While We’re Waiting… Trading Sessions, Pressure on McCoy and Another Huge Cavs Draft

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Perhaps a taker for Sessions?- “The Knicks weren’t in the lottery for the first time since 2007 (the second of two picks yielded to Chicago in the Eddy Curry trade), but the results of the drawing could set up an opportunity for them. For one, the Cavaliers certainly have to strongly consider taking Duke point guard Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick. Irving is widely regarded as the top player in what many scouts and team executives are calling an extremely shallow draft. The Cavs already have Davis, whom they traded for last season, and yet also have Ramon Sessions. If they take Irving, you’d have to expect Sessions would be available.

Mike D’Antoni has wanted Sessions since 2009, when he was a restricted free agent. The 25 year old point guard is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — yes, the same place where D’Antoni’s brother, Knicks assistant coach Dan D’Antoni, coached high school ball — and both D’Antoni’s feel Sessions would be a perfect fit in this offense.” [Hahn/Newsday] (H/T Cavs the Blog)

“The last time the Cavs found themselves in this position was 1986 and their are similarities to that draft and this one. The key lies with the front office. In 1986, the Cavs were able to trade Roy Hinson and cash to Philadelphia for the 76ers No. 1 pick – the first overall – so they could select Brad Daugherty. They then used their own lottery pick – No. 7 – to select Ron Harper. Finally, the Cavs traded a future second-round pick to Dallas for Mark Price. How’s that for a day’s work?” [Pullo/Red Right 88]

“The Steelers and Ravens have their answers at quarterback. Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, 29, already has led his team to three Super Bowls, winning two, and is currently in the prime of his career. Baltimore’s Joe Flacon, 26, has led the Ravens to three consecutive playoff appearances and continues to get better.

That puts an immense amount of pressure on Dalton and McCoy to catch up. Their futures directly tie into Cincinnati and Cleveland’s ability or inability to close the gap within the division. If both are busts, there might not be an end in sight to the dominance by Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Neither the Bengals nor the Browns have any shot of overcoming these perennial contenders with shoddy quarterback play. “It’s horrible; there’s nothing good about [inexperienced quarterbacks] facing the Ravens and Steelers,” said Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. “They’re not carbon copies of each other, but their philosophy is pretty similar. They’re going to take away your running game, and you’re not going to outwork them in the trenches or move them. Then you’re one-dimensional, and then you’re in trouble.” [Walker/AFC North Blog]

More on David Kahn’s statement about the draft lottery- “Maybe he was making light of the fact the Timberwolves luck — always bad — never seems to change. Maybe he was trying to make light of the fact that some good luck charms, such as an ultra-confident and charming 14-year-old in a bow tie and Buddy Holly glasses, work better than others. But one thing is for certain: Kahn, whatever he meant, chose cruel words.

“The NBA has a habit … of producing some pretty incredible story lines ”

No, Mr. Kahn. The NBA doesn’t. Lotteries do. It doesn’t take Shirley Jackson or an old Bogie movie to know that lotteries spawn great storylines. Lottery stories are compelling for the simple fact that winning a lottery is catching lightning in a bottle. Good story lines will sometimes come from the Lottery not because the NBA wants it to, but because of the randomness of the event itself. The NBA has its share of problems — allowing a numbskull such as Donald Sterling to own the Clippers, by having Isiah Thomas hang around its edges and having the impending lockout hanging like the sword of Damocles over the 2011-12 season — but “fixing” the Lottery results are not one of them.” [Peterson/Hardwood Paroxysm]

In case you missed it yesterday-“Now, Irving gets the benefit of a coach, Byron Scott, whose inventory of knowledge includes a Showtime Lakers career as Magic Johnson’s running mate and a coaching run that includes Jason Kidd and Chris Paul under his watch. Irving will find a city dying to embrace him, and he’ll make it easy. And once they hear that his family took a pass on LeBron and his wooing partners, they’ll be even more impressed. For everyone’s sake, it probably works out that Maverick Carter, Rich Paul and the rest of LeBron’s Akron buddies don’t come marching back into Quicken Loans Arena arm and arm with the future of the Cavaliers’ franchise. It would’ve been a wild scene full of acrimony and tension, but Kyrie Irving made it easy for everyone, and yes, that’s what great point guards are supposed to do.” [Wojnarowski/Yahoo]

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  • Believelander


    Love the spot about irving not getting in bed with LeBron’s organization.

