com]

Reflections on the past four years of fandom: “With the Spurs coming to town tomorrow night to take on the Cavs, it got us to thinking about the 2007 NBA finals. We realize there is turnover in professional sports and especially on the Cavs in the past 2-3 years as they chased their first championship.” [Titus Pullo/Red Right 88]

Developing Tribe news: “Grady Sizemore’s goal is to be in center field on Opening Day. The Cleveland Indians have accepted that might not be possible.” [Associated Press/SI.com]

Some Aeros and WFNY love in this food story: “In Charleston, he devised the “Homewrecker,” a half-pound, foot-long hot dog with 22 optional toppings. Now the food and beverage director of the Akron Aeros, the Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, he’s upping the ante.” [Darren Rovell/Sports Biz at CNBC.com]

And finally, encouraging words about highly regarded Indians pitching prospect Jason Knapp: “No question, if healthy, Knapp could rocket up next year’s Top 100. He has a mid-90s fastball and a plus curveball. At the same time, he is still raw, needs more consistency and command, and has to prove he can hold up over a full season.” [Jim Callis/Baseball America]

(Photo screenshot above via Bishopvids/YouTube)

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