You don’t have to boo LeBron today, thanks to the Indians

If the Indians had continued to play as bad as they did in their first two games this season, a lot of us obsessive sports fans in this town would be sitting on our couches today in a tough spot.

Or sitting outside in the beautiful Cleveland weather this afternoon watching on our porches, assuming we had a porch and the associated technology to support sports watching on it.

Think if the Tribe was 0-8, or 1-7, or even 2-6, it would be a depressing decision for people round herr to have to make; assuming they don’t watch or play golf like I don’t, my bad on that I blame my Dad though.

Regardless, if the Masters don’t do it for you and you’re looking to get in a quality root in this afternoon, there’s two other options.

The NBA Eastern Conference game of the year between the Heat and the Celtics where they’ll battle for the second seed in the playoffs /  or / Wahoo Baseball versus TheGrind Time Mariners as Manny Acta and fellas go for their second straight series sweep. 

I gotta imagine just about everybody in Cleveland is picking the latter, and glad to do so.

It’s nowhere near that depressing moment I referenced earlier either due to the Tribes torrid start, and today could prove as microcosim of what’s possible this summer too.

With speculation that everybody will be burning clothing in Cleveland all NBA playoffs long running rampant prior to the Tribes recent tear – and people going so far as concocting Hating party schemes as moronic methods of capitalizing on such supposed negativity – what if the Indians play so well that nobody cares at all what the Heat are doing?

What if they’re in first place in late May, early June?  It’s possible, and today may just prove to be the first of many examples of what the Indians can do here in the coming months.

Instead of rooting for LeBron to miss a last second shot, or the Celtics to do him like they did last postseason, we can just turn the channel and root for a team he doesn’t even like.

Up the dial today, over in Seattle, Carlos Santana, Chris Perez, and Asdrubal Cabrera are continuing their reign of dominance over Major League Baseball all the while LeBron and company will be hiking up jumpshots against the Celtics.

So thank Bob Dibiasio and crew for putting all that together for you.  Go Tribe today.

Technically, both games are not on at the same time exactly.  If you were wondering, the Celtics tip off down in Miami at 3:30, and first pitch is scheduled for 4:10 out in Seattle.

Additionally for full disclosure, I will be watching a lot of the Heat / Celtics game today but it’s just because I watch a heaping ton of NBA Basketball.

I’m not rooting for anybody to lose either, just the Celtics to win…in this case.

MAGIC NUMBER UPDATE:   What once was 155 is now 154 peoples.  Here’s hoping it’s 153 by nightfall.

  • JK

    I think you should do the magic number thing all year, its hilarious.

    Go Tribe!

  • Adam

    Not optimistic enough, I’m hoping for a CWS loss and a magic number of 152.

  • MaryAnnCleveland

    I agree! Hilarious

    But, I WILL be rooting for LeQUIT to lose!

  • cninja

    well technically speaking we are due for another playoff run before unloading all current talent

  • JM

    I will always boo him. Go Tribe!

  • Clevewinner

    It’s nice not having to reflect on the misery of others as our best entertainment. Not with the number of W’s climbing so quickly for the Tribe.

  • Ben

    cninja is much happier with not winning anything and letting players walk to other teams for nothing instead of getting young talent in return.

  • Karsten

    I appreciate the shout-out, more or less, about sitting on my porch with laptops and monitors rigged up to speakers and watching it with a bunch of other dudes. Sadly, we’re not in Cleveland, but in wonderful Springfield, Ohio… woo woo. But yeah, I’m fired up at this point. Let’s see if we can bring the heat against the Angels now! Keep it rolling!

  • christopher

    I got a call from my dad today asking for an update “on the game.”

    I told him it was already 6-0 Tribe.

    He replied “no no no…the Heat/Celtics game.”

    I didn’t even know they were playing and it felt great.

    Honestly who cares a lick about the NBA right now with the Indians on a tear.


  • Harv 21

    Bowers, sorry to be that guy but did you proofread this at all? Even if your post is time sensitive and you were in a rush, all these typos, clumsy sentences and misspellings are inexcusable. C’mon, man, have a little mercy on the blog readers if you want them to read you.

  • MikeD

    Great article, but how are you not a fan of golf? This is the biggest golf weekend of the year! Its easy to blame your old man for that reason, but do you want your kids to be blaming you for not bringing them up to play/get interested in golf? Dont be that guy!! Just an observation. Again, great article, go Tribe!

  • Royal Cola

    I found this to be a good post and didn’t notice the typos or poor sentences.

    Chris Perez says you’re f’in out.

  • Cynic

    What Harv said.

  • hansolo1

    I agree with Harv too. Haven’t been much to this site since LeDecision, and some Browns action, but I must say, the reporting has gotten somewhat shoddy. Let’s pull it together for a team (Indians) that I think have some potential to surprise.

  • DanBell

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who struggled with all the typos, and poorly-constructed sentences. I made it through about half of this article before giving up. Somebody has to proofread this stuff.

  • LaundroMat

    I hate to pile on, but I agree that proofreading (not just a problem with Bowers’ posts) could stand to be done more here. It’s this sort of sloppiness that validates the blogging/journalism distinction that a lot of people make, which is too bad, because I think there’s a good amount of journalistic merit to the stories and commentaries published on this site. I’ve also encountered plenty of typos in other venues more regarded as journalism (e.g., Yahoo news), but this just means that they’re not doing what they do as well as they should. Maybe some of this is to be attributed to an informal style that bloggers want to cultivate, but if I feel dumber after having read what I just have, I will not want to read that author’s work again (this has happened to me with Kelly Dwyer, his Cavs record prediction having nothing to do with it).

  • Scott

    hansolo – thanks for the kind words about all of my Cavs coverage this year

  • Scott

    Also worth noting that WFNY, in its three years of publication, has never operated or made the appearance of operating under one editorial umbrella. From day one, we’ve set out that each author has his own means of delivery. Some of us use slang, others nicknames, others entirely too many commas or numerals when there should be numbers written out. While we are certainly one brand, we are by no means one voice.

  • Robbie

    I’ll admit that I was crying about the sky falling down on NEO somewhere during the 4th inning of the first game. My bad. In my defense, I’ve watched and listened to every inning possible this year and it’s been great. Keep it up… and stick with the C on the hat!

  • Harv 21

    Scott- that’s a cop out. The complaints aren’t about style. Good writing comes in a thousand forms. But it must be readable. Typos and indecipherable sentence structure show nothing but carelessness about the product – your product. This piece reads as if it wasn’t proofread once (never mind the spellcheck), and claiming everyone there is an independent contractor doesn’t absolve the site that runs it. If you want to keep the readers who consider WFNY a cut above, don’t insult their intelligence with third grade slop, er, “style.” You guys are better than this.

    I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t care about the site and enjoy it’s consistently high standards. Until I saw your comment I just assumed everyone else at WFNY as living their real lives on a Sunday and sometimes stuff slips through on weekends. At least I hoped.

  • Glasser812

    Great article, love the site…keep up the good work guys!

  • Scott

    Harv – I’ll gladly take this discussion off line if you’d like. I appreciate the feedback and understand your concern, but refuse to litter the comment fields with items not pertaining to the topic at hand.

  • Pat

    hansolo, also realize that the number of active authors went down after LeDecision, one went into “hibernation.” But anyways, who cares about the NBA right now? GO TRIBE!!!!!

  • GhostToMost


    Love the Kenny Powers reference in regards to Chris Perez.

    A gold card might get you Jonas Brothers tickets….

  • LaundroMat

    @Harv21: Don’t you mean “its consistently high standards”?