NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs Discussing Three Team Deal to Land 1st & 2nd Picks in Draft

Chris Broussard is reporting this afternoon that the Cavaliers are discussing a potential 3 team trade that would net them the 2nd pick in the draft.  The Cavs would then take Kyrie Irving at number one and Arizona’s Derrick Williams at number two.

The deal would involve the Timberwolves and the Pistons.  The Cavs would take on Rip Hamilton’s contract via the trade exception and also acquire Detroit’s 8th pick.  They would then spin the 4th and 8th picks into the 2nd overall in a deal with Minnesota.  Broussard added the disclaimer that the trade is being discussed at this point and nothing is imminent.

WFNY’s Scott is reporting that particular deal tweeted by Broussard is unlikely.  An initial source with the Cavs put considerable doubt on that specific trade rumor, indicating that the Pistons would demand more, and that the Cavs don’t value Williams enough to burn picks – they’d rather use the 1st, 4th, and 8th picks in that hypothetical.  A second source told Scott the reported deal is “bogus.” All this stems from the Pistons desperate desire to unload the expensive, aging, and disgruntled Hamilton.  It’s still early in the process with a lot of “discussions” taking place.  No trade is imminent.

It’s certainly an appealing scenario for Cavs fans.  Coming away with Irving and Williams in one night would be a delicious outcome.  Thus, a third source told Scott that the deal between the three teams is not far-fetched.  We have a month to go but, as is his wont, Dan Gilbert is exploring all options, including those where the Cavaliers take on more money to gain the opportunity to add young talent.  Follow WFNYScott on Twitter for the latest draft rumors.

  • Doc1188

    Interesting, but why? This is a “weak” draft. I guess it would depend on who we give up.

  • historycat

    Minnesota would have to be the dumbest team imaginable to take the 4 and 8 for 2.

    I’m led to believe there is little value in this draft, why move down?

  • Titus Pullo

    While this deal sounds like a “too good to be true” deal, I like the thought of the Cavs being aggressive and creative in trying to improve the team.

    And to only have to give up cash to make it happen? Oh yeah.

    historycat: When David Kahn is your GM, anything is possible. Who knows, maybe the Cavs wouldn’t have to buy out Hamilton, they could probably hoodwink the Twolves into taking him as part of the deal (I know it would work, but still, Kahn’s a moron).

  • dgriff13

    interesting, nonetheless. Has a team ever got #1 and #2 in a single draft?

  • jimkanicki

    @3history — minny does it, it must mean that they were going to take kanter at #2 and believe he’ll be there at #4. ?? or maybe dan gilbert agreed to pay his current fine and his next one??


  • jimkanicki

    @4dg — i remember orlando got chris webber and penny hardaway in the same year with #1 and #3…

    good question.

  • jimkanicki

    four teams had #1 + #3.

    75 hawks — david thompson, marvin webster
    77 bucks — kent benson, marques johnson
    88 clippers — danny manning, charles smith
    93 magic — webber, hardaway.

    not seeing anyone ever having 1 + 2.

  • dgriff13

    webber and hardaway? Thought it was Hardaway and Shaq to ORL. Was there a trade involved?

  • s-devo

    here’s the penny for webber trade:
    June 30, 1993: Chris Webber traded by the Orlando Magic to the Golden State Warriors for Anfernee Hardaway, a 1996 1st round draft pick (Todd Fuller), a 1998 1st round draft pick (Vince Carter) and a 2000 1st round draft pick (Mike Miller).

    thats a 4 for 1 deal

    also interesting, vince carter was actually traded 3 times before he got drafted

  • jimkanicki

    they got shaq the year before, 92. made the finals in 95.

    and THAT is how you rebuild through the draft!

  • jimkanicki

    correction — magic DID draft both webber/penny technically but they traded webber to sacto to penny + 3 picks (that turned into nothing). so scratch orlando from the above list.

    sorry wnfy community for way too many posts. if i could delete/edit em, i would!

  • bobby

    If it is a weak draft wouldnt it be better to move down 2 spots AND pick up another top 10 pick in hope of hitting on one of them? From the Cavs point, I dont understand why they would do it if they didnt love Williams. If they could possibly end up with Irving, Kanter, Leonard that could be a huge draft, especially if you dont thik Williams is your guy. I also dont get why Detroit does the deal. Is getting rid of a player worth giving up a pick? I dont think so.

    IMO Williams has the most star potential in the draft if he does convert to SF. Even as a stretch 4 I think he could be Odom-esk. As a 4 his value isnt nearly where it is if he is a 3, so if the Cavs are only looking at that I understand not having him high.

  • historycat

    @titus, I know he’s dumb, but that dumb? really?

    And if David Kahn is reading this blog, this is actually a great trade for you and we are trying reverse psychology so you don’t rob us of the 4th and 8th picks. Please don’t make this trade, we’re tired of losing.

  • Swig

    getting (a hopefully rejuvenated) rip hamilton + the 8th pick for cap space would be amazing.