  • Matt

    If it’s possible, I’d rather unload Baron Davis somehow and keep Sessions as a backup PG.

  • Right Side

    Do the Knicks have anything to return for Sessions?

  • stin4u

    I think the Kahn thing is kind of being blown out of proportion. The guy was obviously frustrated but I think what he was saying was more in the context of hard luck as compared to fixing. I could be wrong but I wasn’t horribly offended by what he said.

  • Stinkfist

    @2, future draft picks, a serviceable shooting guard? but youre right, I can’t think of anyone specifically

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Walker: “If the Browns and Bengals don’t get better, the Steelers and Ravens will rule the AFC North for a while longer.”

    Wow…what an incredible insight.

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Is it impossible for the Cavaliers to have Irving, Davis and Sessions? Considering what happened last season with injuries, combined with the fact that Irving is a 19 year old rookie, wouldn’t you want to keep both Davis and Sessions?

  • Garry Owen

    @ Believelander:

    I thought Colin 1th was very good in “The King’s Speech.”

    The 1th of Forth is also quite beautiful this time of year.

  • mgbode

    @Robbie – considering our dire needs at SG and SF, I think having a pretty good 3rd string PG is a luxury the Cavs cannot afford.

    @2&4 – I took a look at the NBA trade machine and the Knicks would have to get quite a bit of help in order to match Ramon Sessions $4mil salary. They have their 3 high priced guys and then Balkman/Douglass and a bunch of minimum guys. They used up their contract matching salaries in the Melo trade.

    Which is sad, because I would love their #17 pick as part of a Sessions trade. Maybe Singleton drops or Faried. Or, if not, there’s still guys like Honeycutt and Jordan Hamilton that we could give some burn at SF. We need wing players (I still want Irving/Kanter at the top of the draft).

  • bobby

    Would NYK give the 17th pick for Sessions. Then we could sit there and try to get Irving Kanter and a wing player. Or we could just get Minny involved and send Sessions to NYK where they could then send the 17th to Minny with the Cavs 4th to get the 2nd overall and have Irving and Williams.

  • DocZeus

    I wouldn’t mind Landry Fields for Ramon Sessions.

    The 17th pick would be a coup for Razor Ramon.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    ‘Do the Knicks have anything to return for Sessions?’

    I think Amar’e would be a fair trade.

  • mgbode

    @Doc – Landry Fields makes ~$500K, Sessions makes $4mil. Both teams are over the cap. So, really hard to make that deal work.

    and hey, we gave up a 1st round pick for Jiri Welsch. Turnabout is fair play (we would just have to hope the dearth of PG prospects in this draft in that range make them decide to overpay)

  • Goldenflash7903

    @ C-Bus Kevin…

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that.

    In related news, when I woke up this morning the sun rose… and from what I hear there is a good chance it may set this evening.

  • s-devo

    i could see us keeping “sess” at byron scott calls him at least for half the year, maybe the all star break. i doubt they want irving to start right away. hey maybe sess and baron in the backcourt to start the year – who else is there? boobie? parker aint coming back. gee and harris prob wont be around.

    if we take kanter and irving here’s our starting 5:



    not sure if these make the team (depending on who we take in the 2nd round and if we use the trade exemption):
    joey graham

    maybe trading sess or twan would net us the #2 pick and we could get williams, not sure if that would fly

  • saggy

    landry fields is untouchable regardless of salary. nyc loves his game.

    i can’t see minny taking a PG which i kinda why i think we should take Williams first and either Irving or Knight or Kemba 4th. no more turkeys from Turkey!!