Re-Sign or Release: Daniel Gibson

Back in May, 2008, we featured a little series called “Re-Sign or Release” where we went through every player on the Cavaliers roster and turned to the readers to see what they would do if they were the general manager of the Wine and Gold and – hypothetically, of course – all of the players were up to have their respective contracts renewed.

Same hypothetical this time around: We’re looking to build for the future; all players are restricted free agents, likely requiring a bit of a pay raise from last season.  Do you re-sign them? Andrew has already laid out the roadblocks currently facing the Cavaliers in 2011; now it’s your turn. Vote below and leave your support in the comments.

While he may look just as young (if not younger) than peers Christian Eyenga and Manny Harris, Daniel Gibson is set to enter into his sixth season with the Cavaliers.  Conversely, the shooting guard position was the second-worst on a PER-differential basis in 2010-11. Today, we take a look at what Gibson meant to the Wine and Gold in the past and ask you what he brings to the table for the future.


2010-11 Salary: $4,015,334

2010-11 Statistics:


2010-11 Recap: In a time when “what have you done for me lately” can tend to be a leading narrative, lost may be the fact that now-veteran shooting guard Daniel Gibson is coming off of career-high marks in scoring, rebounding, assists, PER and usage rate.  Gibson started the season as if he was shot out of a cannon, rejuvenated by Byron Scott’s praise and supported by the opportunity to provide for this Cavaliers team.

Under Scott’s tutelage, Gibson eclipsed his career mark in minutes played and saw a reemergence in confidence that really had not been the same since he was a rookie in the 2007 playoffs; suddenly, Gibson was a player who attacked the rim and appeared to be more than a three-point specialist.  Unfortunately, as the season would wear on, Gibson – like many of his teammates – fell victim to injuries as well as a bout of personal issues that forced him away from the team for some time.  He would only play in 67 games and only score 9.6 points per game following the All-Star break.

What Gibson has going for him is that he continues to be a fan-favorite and can provide scoring in bunches while only costing the front office $4 million per year.  What he has working against him is something that he cannot help – he’s a bit undersized for a shooting guard and, despite his valient efforts on the defensive end, he is often overmatched by the better off-guards in the NBA. We recently discussed what Gibson can bring to this team going forward, but you all may have a different view. 

Given that we already appear to be “re-signing” Manny Harris and Christian Eyenga, is there room for Boobie?

Re-Sign or Release: Baron Davis (84 percent say re-sign)
Re-Sign or Release: Christian Eyenga (95 percent say re-sign)
Re-Sign or Release: Anthony Parker (76 percent say release)
Re-Sign and Release: Ramon Sessions (87 percent say re-sign)
Re-Sign or Release: Manny Harris (68 percent say re-sign)

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  • Swig

    I don’t want to see him go.

    Ideally management would discuss his place on the team and how they view using him in the future. If Gibson is unhappy consider trading him. If Gibson is on board with the team plans keep him around and he will have a place in the system.

  • Lyon

    I said release, but I think it’s mostly because he’s been here for so long and hasn’t really developed into anything yet. He hasn’t always been given the most playing time to show what he can do, but I’ve had about enough of him.

    Really wish he could get it figured out, but he’s an undersized shooting guard who doesn’t handle the ball well enough to play point. and he ends up being injured a lot too. Let’s move on and hope we can find someone else who can stroke it like him.

  • A.C.

    If we’re re-signing Manny Harris, Boobie should definitely be back.

    If Sessions gets traded, I think Gibson could be the backup PG for a player like Irving or Knight.

    Plus, we desperately need players who are willing to put in effort on defense.

  • Nate_4

    I like the re-sign or release articles and vote, but it’s kind of hard to do before the draft especially with one pick in the top 5 and another in the top 10. I think you should do a vote with all the players on the team after the draft and see how the numbers change.

  • Harv 21

    He’s at the “it is what it is” stage. May get more savvy, but his ball handling, shooting, ability to penetrate, and defense won’t change much now. To me, he’s a spot up shooter and could be valuable if we get Kyrie. He is not a viable back-up point guard on a playoff team.

    If we don’t get Kyrie, I’d rather try to develop someone else with a higher upside and better rounded game.

  • Denny

    Just get Stan Van cheeseburgers out of the background of the picture. I can’t focus, I can’t focus.