While We’re Waiting… Analyzing Indians’ Success, Browns Free Agency Targets, Drafting Derrick Williams

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Great Sunday read on the Tribe, with analysis of the magic of Brantley and Asdrubal: “To watch the current team and to know the pain that came pouring upon Indians fans’ (particularly in that fateful week in July of 2009) is to gain some measure of respect for the Front Office realizing what needed to be done and to go about doing it. Granted the compelling reasons to make some of those trades were self-inflicted (Mike Aubrey, Jerry Sowers, Crazy Eyes Crowe, Beau Mills…you want me to keep going), but in those mid-season moves, they unquestionably have had more hits than misses and as much as the questions were flying back then (and here’s another piece from yours truly attempting to rationalize what seemed irrational back then) as to what the organization was even doing or what direction they were headed, the Indians asked themselves the hard questions, realized that there were hard answers, and didn’t shy away from what that meant.” [The DiaTribe/Paul Cousineau]

Browns FA needs and who could fill those holes: “Depending on how free agency plays out, Heckert may look at several available corners who will not break the bank including: former Ohio State Buckeye and current undrafted free agent Devon Torrence, Carolina Panthers’ Richard Marshall or Baltimore Ravens’ Josh Wilson. The pickings are slim at corner and the best bet could be Torrence or another undrafted free agent.  At safety, the choices are better and targets could include: another former Buckeye and Buffalo Bills’ Donte’ Whitner, Oakland Raiders’ Michael Huff or Houston Texans’ Bernard Pollard.” [National Football Authority]

If we land Derrick Williams: “I couple that sentiment with the belief that ultimately, Derrick Williams is not a 3 and thus he and J.J. would be in direct competition for a role that only one of them could fill. (J.J.’s never been an invigorating bench player, and we wouldn’t be drafting DW at 2 to mimic Paul Millsap.) While I’m not sure that Derrick is the more talented prospect—which is both a defense of J.J. and a minor indictment of DW, who, turns out, is not quite the athlete he’s purported to be—DW strikes me as the more reliable one. In the end, I think reliability trumps even talent, and it’s not like Derrick Williams is a slouch of a talent.” [Ryan Braun/CavsTheBlog]

Kellen Winslow takes a shot at Cleveland. [Dawgs by Nature]

More on the forthcoming SI article: “We’re hearing the article will be a rehash of the Ray Isaacs stuff from Tressel’s Youngstown State days as well as another look at the Maurice Clarett allegations from seven years ago. Dohrmann, being the smart guy that he is, likely tried to setup an interview with Clarett, but we’d be shocked if Clarett had anything to say, given how well Tressel has treated him through the years…Aside from that, you can probably expect anonymous quotes and maybe another minor allegation or two. While I’d be shocked to see anything major come out of the article — despite stories of “salivating SI editors” — the story, if it does come to fruition, will keep the coach and the school alive for another painful media cycle.” [Eleven Warriors]


  • LaundroMat

    “Jerry Sowers” = Jeremy Sowers

  • LittleWahoo

    1+4+8+ Having Rip with his clear hockey mask on top of his head while shooting freethrows. Sounds too good to be true. 8 is not a true 8 in a weak draft like shooting fish in a extremely large aquarium. Back to the cookout peace!