While We’re Waiting…Masterson pitches a gem, and Drew Gooden goes triple-double

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Manny is right, he was filthy:  “It was that kind of night for Masterson, who lit up the radar gun and toyed with the Mariners’ lineup in helping the charging Tribe to its sixth win in a row. Cleveland (6-2) is off to its best start since 2006, and Masterson has played a large role by notching the first and sixth wins in the current run.

“Masterson was terrific,” Indians manager Manny Acta said. “He was filthy.”

Cleveland’s rotation as a whole has been downright nasty during the duration of the current winning streak. Since Fausto Carmona and Carlos Carrasco combined to allow 17 runs in 9 2/3 innings in the season’s first two games, the Tribe’s starting staff has fashioned a 1.43 ERA (six earned runs in 37 2/3 innings).

Within that stretch, Masterson has gone 2-0 with a 1.35 ERA.

“Other than Opening Day, they’ve been pretty good,” Acta said. “These guys threw the ball well in the second half of the season [last year]. They’re young, but I’m expecting them to get better. What you saw tonight, Masterson is capable of doing this more times than not when he throws the ball over the plate.

“He’s a big boy with good velocity and good movement on his pitches. He’s not an easy at-bat, not until he falls behind in the count and has to groove fastballs right down the middle.”

Overall, Masterson scattered four hits and piled up nine strikeouts over 6 1/3 innings. He allowed a leadoff double in the seventh and was pulled after retiring one more batter. Michael Saunders hit an RBI single off Indians lefty Rafael Perez to account for the lone blemish on Masterson’s line.”  [Jordan Bastian / MLB.com]

Here’s a Mariners blog I stumbled across, who’s not as optimistic as we are currently:  “The Mariners lost tonight 2-1 to the Cleveland Indians in a game that was practically handed to them if they could have got a key hit or two when it counted. But instead the Mariners suffered their sixth loss in a row primarily due to an inability to score runners in scoring position. The Mariners were 1-11 with RISP and the 3-4 batters Milton Bradley and Jack Cust were particularly feeble tonight against the surprising Indians. The Mariners sent Doug Fister to the mound tonight and he allowed two runs one of which was an unearned run that was the result of a terrible throw by Milton Bradley in the top of the fourth to allow a runner to score that should never made it past third.

Milton Bradley was jeered by a few fans for the rest of the game after this error and at one point he even complained to the umpires to try and get the fans tossed. Later in the game Milton was seen at the plate with earplugs in as he once again failed to move the runner along in a key situation in the 8th where Chone Figgins led-off with a double and ended-up stranded by the meat of the order.

The 12-3 whipping Friday sucked but this sort of choke-fest feels all to familiar here in Seattle and in many ways is tougher on the morale of an already dejected fan-base who only want to see a little improvement this year in order to keep the faith. As for me I am going to take the day off tomorrow and try to regroup so I don’t end-up getting to sour before the month of April is even half over.”  [Jeff / Mariners Fan Blog]

Tinker Hatfield does not want to be represented by LRMR: “Tinker Hatfield is the Michael Jordan of designers at Nike, a legend in the shoe design field and the guy who runs the company’s “Innovation Kitchen.” He also, apparently, is not a fan of LeBron James’ associates.

Hatfield rarely does interviews and guards his secrets closely. But he did a private appearance at a Miami shoe store last week in which he took some questions from customers. During the session, which was recorded and posted on YouTube, Hatfield said he stopped personally developing James’ signature shoes because he didn’t like dealing with those around James.

“I don’t like working with LeBron’s entourage,” Hatfield said. “It’s too many people, too many ideas, too many opinions.”

Hatfield was the main designer on the first generations of James’ shoes, starting in 2003. But according to sources, in 2008 he stopped working with him to focus working on Kobe Bryant’s shoes and the Jordan Brand. In the meantime, Hatfield said last week that James’ products have “suffered a little bit” and “hasn’t done as well as the Kobe stuff.'”  [Windhorst / ESPN]

Right-handed closer Chris Perez is actually left-handed:  “Notice anything odd?  That’s Indians closer Chris Perez. The right-handed stopper at the back-end of the Tribe’s bullpen. Right-handed. Right. Hand. Right?  Wrong.

Turns out that Perez is actually left-handed. That’s why he’s pictured there, signing a baseball with his left hand. It’s why he was in the visitors’ dugout prior to today’s game doing the same. It also explains his goofy personality and why he is such a natural fit for the oddball existence of a Major League reliever.

I asked Perez, “How does that happen?”

He shrugged between autographs. Told him he should’ve tried throwing lefty.

“Yeah, I’d probably throw 150 mph with that arm,” he replied.”  [Major League Bastian]

Drew Gooden gets his first triple double since high school against the Cavs last night:  “It’s been a season full of comic misery, but Drew Gooden recording a triple-double against this team may be single most bizarre and ridiculous indication that this team is not good and does not play defense. The Bucks scored 108 points on 50%/40% shooting and 31-10 AST/TO ratio, and their coach hates scoring.

The Cavs actually regressed to their early-season bad habits on defense — they didn’t defend the three-point line, and they were absolutely torched by a good wing scorer. Also, they came out flat and had to try and play catch-up, which is something they have done less frequently in the last part of the regular season.”  [John Krolik / Cavs The Blog]

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    I actually feel kinda bad for Milton Bradley at this point. Yeah, he probably brought a lot of it on himself, but he obviously really, REALLY cares. When he struck out last night and walked into the dug-out and just held his head in his hands, that was painful to even watch. Oh well… at least he’s got millions of dollars to ease the pain at night. All I have is middle-shelf liquor.