Lonnie Chisenhall Trying to Have the Best Week Ever

Lonnie Chisenhall made short work of his first major league hit and RBI as he went 2-4 in an Indians win over the Arizona Diamonbacks last night.  I guess, technically, it could have been better.  Chisenhall could have been the one to deliver the game-winning homer like Orlando Cabrera did in the ninth inning.  I think we can give him a passing grade for his debut anyway.  And now, the Indians have named Chisenhall the Minor League Player of the Week.

Sure, they could be trying to justify their own call-up or boost his confidence by lavishing him with awards.  Then again, with a stat line like he had since coming off the disabled list, it is hard to argue with the honor.  As the Tribe’s press release points out, Chisenhall went 7-17 at the plate with 4 runs scored, a triple, 2 home runs and 13 RBI in 4 games for the Clippers.

I’ll admit that it feels a little bit wrong putting this much attention – and pressure – on a 22 year-old who was just called up.  He is a player with potential and the Indians needed a shot in the arm, but it still doesn’t seem fair.  I would hate to put a bunch of pressure on a kid like this who has potential just because veterans like Adam Everett and Jack Hannahan were failing to produce in the lineup.  The pressure was really theirs and anything Chisenhall should be able to deliver should feel like bonus as the Indians lean on the farm system to remain competitive in the division.

Assuming Chisenhall is again in the lineup tonight for the Indians, he will look to ensure that this just might be the greatest week he has ever had as a pro.  Going 2-4 in a victory and being named minor league player of the week isn’t bad at all by Tuesday.  Helping the Indians finish the road trip and take down the Reds in Cincy would only help.

  • mgbode

    let’s not forget he made a couple of really nice plays in the field. i think it was the 6th inning? last night where he made a really nice snag and throw on a hard hit ball that took a funny hop.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Maybe Nick Kroll will feature Chiz in his “SPOOOOORTS” segment.


  • Jack

    Grady Sizemore sucks.

  • Jack

    I repeat, Grady Sizemore sucks.

  • Adam

    That’s about 4 or 5 balls that he should have caught and missed in the past week. Both of the ones tonight went as hits but clearly should have been caught.