While We’re Waiting… Honoring Joe Tait, Interviewing Pure Rage and Questioning the Cavs

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Good tribute to Joe Tait, one of many you’ll hear about today- “During my second year in Wyoming, Joe sent me a hand-written note. I don’t recall exactly what it said — it just offered support and reiterated the fact Joe dreamed of retiring in Evanston. I showed it to my colleagues in Wyoming, and they were in awe. Yes, even most of them had heard of Joe Tait. “Why is HE writing to YOU?” my editor asked, shortly before accusing me of penning the letter myself to impress everyone.” [Amico/FSO]

Bastian has twitter followers write a column for him- “Still, the Indians are giving Cleveland something to be excited about right now and that’s a great thing. Remove the wins and losses, and there are still positive trends that can be seen. The rotation has been going deep and the bullpen has been closing the door. The offense has shown versatility and the defense has been strong. This from a team that many expected to finish fourth (at best) in the AL Central this season.

So, I asked you, the Indians fans, the following question today on Twitter: “Fan poll: Does the Tribe’s 8-2 start change your expectations for the team this season?” [MLBastian]

An interview with Tribe closer Chris Perez and his alter ego ‘Pure Rage’-  “What do you do to get fired up before an appearance? A. Nothing gets me fired up. I’m pretty calm before I pitch. But I take my warmup throws, and my last one I try to throw as hard as I can. I grunt as the catcher’s throwing it back. That kind of gets me in the zone. B. Do you remember in the movie Pearl Harbor, when the bomber dudes had pictures of the boats they were to destroy? I do something similar with pictures of the opposing players. Except I pay a cartoonist to draw little discussion bubbles coming out of their mouths saying mean things about me.” [CastroTurf]

On the Cavaliers’ padawan players- “The young players are kind of an Island of Misfit Toys, but everybody has something to offer. Hollins can finish around the rim and doesn’t take bad shots, but he gives silly fouls and can’t rebound. Also, he gets into fights sometimes. Eyenga is a shocking athlete who is in love with his jumper and can’t draw a foul. J.J. Hickson can score and rebound, but his defense is an issue. Semih Erden is tall and bad at basketball.” [Krolik/Cavs the Blog]

Not sure this guy really believes the Tribe are for real- “It’s life in spring for the tragically lost Tribe, undone by the game’s severe economic realities, ignored by its fans, subjected to watching the superstars it created wear other colors into late October. Ten games in, fed the sideways Boston Red Sox and underwhelming Seattle Mariners, waiting on Grady Sizemore(notes), playing in front of a vastly improved infield and behind the nobility of the Minnesota Twins and panache of the Chicago White Sox, the Indians are, well, competent and having a good time being so. “So far!” said Orlando Cabrera(notes), the veteran shortstop turned second baseman, at once willing to go along and mindful of the calendar.” [Brown/Yahoo Sports]

  • Chucky Brown

    Haren was untouchable last night, so Im hoping that was an aberration. However after missing Felix, Im concerned this may be how this team reacts to good pitching all year