While We’re Waiting… Acta’s Favorite Team, Carter Wearing Crimson and Bad Mascot?

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Anyone that saw the ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ song of the day tweet probably saw this one coming- “But, is Acta a basketball fan? “That was my passion before baseball,” he said. “But I haven’t followed it in a long time.” Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Acta loved basketball, especially the NBA. While everyone else was jumping on the Chicago Bulls’ bandwagon, though, he decided to pull for another team. His choice? “Seattle,” Acta said. “It was easy to root for Michael Jordan and the Bulls. I liked Seattle.” And his favorite player? “Detlef Schrempf,” Acta said.” [Major League Bastian]

Bingo- “Think about Opening Day or the first few games of the season now in that context as it represents just a snippet of a season and as we all sit behind the guys on Opening Day that proclaim “we suck” after the White Sox 2nd hitter in the 1st inning and as the assertion that a 43-year-old Omar Vizquel is better than any of the current Indians float around the seats, the realization comes that most Clevelanders who follow the Indians are like those folks watching the marathon, enjoying the spectacle of the beginning of the race, but who will check the leaderboard intermittently over the course of the next few hours, until the leaders re-emerge into the stadium, preparing to cross the finish line.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Former Buckeye Duron Carter to play for Bama- “Not to overstate the point, considering Duron Carter is still at least as well known for his famous NFL bloodline as anything he’s accomplished on the field — his only season at the Division I level yielded 13 receptions for Ohio State as a true freshman in 2009, before he was rerouted to junior college as an academic casualty. But barring any unforeseen suspensions, arrests or other instance of outright flakery among the ranks of the contenders, Carter’s official commitment to Alabama Saturday could be the biggest development of the upcoming BCS championship hunt…” [Dr. Saturday]

So Friday, we get a press release from the Aeros. I would not let anyone on the site write about it because I swore it was an April Fool’s joke. It doesn’t appear to be. I think it should have been- “The Akron Aeros are pleased to announce that the club will have a new mascot perusing Canal Park in 2011. After a popular fan poll on akronaeros.com, the fans have spoken and decided on the name of the Aeros new mascot. In a landslide vote, Homer the purple polka dotted pigeon beat out the other top potential names (Pedro, Stripes, Clay). Homer garnered 48 percent of the fans vote. Pedro finished second (21.8 percent), while Stripes was third (16.1 percent) and Clay was fourth (13.9 percent). 729 people voted at akronaeros.com to name this new character. Homer will partner with Canal Park fan-favorite mascot, Orbit the space cat, for all of the fun and excitement at Canal Park in 2011.” [Akron Aeros]

In ex-Cavalier news- “After missing nearly two months with inflammation in his right heel, O’Neal, 39, had played nearly six productive minutes against the Detroit Pistons to end the first quarter. He had six spry points and a rebound, but injured the calf less than a minute into the second quarter. O’Neal, who missed 27 straight games, struggled to get back to the bench and quickly was led down the corridor to the locker room. At times, witnesses say, he appeared to crumple with the pain. There was fear that he aggravated that heel, but the Celtics said it was a calf injury and he wouldn’t return Sunday. A timetable on his return was still unclear.” [Wojnarowski/Yahoo]

  • 216in614

    it was cool when Detlef Schrempf tried to fight rocky in Rocky IV

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Given that Seattle is essentially Cleveland on the West Coast, I applaud Acta’s taste in hoops teams.

  • humboldt

    I was not at the Indians opener, but certainly identify with the jaded “we suck” fans. At this stage, there’s simply not enough “proof” for me to rationally justify getting emotionally involved in the team over a 162 game season. I’d rather be cynical, feel as little strain as possible when the inevitable mediocre record cements itself, and leave the suffering for the superfans who willingly suspend disbelief every spring (I’m looking at you TD – best Indians fan I know!).

    As a child of the mid-90s teams, I hate that this is what my approach to the Indians has become, but it is what it is.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Enjoy that Duron not being invited back to OSU due to academics is overlooked.


  • MattyFos