While We’re Waiting…Tressel’s Reputation, Opening Day Optimism

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Tressel’s rep plays a role? “A former chairman of the NCAA Committee on Infractions told The Plain Dealer on Friday that Tressel’s positive reputation could help him a great deal when Tressel finally appears before the Committee on Infractions, maybe sometime this summer.  ‘I think if you have a lifelong good record, that should weigh into how things turn out,’ said Gene Marsh, a 1978 Ohio State graduate who was member of the infractions committee for nine years, and its chairman from 2004 to 2006. ‘If it doesn’t, then what is the use of living life right?'” [Doug Lesmerises/Plain Dealer]

More on Bob Feller tribute: “As somebody else mentioned, Anne’s message to her husband seemed like a sweet reversal of the scene in Up, when the old man receives a message from his late wife in a scrapbook.  And with those two words, Mrs. Feller completely nailed the spirit of a man who won 266 games, was the first ballplayer to volunteer for World War II (sacrificing more than three of his prime seasons) and then spent 75 years representing the Indians and all of baseball wherever he went.  ‘Keep pitching.’ What an amazing tribute.” [Kevin Kaduk/Big League Stew]

Bucks need Buford Back: “Bottom line, if Buford isn’t around to provide leadership and help Sullinger carry the offensive load, it’s a longshot for OSU to win either of the conference crowns and any chance of a deep tournament is slim to none and slim’s out of town. So, while you are looking for something to believe in as you wake up each day nearly afraid to see what’s happened next to the your favorite college program, believe in William Buford. We need him more than too many fans realize.” [Chris/Eleven Warriors]

Distilling the good from yesterday’s opener: “I certainly don’t expect him to pitch anywhere near that awful next time out. Hopefully we can chalk this one up to nerves and move on. One positive: he walked only one batter.  Now, the good thing to look at here is that the good outweighed the bad. That is certainly a step in the right direction, and if they can continue to do that it is only a matter of controlling the ugly. Each team is going to have those ugly days, it is the ability to move past them that separates the men from the boys. I saw a lot today to make me hopeful that this will be an entertaining season, let’s hold onto the hope everyone!” [Marc Bigelow/Deep Left Field]

Finding more solace in the late offensive outburst: “The graph is trying to tell us that the 10 runs the Indians scored after the White Sox went ahead 14-0 didn’t mean a hill of beans. That may be true, but how well would you be feeling if Mark Buehrle and the White Sox bullpen had shut the Indians down the rest of the game? Those miniscule bumps in WPA included 14 hits and 10 runs, with Jack Hannahan leading the way. The minor-league free agent went 3-for-5, including seventh-inning home run. Carlos Santana also had a fantastic day, hitting a two-run homer three hitters after Hannahan hit his.” [Ryan/Let’s Go Tribe]


(Photo: Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)


  • 216in614

    so wait…the main “use” of living life the right way is to use it as leverage when you do something bad???

  • http://qualityshows.wordpress.com Joe Bodolai

    Jim Tressel’s Nixonian coverup is a serious violation. Unfortunately, it also obscures some even more serious situations elsewhere.