While We’re Waiting…Cavs Should Stand Pat, Camp Colt, West Coast Offense Primer

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Avoiding a knee-jerk trade: “The 2011-12 season is when the embers stir, and Cavs fans should be able to envision what might be. There will be no playoff push this season, but there should be a palpable future.

It is imperative for Dan Gilbert to understand this. He was justifiably elated when the Cavaliers snagged the number one pick in the NBA Lottery, but one worries he might allow that elation to consume him, skipping past the “new beginning” of which he spoke and forcing roster moves that favor minor, short-term successes. This week, Memphis rejected a trade proposal in which the Cavs offered the number four selection in the 2011 draft and a Rudy Gay-sized chunk of their trade exception in exchange for the Grizzlies’ injured star. Andre Iguodala’s name keeps floating around in unsubstantiated trade rumors; presumably the Cavs would offer or have already offered Philadelphia the same type of deal. These whispers sketch an unsettling picture: I sense Gilbert’s giddy tentacles creeping into the frame and meddling with the Cavaliers’ future.” [Colin McGowan/Cavs:TheBlog]

More on Coach Brown in LA: “I’m somewhat amazed that there’s been so much backlash and even vitriol in the reaction to L.A.’s hiring of Mike Brown, as I think the guy’s a heckuva coach. Though I guess I’m not surprised, considering he was an easy scapegoat for the Cleveland Cavaliers falling short of a championship in the LeBron era. But I credit Brown for helping the Cavs become as good as they were, for developing LeBron as a defensive player, and for creating outstanding defensive teams out of decent personnel overall. The jury’s still out on his offensive acumen, though it’ll be interesting to see Cleveland’s perceived offensive shortcomings were a function of LeBron hijacking offensive sets at all.” [The Painted Area]

Camp Colt resumes in Austin (on 6th street and at the Salt Lick): “Many of the same offensive players who have attended the first two camps are expected to return for the third, with the notable exception of Cribbs. He will be attending his birthday party in Washington, DC. Also, the invitation once again goes out to all the rookies, though these types of workouts put them in an awkward position. While it would be worthwhile for them to attend, it would especially not be in a rookie’s best interest to get injured in a workout with no trainers around. Yes, these players are now members of the Browns, but without signing any contracts, these rookies will remain in a murky in-between until the lockout is over. People may be upset that receiver Greg Little isn’t attending these workouts at the suggestion of his agent, but it’s likely in his best interest.” [Steve DiMatteo/DawgPoundDaily]

One in a series of an X&O look at the Brown’s offense: “If you can effectively run different plays from these stems, defenses will not be able to afford to guess which of the  plays the offense is running on this down. The offense will have retained the advantage of knowing where it’s receivers will go.  Walsh wanted to eliminate the QB standing in the pocket with nowhere to throw, and he wanted to eliminate receivers getting open only for corners to recover within seconds, preventing completions. He accomplished this by coordinating the receivers’ breaks with the QB’s drop and reads, as well as the protection for the play (more on protection later). This created a coordinated, cohesive set of plays as the bread and butter of “The” West Coast offense.” [Dawgs by Nature]