Re-Sign or Release: Manny Harris

Back in May, 2008, we featured a little series called “Re-Sign or Release” where we went through every player on the Cavaliers roster and turned to the readers to see what they would do if they were the general manager of the Wine and Gold and – hypothetically, of course – all of the players were up to have their respective contracts renewed.

Same hypothetical this time around: We’re looking to build for the future; all players are restricted free agents, likely requiring a bit of a pay raise from last season.  Do you re-sign them? Andrew has already laid out the roadblocks currently facing the Cavaliers in 2011; now it’s your turn. Vote below and leave your support in the comments.

Yesterday, we kicked things off with point guard Ramon Session, a player whom most of you were very kind to. Today, we stay young and guard-like with would-be second-year tweener Manyy Harris. 


2010-11 Salary: $473, 604

2010-11 Statistics:


2010-11 Recap: Undrafted out of the University of Michigan, Corperryale L’Adorable Harris was an 11th hour addition after he beat out former Cavalier swingman Danny Green for the final spot on the Cavaliers’ roster.  Turning heads in the preseason, Harris’ willingness to attack the rim and be an offensively-minded, high-energy guard (something that Green’s relative passiveness did not provide) landed him a locker all to himself.

Rarely called upon out of the gate, Harris found himself starting in 15 games when the Wine and Gold were faced with a flurry of backcourt injuries and relative underperformance.  Despite not being technically responsible for any of the Cavaliers’ 19 wins, when a part of the starting five, Harris averaged 11.1 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game.

While his minutes would obviously suffer upon the arrival of Baron Davis coupled with the relative second-half emergence of Ramon Sessions, Harris displayed solid effort (not exactly commonplace this past season) every time his name was called.  Long and lean, Harris could conceivably be a solid role player in the NBA if he were to polish his offensive game and add a bit of weight to keep up with the physical nature of the game at the professional level.

Like Sessions, Harris could find himself in a bit of a bind if the Cavaliers opt for a point guard in the upcoming draft.  But given the fact that he’s just 21-years of age, a rebuilding franchise can always use young, athletic guards that have something to prove to their draft day doubters.  Should Harris be one of them?

Re-Sign or Release: Ramon Sessions (87 percent say Re-Sign)

  • mgbode

    I don’t think we have a choice with Manny Harris. He can be a wing player on a team without wing players. Unless we go wing-heavy in a wing-light draft (perhaps Vesely/Burks/Honeycutt?) I don’t see how he wouldn’t be a useful piece to have for depth next season.

  • MYoung23

    He’s young, showed flashes, played well as a starter and is slated to make 790K next year. Not a lot a downside to bringing him back another year.

  • Gren

    Low risk, high reward. Bring him back and see if can outplay his small contract.

  • Harv 21

    Agree with everyone else. Probably could use a few years of decent coaching in a lesser league but if we don’t have a roster spot next year for this kind of prospect we never will and maybe things will suddenly click. And if he gets no traction under Byron he’ll go ride the buses for a few years until he figures it out, or doesn’t.

  • Believelander

    With a name like L’Adorable, it’s got to be good.

  • Vengeful Pat

    I think you sign him again… he is disruptive defensively and looks like he will improve offensively with time and development. He definitely needs to add some weight though… his legs look like pencils.

  • Lyon

    When he got the chance to play consistent minutes I liked what I saw. Sometimes he disappeared, but I guess that can be expected from time to time from an undrafted rookie.

    Like everyone else has said, who else is going to be our wing players? Give the kid a shot.

  • cleveland husiler

    what cleveland need to do is make trade fo ex : antwan for andrea ilqudala u know trade that will make the team better but many harris got to go usless he can improve 2 be a better SG he got to go cavaliers need a SG that can score and keep scoring and 1 more thing SF