April 18, 2014

Cleveland Indians Google Player Popularity Rankings – 4-25-2011

Back in March I decided to analyze the popularity of Cleveland Indians players on the roster based on Google results. That was March 10th and the landscape has changed significantly since the season started and the Indians started pretty hot. There are some outliers like Jayson Nix (who won’t make the next list as he is no longer on the team) who were artificially inflated because of a transaction. Nix was traded for cash to the Blue Jays which led to a lot of hits in Google.  Also, keep in mind in total the list had a 57% increase in hits from then to now.  This is representative of the effect of just being in season officially.  Still, the rankings are interesting.

And… we have a new number one.  Grady Sizemore led the list to start the year, and despite coming back from injury and playing well, he was still overtaken.  Check the list after the jump.

The method used to get these stats is to Google: player-first-name player-last-name “cleveland indians” … The search results can vary a little bit from person to person, but this is all for fun anyway. Let’s not get too crazy about this.

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

  • Lyon

    Even Google dislikes Huff.

  • Jayson

    Im sure every team in the league has an increase in popularity of nearly all the players on their roster. There was no baseball being played in March. These players names are not said on local/national radio and TV in March as much as they are in April simply because there is no baseball. This is like comparing the google results of Browns players now compared to the second week of September.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Craig Lyndall

    I said that.

  • Sam B

    I wonder how much this could change from day to day. I doubt Shelley Duncan was rated as high before his late game heroics in the KC series.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    “I said that.”

    Why read when you can just comment?