Lonnie Chisenhall Reportedly Called Up to Indians

Jordan Bastian had the scoop first today.  He is reporting that the Lonnie Chisenhall era of Cleveland Indians baseball is about to begin.  Obviously I think that wording is a bit tongue in cheek.  The move, reportedly comes at the expense of veteran Adam Everett who has been designated for assignment if the rumors turn out to be factual.  Our own TD was calling for drastic moves today in the weekend wrap after a horrid series against San Francisco.  While not enough to be considered drastic yet, the Everett for Chisenhall swap is at least a step beyond the acknowledgement that the Indians indeed have a problem.

Before we all get too excited, I figure I’ll just toss a big, heavy wet blanket on everyone.  Lonnie Chisenhall is the hottest player in AAA Columbus right now, but our own DP, who covers the Clippers, was the first to point out that The Chiz Kid might not have been the next in line.  Chisenhall came off the DL hotter than anything.  Prior to that though, Chisenhall has been streaky and much closer to 0.250 as a hitter.  So, while it is certainly possible that a hot Chisenhall can come in and wake up the slumbering Tribe offense, he is still just a rookie AAA player who has only been really hot as of late.

Which brings me to the next point.  Lonnie Chisenhall better be playing a lot.  Maybe he won’t play tonight after traveling across the country to Arizona, but when he starts, he better not stop.  (Update: he will be batting 7th this evening.) Chisenhall needs to be playing a lot of baseball at third base.  Hannahan will need to slip into the defensive replacement and utility infielder category as he yields to The Chiz Kid.

So, as with all rookies, we’ll see.  Thankfully, we’ll see.  My eyes have seen enough of the alternative.

It might not work, but it is the right move.  The Indians may never recover from the slide that started once the calendar turned to June.  I won’t blame them (much) as long as they keep trying.  Bringing up young guys to replace lethargic vets without any production to their names is good enough for me.  I know better than to expect trades for high priced veterans even on a rental basis.  That said, the Indians have an opportunity right now and as long as they are willing to pay to try and capitalize via service time of young players, I won’t kill them if they fail.

Now, about the outfield…

(Lonnie Chisenhall – Photo: Chuck Crow / The Plain Dealer)

  • mgbode

    “Release the Chisen!”

  • 216in614

    im happy as long as he gets at bats. no point in having him ride the pine like phelps. that’s just counter productive.

    now call someone up and release kearns and i’ll officially stop complaining…

  • Dennison

    Glad to see Everett and his ONE RBI get designated. Chiz is a major upgrade. Hoping to see Kearns, Buck, and Duncan get Das Boot as well sometime soon. There are some talented guys down in Columbus and they deserve a shot. If it came down to washed-up players such as Kearns/Duncan, and 3A youngsters such as Carrera/Kipnis, I’d take the youngsters.

  • Vengeful Pat

    This is the right move. There are worse things than having Adam Everett as a utility infielder, but not when he’s getting starts simply because he is a right-handed batter. At that point, it’s time to pull up a prospect and see what he can do.

  • Ben

    Why does everyone want to release Kearns? We call Seattle first. Anyway good luck Lonnie…you can’t be any worse with the stick.

  • Dennison

    Kearns has .194 AVG, 2 RBI in 30+ games this year. Spot starts or not, it doesn’t look good on a resume.

  • Scotty

    Dennison – I think you missed the sarcasm behind Ben’s post.

  • stin4u

    @Ben – Kearns and Duncan straight up for Felix Hernandez. Book it.

  • Steve

    Can’t wait to see him tonight. Not really sure why he received the call-up over Kipnis or EZ but hopefully it’s a first of multiple moves by the Tribe FO. Just to be clear, how does this impact Lonny’s contract situation?

    Anybody have a link to watch the game for people without Extra Innings and outside NE Ohio?

  • Ghost To Most

    Next step; making sure Shelley Duncan never plays the outfield, EVER AGAIN!!!

  • http://www.redright88.com Titus Pullo

    Nothing bad can come from this move. While you don’t want to see the team make a move just to appease a twitchy fanbase, this is a good thing.

