While We’re Waiting… Loving Manny Acta, More on Attendance and Cavs Draft Decision

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Lots of love for Acta today- “I’m trying to think of a more fundamentally sound sequence of events turned in by the Tribe in the last couple seasons than what we witnessed in the eighth and ninth Thursday. Truth is, I can’t, though that might say as much about my memory as it does about the team. Asdrubal Cabrera’s suicide squeeze was not only a brave, surprising and, above all else, correct call by Manny Acta, but it was perfectly executed by Cabrera. And Adam Everett’s heads-up decision to hold onto J.D. Drew’s bouncer and wait to see if pinch-runner Darnell McDonald would overrun the bag at second (which McDonald did, leading to the final out) demonstrated the sort of acumen you expect (but, alas, don’t always get) from a Major League infielder. You love to see a young team do the little things right early on, even if it’s not necessarily the young players doing them, because that sets a proper standard.” [Castrovince/Astroturf]

Adam Everett gets some of the love too- “No team expects their utility infielders to hit for power, but the Indians do expect patience at the plate out of every hitter. Even at his peak, Adam Everett never achieved even a 6.0% walk rate — which would still be very bad — and he rarely managed a .300 OBP — which would still be atrocious — and at 34, Everett likely is not even at that profoundly unlofty peak anymore, anyway. Still — still! — Adam Everett is a Cleveland Indian now, and damned if he didn’t lead off the bottom of the 8th by drawing a walk off the seemingly fearsome Daniel Bard. What happened next was pretty memorable, so it would be easy to forget that Everett was the unlikely instigator of the setup: Tie game, leadoff man on base, top of the lineup at the plate.” [Jay/Let’s Go Tribe]

Another word on the attendance issue- “Before this epic sweep and realizing that much of the conversations in the early going have been regarding the Indians’ attendance (or lack thereof), I had every intention of weighing in on the topic that has burned up these Interwebs in the past week. After my initial thought about how this furor has become a regular Game 2 to Game…whatever topic on the North Coast and starting to write about the 2008 attendance after the ALCS appearance, the fact that the Reds drew only 11,821 fans to see a Reds’ team coming off of their first playoff season since 1995, and on and on and on, I realized something…I’m done with it.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

I find this amazing- “Following the acquisitions of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, as well as the revamping of the bullpen, Red Sox fans couldn’t harbor greater expectations for their team in 2011. ESPN’s experts are on the same page. Of the 45 offering their 2011 predictions, 33 picked the Sox to win the World Series. The Phillies received the second most predictions with seven, while the defending champion Giants were picked by just one expert.” [Coman/NESN]

Amico and Zac Jackson debate the best player in the draft for the Cavs- “It has been no secret that the Cavs are going to have a chance to draft a really good player with a really high pick. I know I don’t get a vote, but if I did I’d already have Barnes’ name written on a card. This is not to say Irving won’t be good, explosive or even spectacular. This is just me saying that Barnes best fits what the Cavaliers need in both the short and long term. As a silky-smooth small forward, he gives the Cavaliers the best chance to compete with the Eastern Conference big boys two years from now and is a good enough shooter to open the floor for the Cavaliers’ other players, whomever they may eventually be.” [Fox Sports Ohio]


  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    You have to love when Castrovince, one of the best in the business, quotes Jon Steiner multiple times throughout his piece.

  • stin4u

    I’d love to be able to pick up Barnes and Walker in the same draft. *Crosses fingers….*

  • dwhit110

    “This is just me saying that Barnes best fits what the Cavaliers need in both the short and long term.”

    I was reading Pluto this weekend, who shared similar thoughts. If the Cavs brass decide that Barnes is the best prospect at whatever slot we end up picking at, I’ve got no issues with the pick, but all this talk about how we “desperately need” a SF is insanity.

    We’ve won 15 games. We desperately need THE MOST TALENTED player on the board. If that’s Barnes great. If it’s not, he doesn’t get extra points because he’s a SF. Let’s not make the same mistake that led the Hawks to select the mediocre trio of Josh Childress, Marvin Williams, and Shelden Williams in the top 6 of consecutive drafts because they fit a need.

  • DKH

    We’re kidding about Harrison Barnes, right? That guy was proficient at jacking up shots last season, but his ORating was only 105.8. Not very good for college. Walker has a better rating on the possessions he uses, but Connecticut was really proficient at keeping the ball out of the basket on defense (13th best defensive eFG%), and getting the ball back for second chances (7th best OReb%). I’d want to know more about how Walker contributed on defense.

    Derek Williams and Kyrie Irving both have better stats, offensively, and Williams was probably a greater part of his team’s success than Barnes or Walker (Irving spent a lot of time injured and that makes him hard to judge). I would prefer looking at those players.

  • Scotty

    Unrelated but maybe a topic for an upcoming “While we’re waiting” post: Peyton Hillis is in the third round of voting for the Madden cover contest. I know theres the so called “Madden curse” and all, but as Charlie Sheen would say, no publicity is bad publicity.


  • mgbode

    @dwhit110 – bravo. well said.

    i’d add that SF usually gets less value in the draft. it’s like RB in the NFL where good SFs can be found later in the draft where PGs and true-Cs are tougher to find.

    that said, we also can’t make the mistake the Twolves made where we acquire a bunch of the same position and ignore all the others (PGs and PFs for them, especially PFs).

  • mgbode

    also, a lot of buzz that Barnes and Derrick Williams are leaning towards staying in school. this would kill the top of the draft (IMO) and leave only Irving and Kanter as guys I really want.

    and, since Knight and Kemba are likely there at #8, Kanter might be the guy I really want in that scenario even if we pick first (I view them both as elite guys from as much as I can tell since neither played much or at all that we could see. And, as such, I’ll take the true-C value if we then can add Knight a few picks later)

    plus, added bonus for actually getting to see Kanter and Knight play together.

  • Roosevelt

    Peyton Hillis feels large when he stands beside the ocean.

  • dwhit110


    I feel like using college stats to decide on the best pro-prospect is akin to using spring training numbers to determine which MLB player will have a solid season.

  • jimkanicki

    i pulled together a quick how-to vote-multiple-times-for-peyton-hillis video.
    it relies on the google chrome browser and chrome’s ‘incognito’ window feature.

    fyi, bodog has hillis at 15/1 odds against winning. **profit opportunity!!