Josh Cribbs Fought the Law and the Law… ???

Josh Cribbs is a football hero in Cleveland, and now he wants to be a hero to those who have received parking tickets in Cleveland Heights.  When Cribbs got a ticket last week and there were eight minutes left on his meter, he was none too pleased on his Twitter. He posted the picture above that shows his ticket with the meter in the background along with the following below.

Police in cleveland heights just wrote me a ticket & my meter had time left wow..smh can u say not Guilty lol

The story didn’t end there, though.  The $15 ticket would be cheaper to pay than contest, according to Cribbs’ tweet this week.  Maybe because he got paid this off-season he feels it is a good use of funds to fight the good fight anyway.

So I’m going to contest my $15ticket in Cleveland heights, I just learned of the scam that’s occurring, to contest is a $50 court cost.smh

I’m going to fight it 4everybody who gets a parking ticket b4 the meter expires & can’t fight it bc of the court cost!!

There is a reason that Josh Cribbs is one of the most popular Cleveland Browns players in recent memory.  Watch out Cleveland Heights parking enforcement.  Josh Cribbs has a to-do list with your name on it.   :-)

  • Scott

    mental notes

  • Lyon

    Good for him. Due to his celebrity he has a pretty good chance of making change happen I’d believe.

  • Ted

    Slow news day huh

  • JNeids

    I’d love for him to put those Cleveland Hts cops in their place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-law, but those guys are infamously brutal.


    Is it ironic that Josh Cribbs refuses to Pay the Man?

  • NJ

    Way to stick it to the man, Josh.

  • PGP

    Wasting his time… His word vs the police officers. His evidence is his cell phone pic? Who’s to say he did not throw another nickel in and snap that pic. Fair or not, it always comes down to your word vs the law’s.

    I guess he’s got some face to save after his sobriety check point warning tweet last weekend, ha ha.

  • Tom

    CHPD are the worst. Props to Cribbs for sticking it to them.

  • Carla

    I respect Cleveland Heights cops and all they do to protect the city but they write parking tickets like there’s no tomorrow!

    And Cleveland Hts meters only take quarters and each quarter gives you either 20-30 minutes or an hour depending on the meter. And his photo is time stamped.

  • NJ

    @7 – He tweeted later that it’s a quarter machine so he couldn’t just throw in a dime to get eight minutes. Or something. I don’t know. I guess if the ticket says five and the photo is from 5:03 with eight minutes on the meter then it’d prove something, assuming of course the time of the photo could be verified.

    Point is, it’s less about winning the case and more about causing a stink that hopefully generates enough bad press to force the Heights to do something that ensures that people aren’t being straight up robbed through illegal ticketing.

    I hate Cleveland Heights. That’s where Coventry is, right? I’d go there for the Grog. Had more than a few run-ins with nasty coppers.

  • Greg

    Thank you Josh Cribbs once again. That’s not the only problem with Cleveland Heights parking enforcement. I got ticketed when I first moved to Cleveland Heights last summer. Instead of putting signs on the street like any normaly city, they have signs when you first drive into the city which supposedly alert you that you can’t park on the street between like 3 and 6 am or something like that. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who found that out by getting a ticket. It’s a total scam. Go Josh!

  • Matt O

    I like Cleveland Heights and many things in it. However, anyone who has ever lived there (especially college students) can attest to the Draconian police force. They are good at keeping the peace, I guess, but they add a nice thick layer of nuisance on top.

    Note: I would still live there though….if I worked/schooled in the area.

  • Shane Gentry

    Entirely possible you could get just challenging it. I’m interested to see how much change gets you 10 or 15 min. Possible to just stick a dime in there and get 10?

  • Shane Gentry

    After looking at the photo again. He has gigantic fingers.

  • s-devo

    i remember about 7-8 years ago i had a canadian dime that i put in one of those meters, i got like 3 hours for it and havent seen a canadian dime since

  • Denny


  • CLE

    shady cops? no one should be surprised.

  • Mallalubba

    ….and we all now have his license plate number. Yay!

  • cbc

    Way to go Josh.

    My CH story is that I once got a ticket for parking in a no parking zone, I too snapped a picture that shows the front of my car a good 6 feet away from the sign for the no parking zone, with the arrow pointing the other way. I was dead set on fighting it when I got, but I ended up mailing it in. (Sigh)

    Fight the good fight Josh….

  • Joe

    I really think the cops need to actually go find some REAL crime to fight. Maybe get a little work ou in once in awhile instead of relying on tazers…

    You go Josh! He is due for a big year – WCO in 2011!!!

  • RW

    I can’t believe nobody actually looked at the ticket and realized the ticket issued indicates it’s for meter CW-99, not the CW-97 he is standing in front of. Might want to tie up that loose end before heading to court.

    Not that any commenter should actually seek out facts before commetning though.

  • RW

    Ah… blasted pixels! Upon blowing it up uber size I see that the optical illusion is in fact on me. My bad.