    Even if Chisenhall doesn’t hit any better than Everett (hard to imagine) getting him experience on the big league level can only be good in the long run.

  • http://exiledclevelander.wordpress.com AMC

    I’m just encouraged that the Indians front office continued to be proactive about winning. This was first evidenced by the call up of Alex White and now again with The Chiz’s call-up. I echo the sentiments of others here that he better be getting major playing time over at the third base; no point in calling him up if you’re not going to play him.

    The Indians have been a victim of bad luck with the injuries and bad execution. The front office can’t play the games for this team, but I like that they’re being aggressive about trying to keep this team’s hopes alive for THIS YEAR. It may not work, but I like what it says about the organization’s thinking.

  • Ben

    @stin4u We can add Carmona to that package and get Felix AND Pineda! Get Seattle on the phone now!

  • Greg

    West coast Tribe fan here… I have only been able to watch a couple of games live this year, but I caught the ESPN game on Sunday and oh, my, Duncan looked so hopelessly overmatched at the plate, it was really sad to watch. The look on his face as he stepped up to the plate was “I’m going to strike out”.

    Here’s hoping that Chisenhall can be a spark… sometimes all it takes is one solid bat to get the rest of the lineup going, we’ll see.

  • Mike

    I wonder how often we’ll see Hannahan at 1st. I get the feeling Marson’s bat and Santana’s glove (at 1st) have as much to do with this call up as Chiz’s hot streak.

  • http://www.fromoutofnowhere.com Reggie Ruckus

    They shouldn’t stop there. Bring up Jason Donald to assume the utility infielder role that O-Cab seems to be pouting over. Hannahan can be a defensive replacement. Then bring Carrera back up to replace Kearns. When is LaPorta due to return? Surely that move will result in one of the unholy trinity of mediocrity (Kearns, Buck, Duncan) being let go or sent down. Bring up The Chiz is a low risk move. Like Craig said let the kid play every day. If it works it’s great and if not you send him back for more seasoning in Triple A.

  • Jake

    Good move, now PLAY HIM! His only days off should be vs Lefties, where Hannahan can start(who oddly bats better vs Lefties than he does vs Righties). Next move should be dropping Kearns for Carerra!

  • bobby

    I am hoping for a trade. Particularly for a RF. Brantley and Sizemore and the PTBNL should have the outfield, and once choo is healthy can be a sub out there. All we need is a big bat rental for this year. Hopefully with that knowledge we can get a guy for not too much. I would not be opposed to trading Carmona and a younger guy or 2 to make if happen. Then in all hopes choo gets back to form next year and the wealth of young players develop into a solid group.

  • bobby

    Also, putting another threat in the line-up will only help Cabrera and Brantley. Brantley-Santana-Cabrera-Beltran/Cuddyer? that would be a sick top 4, assuming Santana can at the very least keep his OB% up. Then add guys like Phelps and hopefully Chiz to the end of the lineup who can at least put the ball in play and Id say thats a much more dangerous lineup. Should take pressure off of Grady/Choo/Hafner/Laporta (once they get off the DL) and allow them to hit.

  • mgbode

    well, if we get a bat, then we likely need one soon since Choo is out now. Ludwick is probably the only OF that we could potentially trade for today (too many teams ‘in the race’).

    not exactly a big bat, but he’s a good defender and would provide some spark at the plate (and SD hitters numbers are a bit repressed). as long as we could get him relatively cheap (I’d give them Valbuena and a mid-tier AA guy), I’d be for that type of move.

  • bobby

    I wouldnt mind trading Carmona and some AA guy with potential to get a deal done. Fausto still has upside, is just slowly escaping.

  • mgbode

    and Lonnie’s first night has definitely been a success. a double, a single with RISP, and a couple nice plays in the field. anything these last couple of inning will just be gravy.

  • willf6

    I’ll be at the game on Wednesday afternoon….hopefully they can pull out another win….heck of a debut for Chiz as well!!!!

  • Pat18970

    @Greg You can usually watch Tribe games (and all sorts of sporting events) at zorrohd.com.

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