WFNY Bracket Challenge – Winning

Charlie Sheen is in town tonight and some people are pretending like this whole deal wasn’t played out two days after it started. Similarly, that championship game was played out about two minutes in. When a buzzer-beating three pointer to end the first half represents 15% of your previous point total, you know the game is an absolute abhorrent snoozer.  But, as bad as the game was, it served its true purposes. It has allowed WFNY to give out a couple of prizes to the best pickers/guessers in our Yahoo! bracket competition.  Here is your final top ten.

So there you have it.  Dingo Jones is the victor with Jimmer Me Timbers just barely edging out Lets Go Bucks! and Jalapeno Poppers by a single point.  The prizes are either the Carlos Santana jersey or Tribe tickets.  Dingo Jones will have to contact us and tell us which he wants.  (I’m assuming Dingo Jones is a he for some reason.)  Whatever is left will go to Jimmer Me Timbers.

As Scott pointed out on Twitter this morning, nobody goes home a loser.  The rest of you win free entry into the competition next year.  (Don’t spend it all in one place.)

Thanks to everyone for playing.  It was a lot of fun and made the tourney interesting even after all the teams I found interesting were knocked out.

  • Reggie Ruckus

    Thanks for the free entry for next year’s bracket challenge. Even though I finished fifth, I finished better than Butler did last night. Dingo, take the jersey….(is it the white home jersey or the cream alternate?).

  • Dingo Jones

    I think I’ll go with the tickets.