    The Pistons are where the cavs were in 2001, but at least they have a championship since then …

  • Ezzie

    Can someone (Scott?) clarify when it comes to sources – is Scott speaking to people who would actually have knowledge in theory or are they merely people who are using their own guesses? (I have the same Q of Broussard but obviously WFNY can’t answer for ESPN.)

    The only reason Minnesota would be doing this is if they specifically think someone like Kanter is a better fit for them because of Kevin Love, etc. This would let them get Kanter and a PG.

    That said, why would the Cavs do it unless they really loved Williams? They might prefer to stick with the #4 and #8. I think it’s a given that Gilbert would do the Hamilton aspect of the deal for the #8 pick.

  • jaxman1971

    History Cat, how do you figure it is a dumb deal for Minnesota? They don’t need Williams because they have Love and Beasley. Kahn is NEVER going to give up on Rubio because he would look like a complete fool. So, point guard is out. That leaves a need for center and shooting guard. If Irving is 1st, Williams is 2nd, and Utah is enamored with Knight at 3, that leaves Kanter there at 4. They then pick up the 8th pick and get Burks or Klay Thompson. So, instead of taking Kanter at 2 they could STILL get him at 4 AND grab a shooting guard (Burks/Thompson). To me it isn’t crazy it’s a no brainer!

  • Rick

    Ezzie- I won’t speak completely for Scott, and certainly won’t identify his sources, but I will say that Scott has spent a little over a year now with media access to the Cavs. Just like all media do, he has been talking with front office staff, behind the scenes workers in the organization as well as agents and players.

  • saggy

    obviously, this is a stupid deal for Detroit. but if the Pistons want a player, too, we have like 7 guys to trade them. Why not deal Sessions or one of our bigs (not AV or JJ) along with absorbing the cash hit?

    i also read today on that the Pistons won’t be doing this deal. But, due to the fact that so many outlets are talking about it, I don’t buy the comments from certain front office guys that this isn’t even being discussed. It is.

  • GhostToMost

    This deal would make sense for Minnesota if the guy they want is going to be there at #4. Move down 2 spots and acquire and extra top 10 pick in the process. It would be crazy for Detroit to give up a top 10 pick just to unload Hamilton, thats why I dont think it will happen.

  • bobby

    Ya the Detroit part of the deal doesnt make sense for me. Why give up an 8th pick for cap relief? If the Cavs can package Sessions or heck even eyenga and the trade exemption then it makes some sense for them.

  • GhostToMost

    I dont even think the Pistons would want Sessions since they already have 2 point guards. Stuckey and Bynum. Sessions is a nice player but hes not an upgrade over what they have. In my opinion, if there is one player on the roster that Detroit or anybody else would be genuinely interested in, it would be JJ Hickson. But I dont know if the Cavs would be willing to part with JJ to get the 2nd pick.

  • Roosevelt

    Here’s a better trade. The trade exception for B-Roy.

  • Ezzie

    Rick – Thanks!

  • Anthony V.

    Forget trading up for for a tweener SF. trade with detroit sessions, erden, and the TPE for hamilton and the 8th pick. draft irving kanter and hopefuly kawhi lenorad will be available, if not use one of our second round picks to move up and get him.

    our starting lineup would be sick Kanter, JJ, kawhi, hamilton, irving with andy and davis coming off the bench.

  • Mark

    @Roosevelt – B-Roy? Really? Everything I hear is that he’s got 1 or 2 years left at most because of that knee. I don’t think the Cavs want to get involved in that. Hell of a a player though.

  • Architrance

    I do t think the cavs would ever be shipping out a player in deal like this. Isn’t the whole issue with the trade exemption that we can trade it for players and picks but we cannot include any players on our end?

  • jimkanicki

    fun with the trade machine:
    * detroit gets hickson, artest, and cap space.
    * lakers get some vets (tawn, baron) for one more run next year and then large expiring contracts to rebuild from. plus they can dump a couple cancers in bynum, artest.
    * minny gets our #4 and det’s #8.
    * we’re looking at a starting five of irving, _rip?_, williams, AV, bynum.

  • Joshxj3

    I think trading down makes sense for Minnesota. With the 4 and 8 picks we could pick up Kanter and possibly Kemba Walker or something. With Flynn on his way out and Minnesota lacking any player with any star power I think that Walker could help fill the seats. Just my opinion. With Love, Beasly and Randolph i think were good at the forward spot for now.

  • GhostToMost

    I think Piston fans would burn down the Palace if they traded for Ron Artest. And Bynum will most likely be packaged in a trade for a big name like Dwight Howard. The Lakers arent going to give him up for a couple of aging former All Stars, if they trade him at all. Would be cool though….

  • Jake Udell

    wrong webber was swapped for hardaway

  • Jake Udell

    because webber was thought to be too similar to shaq at the time

  • brandon3895

    i think we should get kobe bryant or dirk nowvitzki

  • brandon3895

    we need the trio of miami

  • josh7388923

    like thats true