While We’re Waiting… Quoting the New Browns, Tracking the Tribe, and Missing Daren Epley

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“The Browns made a splash this weekend with their draft, trading with the Atlanta Falcons for a multitude of picks. They also were able to grab a few players this weekend, in case you didn’t know. Those players all did press conferences after being selected and there were no shortage of interesting responses there and on Twitter.” [Craig/Still WFNY]

“So here’s where we’re at right now. The Indians own the best record in baseball at 19-8. While they’re not going to play .700 baseball for the entire season or approach 100 victories, it’s also going to be pretty hard for them — or at least take a long while — to fritter that hot start away (especially when the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins are already operating 10 games behind them). Anyone who doubts that needs to take at the difficulties the Red Sox are going to face to regain the pace of a 90-plus victory squad.

Or let’s put it another way: By going 11 games over .500 by May 2, the Indians have already awarded themselves the luxury of just over two extra losses per month if they still want to finish at .500.

Sure, an absolute stink bomb of a month can — heck, even a bad week — can wipe that cushion out. But in a division that can possibly be seized with only 86 or 87 wins, it’s the best benefit the Indians can be holding as they head into the heart of May.” [Big League Stew]

“During the recent three-game series with the Tigers, Acta had his pitchers intentionally walk Cabrera three times — twice in first innings. Cabrera also drew another four-pitch walk and was hit by a pitch in the series. It was obvious that Cleveland — well, Acta — preferred to put Cabrera on base than to let him swing the bat. And, hey, Acta has his reasons.

As a manager for the Nationals and Indians, Acta has encountered Cabrera in three seasons — 2007, 2010 & 2011. In those campaigns, Cabrera has drawn a combined 62 intentional walks. Of those, 13 have come with Acta in the opposing dugout. Granted, Acta saw more of Miggy as a division rival, but that still accounts for 21 percent of his IBBs in those three seasons.

When Cabrera has not been given first base without charge, the slugger has made Acta’s teams pay without mercy. Over 122 at-bats against Acta’s clubs, all Cabrera has done his hit at a .361 clip with 10 home runs and 31 RBIs. This past weekend, he went 5-for-11 in the ABs he was allowed to have for Detroit.” [Major League Bastian]

“My favorite pastime at the stadium was autograph fishing. Before the game we would throw lines over the fence, and down to the players to ask for autographs on cards. We made small holes in the corners of hard plastic card holders to attach the line to, and clipped a sharpie to the line. Most players (like Charlie Nagy and Mark Lewis) were gracious enough to take some time to pull the card out and sign it for us. Others (like Joey Belle and Carlos Martinez) didn’t want to be bothered and never signed.

Then there was Rudy Seanez. Seanez played for 9 big league clubs in his career, and currently owns a Cold Stone Creamery for all those interested. Rudy didn’t quite understand the autograph fishing process. We had purchased packs of cards from the stadium featuring all the AA Indian prospects, and when we saw Rudy walking toward the dugout from warming up we shouted his name and threw his card in the protective holder and lowered it over the side. Not wanted to disappoint a couple of young fans Rudy took the marker and proceeded to sign. The plastic sleeve.” [Me/Indians Prospect Insider]

“While a contract with a $6.9 million cap hit, similar to Marleau’s, is unlikely, it’s clear that his continued development as a top NHL winger puts him on a higher tier than his current salary.

A three year deal with a cap hit between 4.5 and 5 million dollars would still provide an increased paycheck out of respect to his increased performance (and promise of continued impact), but wouldn’t put an expectation of delivering Sedin / Zetterberg / Semin level numbers as a $6+ million cap hit would.

While it’s difficult to speculate on WHERE the money will come from until Howson completes his retooling, I could certainly argue that taking part of $4 million coming off the books from Chris Clark and Ethan Moreau and applying it in the ledger towards keeping Umberger on board seems like a wise investment.” [Matt Wagner/The Cannon]

For who are either A. Podcast fans or B. Jon Steiner fans, he was Paul Cousineau’s guest on Smoke Signals last night. It’s like teepe talk, except if Harry Doyle was wicked smart. [Smoke Signals]

  • Max

    Harry Doyle WAS wicked smart…how else do you explain him being able to easily recall the fact that Clue Heywood lead the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair?

  • JackGonzo

    Maybe Jordan Cameron can be Cleveland’s first two sport athlete playing for both the Browns and the Cavs