Contest Time: Your 2011 Cleveland Windians

While the city of Cleveland is understandably excited about winning the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery, the draft itself is still a month away and your Indians sit with a league-best 26 wins (tied with the Philadelphia Phillies), owning the biggest lead in their respective division – a full five games ahead of the second-place Detroit Tigers.

Each night, while channeling positive vibes and tweeting hashtags with #RollTribe, Indians faithful continue to believe more and more.  Heck, even our own Jon is considering jumping on board!

That said, the great folks over at Fresh Brewed Tees want to outfit one of WFNY’s readers with one of their latest Tribe-inspired releases. 

For those that wish to get their hands on one of the official Windians foam fingers, one can be yours by ordering the t-shirt directly from FBT; as always, a portion of every sale goes toward the Cleveland City Mission.

For this contest, we’re going haiku once again.  As long as it’s of the five-seven-five variety and references something about the Indians, slap it in the comments.  We’ll choose one at random this weekend and email you at the address you leave below.  Good luck all.

And Roll Tribe.

  • theherd10

    I just LOVE the Tribe.
    Love to see Chief Wahoo’s grin.
    Seems bigger these days.

  • Ed

    The roar of the crowd
    washes over me just like
    it was ’95

  • enjoyradio

    Our man Hannahan
    Fielding like a superman
    Blessed with a god hand!

  • Cravanicus

    The Tribe is red hot
    Like the girls in the grand stands
    Thank you STO

  • false~cognate

    Brantley my favorite
    The real 23, speedy
    Awesome OBP

  • Brian

    Carmona, Tomlin,
    Masterson, Carrasco, White,
    Sipp, Perez, Perez

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Outstanding pitching
    Acta-ball is fun to watch
    The fans say “what if?”

  • 5haun

    Indians fever
    Were we waiting for this year?
    Time will tell. Roll Tribe!

  • Valpo2010

    Choo hits two-forty
    Only forty points higher
    Than his B A C

  • Jason

    We can beat Boston,
    The Angels, Rays or Tigers.
    Suck on that, Keith Law


    Run run run run run
    Run run run run run run run
    Familiar, KC?

  • Ken

    Indians in first!
    Playoff push to break this curse.
    Acta is the best!

  • nullster

    All they do is win
    Acta ball in Cleveland town
    Hot Dogs and the Jake

  • DMain

    Just like ’07
    Wig-Wammers are fun to watch
    Hope they keep it up

  • Drew

    Sizemore, Brantley, Choo
    Great an outfield you do make
    Hit one to Pronkville

  • Andrew

    Got tribe on my mind
    and its gettin that time to
    see you at the jake

  • Lauren

    Grady is the man
    but I love Jack Hannahan
    and Chris Perez too

  • Jon

    “Heck, even our own Jon is considering jumping on board!”

    Rumors of my priggishness have been greatly exaggerated.

  • Mike S

    The Magic is back
    Mistake on the lake no more
    Roll you damn Tribe roll

  • Steve

    One night a walkoff
    Another night the same thing
    They can not be stopped

  • J-Worn

    Big smooth and league choo
    Have been slow out of the gates
    Pronk to the rescue

  • Tim

    Tomahawks cocked back
    Ancient stones turning over
    nineteen forty eight

  • Mike

    Squeeze bunts and walk offs
    Acta-ball keeps on winning
    Roll tribe! Keep it up!

  • Desert Wahoo

    What if it’s this year?
    What’s not to like about this team?
    Let’s go WINdians!

  • brwnscvstrbe4lfe

    Tribe wins yet again
    Nick Gilbert got 1 and 4
    Cleveland’s on the rise!

  • DCTribeFan

    Tribe is on a ROLL!
    Mashing, Pitching, and Small Ball!
    Go my Windians!

  • CtownJoey

    Asdrubal bare hand,
    Toss behind the back turn two,
    Have to change my pants

  • Garry Owen

    @ 67:

    I know you’re not eligible for the prize, but please state that in the form of a haiku.

  • Prospect + Donkey

    Wahoo Warriors
    Please stay in first all season
    Keep my wife happy

  • Kyle Smith

    Friend of the Feather
    Cabrears show the leather
    In summer time weather

  • DiLo

    Indians in first
    The world ends in October
    I can die happy

  • Joshua Foote

    This could be the year
    That gives worth to our waiting
    The tribe has arrived

  • Josh010388

    Cavs draft, Tribe first
    What Choo talkin bout Hillis?
    Madden vote, what curse?

  • Brett

    Pure Rage shuts them down
    Carrera bunts home a win
    Acta ball prevails

  • LittleWahoo

    Not move to Miami,
    This time we make the playoffs
    This team no LeQuit

  • Mikey Jerome

    With Grover in charge
    Feels like the nineties again
    Tribe time is TODAY

  • Rich

    Sizemore, Hafner, White
    All 3 lost to the DL
    Clippers – bail us out!