On a loss to Drew Gooden’s Bucks that keeps Cavs from winning 20, and other things

The Cavs lost to the Bucks last night 108-101. 

I hesitate to get too much further into the details here though because I’m not sure anybody cares.  The Cavaliers certainly didn’t last night.

They came into the game uninspired and terrible, lost the first quarter by 12, got down by 16 at the break, and nothing they did really mattered from there.  

John Salmons, a player who has underachieved all season for Milwaukee, averages 13.9 points per game, and has scored thirty or more (1) time all year in 71 games as a Buck, went for 32 on the Cavs last night.  Good defense fellas. 

If that wasn’t enough, well you already know by now I’m sure.  For the first time in his 614 game NBA career, Drew Gooden notched that elusive triple-double.  And for what it’s worth, I’m guessing there’s a former 2002 Memphis Grizzlies Team Scout waking up somewhere, reading this box score, and saying see, I knew it!  As coffee spills all over the kitchen table he bought while once employed by the team.

Drew came into last night’s match-up against one of his EIGHT former teams averaging 1.3 assists per game this season.  He ended up – literally – throwing no-look chest passes last night on his way to 13 dimes, 13 rebounds, and 15 points.  Take that Ricky Davis.

But good for Drew Gooden I guess, and good for you if you’re still reading this Cavaliers post at this stage of the season.  If you’d like to continue, I’ve assembled a few more bullet points below if you’re interested:  

Cavs won’t win 20 games this season:  This matter to you?  Is there something a little more clean and mature about getting to a final record of 20-62 as opposed to 19-63, or worse depending on how this thing plays out?  It doesn’t matter to me personally, but I will say that I think it mattered to Dan Gilbert.  I don’t think he wanted to finish in the teens this season, but he did.  The players did too, and so did the coaches.   Oh well I guess, this was a finish in the teens type season if there ever was one anyways.

Byron needs to coach better next season:  Now I’ll preface this by saying it probably is ridiculous of me to judge a coach’s rotations in a game like last night’s Cavs – Bucks game.  Probably even more-so for me to write about it, and I apologize for the following take if it reads unnecceasrily ahead of time.  That said, his rotation last night was ridiculous.  Ramon Sessions brings the Cavaliers all the way back by himself essentially scoring just about all 15 of the points he scored, in the 20 minutes total he played for the game, during a second half stretch in which the Cavs cut the lead to 2.  Then he sat for the rest of the game.  I could go on forever with other examples of Byron’s all-star charity game style rotation patterns both last night and throughout the course of the season, but that’s besides my point.  Point is, the players need to be better next season, and play better, but Byron needs to know this season is over soon, and when it is he needs to coach better next season too.  That’s all. 

Bad game for The Hickson is now 11 pts / 12 reb:  JJ Hickson didn’t play well last night, but he finished with 11 points and 12 rebounds.  That’s a bad game for him these days, and that’s sorta refreshing if you think back to where we were about a quarter of the way through the season.  In the first three months of the season JJ Hickson averaged just over 4.5 rebounds per game.  In January Hickson averaged 10.2 rpg, February 11.5 rpg, March 10 rpg, and now 12 rpg so far in April.  Moving forward, if he can get 10+ boards regardless of whether he’s 3 for 7 or not from the field like he was last night, Cavs fans will take that all day.  And all next season too hopefully.

On Earl Boykins, who caught a DNP-CD last night:  I would’ve liked to watch the pride of Cleveland Central Catholic get a little burn last night.  Since late March he’s been playing about 7 or 8 mins one game, then DNP-ing the next over about an eight game stretch.  He played nine minutes on Friday in a Bucks win over the Pistons, and sat out the next one here after dropping 18 on the Cavs in their March 9th meeting.  For the season, Earl’s played in 55 games averaging 7.2 points, 2.5 assists, and 1 rebound per game for the 5’5″ phenom who’s definitely got a few years left in the tank.  See you at the Q next year Earl.

  • crazycav

    This was a good loss if there is such a thing. Helping Milwaukee stay ahead of the clips improves our draft position. I will judge Scott more next year with a healthy team and 2 draft picks.