While We’re Waiting… Thome and the Big Blue Ox. And some other stuff.

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Um. Jim Thome gold. Seriously. Not even kidding. Watch this video. [Big League Stew]

Solid, as always- “Obviously, nobody is here to assert that this is what the Indians’ pitchers are going to do all year as the 1954 pitching staff’s legacy is going to be threatened and Anthony Castrovince has a great lines in a piece that you should probably read all of, when he says that “two and a half turns does not a rotation make,” going further to point out that “the starters will come back down to earth a bit”.

That’s absolutely true, but it begs the question that even if the “starters come back down to earth a bit”, given what we’ve seen, what does that mean for expected ERA at the end of the season? Could guys like Carmona and Masterson finish in the low-to-mid-3.00’s, or could Carrasco finish with an ERA in the high-3.00’s, or could Talbot and Tomlin even end the 2011 campaign in the low-to-mid-4.00’s?

Maybe that’s putting the cart before the horse and jumping to conclusions based on “two and a half turns” in the rotation, but SI.com’s Joe Sheehan has an interesting piece delving into the fast start for the Indians, specifically looking at the improved K/BB numbers for the starters, concluding that “these numbers reflect a change in skills that has shown up on the scoreboard”. If we’re talking about a “change in skills” for these pitchers, one that started in the 2nd half of last year and that has continued through the first two weeks of the season, what’s to stop it from continuing?” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

More on potential Browns pick Bowers- “In the most unpredictable draft in a long, long time, Bowers is another wild card. You shouldn’t believe much of what you read at this time of year, but depending on what you do read it seems Bowers is now in play anywhere between picks 5-30 and that any number of teams in that range won’t be considering him at all. Microfracture is one of the scariest words in football.” [Jackson/FSO]

Talking Talbot injury- “Talbot was sent to the 15-day DL with a right elbow strain. Only a couple days ago, Indians manager Manny Acta indicated that Talbot was feeling fine and slated to pitch Tuesday in K.C. Chatted with Talbot today, and even he thought he might be able to go Tuesday as recent as a couple days ago. So what was the change?

Well, the Indians got the results of an MRI performed on Talbot’s pitching elbow. They found a strain — no structural damage — and the pitcher is expected to be sidelined for at least 3-4 weeks. Acta said today that righty Jeanmar Gomez is expected to get the call from Triple-A Columbus to take Talbot’s place on Tuesday.” [Bastian/MLB]

Let’s just lump every ‘What the Browns need’ article into one tidy piece, ok?- “DE/DT: With the Browns switching from a 3-4 back to a 4-3, they need the right personnel. They’ll have their pick of plenty of defensive linemen with the sixth overall selection in the draft. They also need to hope that free agency arrives in time for them to find some other bodies to beef up the first four members of the front seven.” [Florio/PFT]



  • DocZeus

    I really wish we could find a way to get Thome back on the Indians. If nothing for the pinch hitting and the fact that I miss Jim Thome.

  • ClevelandFan14

    I completely agree DocZues. I know we have no room for Thome, but I just love the guy. Maybe if we are still around come July we could get him at the deadline for 1 last run like we did with Lofton in 2007.

  • 5KMD

    No thanks. He left us when we needed him the most. I’m good with the guys we have now.