WFNY Exclusive – Eric Wedge’s Résumé

Some WFNY sources emailed us this weekend that they were privy to the résumé that Eric Wedge was shopping in MLB circles this past off-season while searching for a new job.  As we all know after this weekend, the former Tribe manager ended up getting the job managing Ichiro and the Seattle Mariners.  Previously this season we also discussed the awkward reunion between Wedge and former Indian Milton Bradley.  Normally at WFNY we try not to publish the rumors and information that come through our emails on a weekly basis, but we had to make an exception after we saw this one.  So check out it out below.

Eric Wedge Resume

  • AMC

    “Key skills mustache” FTW

  • Harv 21

    See, some people just don’t understand what employers are looking for. Had he asked me, certainly would have included “stood 9 years in a dugout without unfolding arms, even when handed objects.” That’s the buttoned up attitude that makes Eric special.

  • TD

    this is pure brilliance….

  • Ricky

    So thats who stole my email address

  • Garry Owen

    Twitchy McGee

  • Ben

    That mustache almost cancels out everything…almost.

    Still mad about the 05 collapse more than the 07 one.

  • mgbode

    You had me going until MS Office showed up in the Key Skills category. I do not believe the Grinder can utilize MS Office.

  • mgbode

    when we interview candidates for our manager position, do we put down “Seattle will hire you when you leave here no matter what you do” as one of the benefits?

  • Jack

    This is dumb and poorly written and not at all clever.

    Premise = good; execution = poor to very poor.

  • Denny

    Why are you ripping on your own comment, Jack?

    PS I agree with your assessment of your own comment.

  • Jack


  • JM


  • BuckeyeDawg

    I was listening to the game on XM yesterday. They had the Mariners’ network feed and at one point the radio guys mentioned how they had interviewed Wedge, and how he said the team just needed to “keep grinding” to work through their current losing streak.

    My wife didn’t understand why I thought that was so funny.

  • Joe in Wooster

    #8…. Hilarious