Re-Sign or Release: Ramon Sessions

Back in May, 2008, we featured a little series called “Re-Sign or Release” where we went through every player on the Cavaliers roster and turned to the readers to see what they would do if they were the general manager of the Wine and Gold and – hypothetically, of course – all of the players were up to have their respective contracts renewed.

Same hypothetical this time around: We’re looking to build for the future; all players are restricted free agents, likely requiring a bit of a pay raise from last season.  Do you re-sign them? Andrew has already laid out the roadblocks currently facing the Cavaliers in 2011; now it’s your turn. Vote below and leave your support in the comments.

Arbitrarily, just like in 2008 when we started off with Delonte West, we kick of this year’s series in the backcourt with the first-year Cavalier Ramon Sessions.


2010-11 Salary: $3,964,320

2010-11 Statistics:


2010-11 Recap: The 25-year-old point guard played in 81 games during the regular season, starting in 38 – both figures are one-shy of his career marks. But where Sessions eclipsed his career marks are in his points per game, field goal percentage and free throws attempted.

Sessions had occasional bouts with brilliance, leading the team in PER, but also forced an occasional facepalm due to likely-avoidable turnovers at various integral points within the game.  His defense left a little to be desired, and things got a bit erratic once Baron Davis arrived, but there were many games this past season where Sessions would be the only member of the Cavaliers who would attack the rim on a consistent basis and be the guy to have the ball in his hands during crunch time.

There are questions as to whether or not Sessions can succeed in a situation where there are a power forward and center combination already clogging the lane.  However, due to Byron Scott’s point guard-driven offense, there is a strong contingent of fans who would like to see “Sesh” get the reigns for the longterm.

The Cavaliers will likely look at point guard in the upcoming draft; Duke’s Kyrie Irving continues to top many draft boards in the Cleveland area.  Regardless, Sessions has age and skill on his side.  Acquiring Sessions was one of GM Chris Grant’s first transactions in his current role, but is thought by many to be an ideal first guard off of the bench.

(AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

  • mgbode

    this one is pretty simple. if we get Irving or B.Knight in the draft, then we let him go. if we don’t, then we resign him.

    luckily, the draft is before we have to make such a decision (and this year it may be waaaayyyy before we have to make such a decision), so there is no arbitrary right or wrong answer.

  • Brian

    definitely re-sign…even if he doesn’t figure into future plans, he’s one of the few Cavs with true trade value.

  • Max

    this question doesn’t make much sense to me. of course 90% would vote to re-sign him even if probably half of them don’t think that he’s a core piece moving forward. he has trade value (Atlanta was rumored to offer a first round pick for him last year….why exactly didn’t we do that trade -.-) so why not keep him…

    for me on a good team Sessions will never be more than a back up and when you look at his reaction when Baron Davis came to the Cavs via trade it doesn’t exactly scream that he’s satisfied with that role. so if there are any teams out there that are crazy enough to offer a first round pick for him again TRADE HIM! to me he’s just not a good PG: he can’t shoot, he doesn’t play defense and he just doesn’t have the basketball IQ nor the court vision to make his team mates better (please don’t tell me he averaged 5.2 assists, i watched all 82 cavs games last year and most of the decisions Sessions makes are Eric Snowesque)

  • MYoung23

    You trade Sessions. Too much tunnel vision, too shot happy along with questionable decision making.

  • Right Side

    Resign. We can get something for him in a trade that could help towards the rebuilding process.

  • Dan C.

    Hope you get Irving, then package Sessions with the LBJ Trade Exception and get Rudy Gay. (Or any other B-level Superstar who might become available)

  • Gren

    Re-sign regardless of Draft. He could provide a burst off the bench.

    I get the feeling he will want too much money though.

  • Scott

    “Hope you get Irving, then package Sessions with the LBJ Trade Exception and get Rudy Gay.”

    Exception cannot be packaged.

  • bobby

    Scott- Cant you do like a player and the exemption for 2 players so the exemption is still 1-1 with a player? I thought I remember reading something like that when this went down last year.

  • Andrew

    My understanding is that you cannot package the Traded Player Exception with another exception. Because Rudy Gay makes $15 million next year, the Cavaliers’ $14 million trade exception is not enough to acquire him. When I mentioned Gay in my piece last week, I overlooked that fact. Had they done it last season, then I believe theoretically they could have thrown Sessions into the deal as long as they took back equal salary for him, and then the Cavs’s $14 million exception would have eaten Gay’s salary.

    Again, though, this is only based on my understanding of how it works. I might be completely misunderstanding that rule.

  • Harv 21

    Well, he seems to play better as a starter, but right now if he’s your starter you’re in trouble. And not sure what your trade value is when you’re 24 and already a second organization is ready to cut ties. One dimensional player that seems maybe too sensitive to be a floor general and maybe too immature to put in the work to round his game. Guy could really use a Larry Brown Boot Camp to get his point guard mind right and toughen him up. Or maybe Byron has the time to work with him. Thought he was much more developed; he’s quick and can run but PG requires basketball IQ.

    Bottom line: whatever. Right now he’s just a guy. If we’re a running team probably won’t find a much better back up.

  • MattyFos

    Keep Sessions. He has good trade value and he grew as a PG under Scott. He’s still young and if we miss out on Irving and Knight; Sessions can be a stop gap PG until we find our starting/All Star caliber PG.

  • Vengeful Pat

    Re-sign him. The alternative is to let him go and use that money to sign… who? I’d love to see the Cavs make a run at Tyson Chandler, but other than him, there’s only a handful of unrestricted free agents who peak my interest.

  • Believelander

    @9: yes.
    @3: because the Hawks will be picking in the cellar of the first round, let’s hope a lottery team offers a first rounder for him.
    @2: exactly.
    @Scott: I did find it interesting that Ramon was putting up 13.3 per game with 5.2 assists in only 27 mins per game.

    Overall I say resign even if you sign a Knight or Irving. Just because they’re a first-round pick doesn’t mean they’re going to be sweet. And as several said, he has potential trade value down the road, without taking up a ton of salary space.

  • jimkanicki

    sign, then trade.