While We’re Waiting… Tribe Running Wild, Scott’s L.A. Option and Lock-Out Nightmare

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“Well, for what it’s worth, and it certainly seems to be worth something to Acta, the Indians have a stolen-base success rate of 72 percent, entering Tuesday. Cleveland had swiped 18 (league average is 24) and had been caught seven times. Acta’s point is made: stolen bases are not top priority. There is this, however. Baserunners have eventually gone on to score 33 percent of the time for the Indians this year. Only the Royals — at 35 percent — have a better rate of success with its runners among the Tribe’s American League counterparts. The Indians have also run into just 10 outs on the bases — two off the fewest in the league.

So the Indians are being aggressive, but they’re also being smart.

Said Acta: “We worked very hard in Spring Training on going first to third, taking extra bases, and basically telling these guys we have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. The game has changed a lot. There’s a lot of people that you can challenge, and put pressure on the defense.” [Major League Bastian]

“There have already been reports Scott will be considered for the Lakers opening, and they are likely true. He would certainly be interested and you couldn’t blame him. For a long time, the Lakers were his life. But there are other things to consider.

For one, he’s under contract with the Cavs. In order for the Lakers to hire Scott, they would have to provide some sort of compensation in return — such as draft picks, cash and maybe players. Plus, Scott might be a tough sell since he’s coming off a 19-63 season.

In other words, there would definitely be easier hires. Shaw is the first, most obvious name. Rick Adelman is also available after parting ways with Houston. Larry Brown, Jeff Van Gundy and Jerry Sloan are out there, too. And considering the Lakers’ history of hiring stop-gap coaches to fill in for a year or two, don’t be surprised if Minnesota’s Kurt Rambis is mentioned.” [Amico/Fox Sports Ohio]

Heard this debate several times before- “Mark Sanchez (5th Overall Pick) vs. Alex Mack (21st Overall Pick) + David Veikune (52nd Overall Pick) + Kenyon Coleman + Abe Elam + Brett Ratliff. The Browns’ front office at this time, essentially run by former coach Eric Mangini targeted a more immediate need of adding some veteran leadership to the remnants of Romeo Crennel’s country club locker room. The additions of Coleman and Elam – later enhanced by the signings of Eric Barton and David Bowens – helped to establish both Mangini’s authority and his particular brand of defense in Cleveland.

However, this trade shouldn’t solely be judged on the arrivals of three players who are not a part of the team’s immediate future. In making the initial trade down, Mangini gave himself room to trade two more times – which netted a draft-depleted team some additional picks. However, even with this under consideration, the trade can be easily reduced to Mack and Veikune vs. Sanchez. Of course, after two years, Mangini’s first major move as pseudo-GM can now be summarized as Mack vs. Sanchez. It’s like we never knew you, David Veikune.” [DK/The OBR]

Um…no comment at all on the bullpen of the team with the best record in the league? Apparently the Tigers are the ‘contenders’ from the AL Central. (Hat tip to Red Right 88) [Schoenfield/ESPN Sweet Spot]

Really interesting stuff on the financial impact of a lock-out in Cleveland. “Rick Cassara, owner of John Q’s Steakhouse on Public Square, said his restaurant does four to five times more sales on a Sunday when the Browns are at home, and maybe a third more sales on a Saturday night before a game. Karl Abounader, owner of Karl’s Inn of the Barristers on West Third Street, said his place goes through 500 to 600 pounds of corned beef sandwiches on a game day. He beefs up with 15 to 20 part-timers to handle the crush.

Abounader said he survived but struggled those three years without the Browns, and that was when the economy was better. “We’ll be dead without the Browns,” he said. Winking Lizard President Jim Callam said his downtown restaurant on a Sunday when the Browns are on the road is 200 mostly empty seats. When the Browns are at home, those 200 seats are filled three or four times.” [Lubinger/Cleveland.com]

  • mike

    frankly, i dont care if the national media doesnt want to give the indians its due. fortunately, the indians’ post-season chances wont be determined by a BCS-type of vote so it doesnt matter what the media thinks or reports. what i care about is my own personal satisfaction as an indians fan – and right now its at 100%!

  • MrCleaveland

    I’m still not impressed with Mark Sanchez. He may get better, but right now he’s just mediocre (although maybe Braylon Scissorhands has something to do with that).

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    I agree with Mike. Let the Indians fly under the radar as long as possible. I still feel just as happy the morning after a game like last night.

    Though, I could do without the 1:35 rain pre-caution delay.

  • Du

    They can fly under the radar but I will still let those national pundits know they are doing lazy reporting when they omit the Tribe.

    Here is what I wrote to David Schoenfield:

    David. How in the world can you write a column on the best bullpens and yet not include the bullpen of the team with the best record in baseball, the Cleveland Indians?

    I’ll do the research for you:

    Set-up Pitchers:

    Rafael Perez – 13 IP, 0.68 ERA, .090 WHIP, .159 Opp. Avg.
    Tony Sipp – 16.2 IP, 1.62 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, .169 Opp. Agv.
    Vinnie Pestano – 14.2 IP, 1.84 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, .176 Opp Avg.


    Chris Perez – 10-11 Saves, 2.81 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, .190 Opp. Avg.

    Enough said.

  • mgbode

    @Du – obviously, when talking about contender’s bullpens it is more important to include the 5th place NL Central Brewers in the discussion rather than find the room to talk about the Indians :)

    oh wait, sorry, the Brewers are now tied for 4th place in the NL Central. kudos to them.

    I would complain about the under .500 3rd place AL East Boston Red Sox as well, but the writer has a quota of at least 4 references to the Red Sox and Yankees in each column.

    I assume the worst record in MLB Twins were only mentioned because they had the good fortune of playing the Red Sox for his example. If they had happened to win that game, obviously a different example would have been used.

  • Swig

    @MrC, agree 100%. Sanchez is succeeding (term used slightly loosely) in a system, we had/have no system here for him to succeed in. It would be even worse if you removed Mack from the line.

  • Nicky Z

    Even though he’s surrounded by Superbowl MVPs and future Hall of Famers, Sanchez barely cuts it. I can’t imagine how horrible he would’ve been the last few years with the browns.

  • Believelander

    I love all the commenters in Schoenfield’s article asking about the Indians. Clearly they don’t know that writing anything positive about any Cleveland sports team or the city of Cleveland is tantamount to treason at ESPN, where the propagation of selling shoes for LeBron James is the Holy Grail.

    Sports news? Pshaw. I don’t know why WFNY links that crap except to remind us how sweet WFNY is.