April 16, 2014

While We’re Waiting… Cavs Draft Strategies, Indians Draft Prospects, Actaball

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More on the Cavs draft: “If the [trade exception] is going to be used, I continue to think that will happen on Draft Night.  So what does all this trade talk mean at this point for the Cavaliers? To me it’s exactly what I thought the night Nick won the lottery.  The Cavaliers are good with Irving at 1, as they should be.  Beyond that, they are exploring every - and I mean each and every single - trade opportunity out there with respect to both the TE as well as that 4th pick overall.  I continue to think they will not pick 4th on Draft Night.  All the smoke that appears to be coming off the keyboard of Chris Grant’s blackberry seems to support this too.  Cavs don’t look too content at that position.”  [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


Catching up with the Tribe’s 2010 draft picks: “Pomeranz is dominating in Advanced Class-A Kinston and may not be long for the circuit. A stint in Double-A Akron before the end of the season appears likely and could put Pomeranz on track to break through to the big leagues sometime in 2012. The Tribe selected outfielder LeVon Washington in the second round, but he’s struggling with the bat and his transition to the outfield continues on a rocky path. Third-round pick Tony Wolters may or may not stick at shortstop, and 2011 may be step one in that process as he’s yet to get much time in the minors. Kyle Blair and Cole Cook have not pitched well in 2011 yet. Catcher Alex Lavisky, the club’s eighth-round pick, may be a key to the class. He’s not hitting for average but has shown a power swing with 10 extra-base hits, and in this day and age a backstop with any offensive ability at all is a tremendous value.” [Jason Churchill/ESPN]


Tyler Moeller on the OSU drama: “I think many people, because of this new age of social media, have this perception that there is this big underground black market of Ohio State Football memorabilia sold by CURRENT Ohio State football players. People believe we live our “lavish” lifestyles because of special discounts and selling of personal items. I guess if Ray Small is a credible resource to get all your information from then these are probably a figment of your imagination….” [TylerTime26]


Placing more doubt on the draft rumors from the weekend: “The trade rumor made a major splash on a slow news day.  Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen…The Pistons would probably want a player in return in such a scenario. With a possible lockout looming, the Pistons no longer view Hamilton’s contract as imposing as it once did. The Cavs reportedly discussed dealing for Hamilton at the trade deadline.” [Bob Finnan/The News-Herald]


Our old friend Omar had a new experience yesterday: “In his 2,874th career major league appearance, Vizquel, an 11-time Gold Glove winner at shortstop, grabbed a mitt and played first base for the first time. As in, his life… In a long season — and career — just about anything is possible. As versatile and valuable as Vizquel has been through the years, he still has yet pitch or get behind the plate. He has logged nearly 22,900 innings at short, along with nearly 800 at third, 324 at second and one in right field. (Plus a start at DH in 2010.  All that’s left is the battery, which makes sense for a guy whose career just keeps going and going.” [Big League Stew/David Brown]


Interesting look at managerial trends, with Manny Acta on one end of the extremes: “There aren’t many stats for measuring managers, aside from raw win-loss totals. This is largely because most of the effects that a manager has are either difficult or outright impossible to quantify.  Well, I don’t have a stat to help you assess managers, but I have come up with a junk stat that I think will at least tell us something about managers’ personalities. I call it the Traditional Managing Index, or TMI*, and it’s very simple. It consists of two statistics that can largely be attributed to managers…” [Jacob Peterson/Beyond the Box Score]

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

  • CavsBrownsFan

    I think a Cavs team lead by Irving and Williams can be good enough to beat the Heat someday.

  • GhostToMost


    I hope youre right, but I think its going to take more than those 2 guys. Williams is a nice player, he reminds me of Glenn Robinson. I think he’s going to be pretty good, maybe a 18-20 ppg guy and an all star. But, I dont see him as a “superstar”.

    Irving is the obvious pick at #1 because he has the most upside. But, a point guard who played 11 games in college is far from a sure thing. Most of the top point guards in this league played at least 2 seasons of college ball. I like the idea of taking Irving, but Im not as stoked about it as others. I hope he turns out to be as good as advertised.

    That said, they would be 2 nice building blocks and a place to start though. But I think its going to take 2 or 3 great drafts to build a team capable of competing with the South Beach Superfriends.

  • Ike

    I love that the Cavs aren’t just mindlessly attaching themselves to that #4 pick. If you can shop that pick to make the team better, than by all means do so.

    They may not get the #2 pick, but the fact that they’re even trying to get it tells you just how hungry this front office is to rebuild this thing.


  • s-devo

    chances of using the TE on draft are are really good, considering the lockout will start a week afterwards

    the TE expires on july 8th (1 year after the decision) and word on the street is that the cavs are asking the association to give them 7/8 days after the lockout ends to use the TE, no guarantees though