On trading Ramon Sessions, and the Cavs Trade Exception

Ever since Nick Gilbert won the draft lottery, it’s appeared that two of the Cavaliers primary trade chips heading into June 23rd’s NBA Draft include Ramon Sessions and the Trade Exception. 

The inevitable drafting of Kyrie Irving will soon make Ramon Sessions the third PG behind the number one overall pick along with Baron Davis, and Sessions has too much value to be buried as such on a rebuilding team.   

Somebody will want Sessions, and I do expect the Cavaliers to exhaust all opportunities to trade him.  As would they explore all opportunities to move guys like Antawn Jamison, I’m just not sure anybody wants Tawn at this point.  But as far as Sessions being a back-up PG for a playoff team, or maybe a starter somewhere else, there is certainly interest. 

According to Jason Lloyd of the ABJ this morning, Ramon hasn’t demanded a trade up to this point; not yet anyway:  

“Sessions’ agent, Chubby Wells, hasn’t asked the Cavaliers for a trade yet. That might change after the draft.

”Obviously something has to give,” Wells said. ”I don’t see how they can keep all three of those guys.”

I’m in agreement there with Wells too. I know Byron Scott has talked about liking to have three PG’s but I don’t see how he could keep these three either.  I would think Wells will eventually ask for a trade, and also believe it would be fair if he did try to move his his client somewhere with more of an opportunity to play.  Assuming the Cavs do end up drafting that third guy he’s talking about, unless he meant Manny Harris.   
As far as where Sessions might land?  The Knicks have been a team who’s shown interest in acquiring Ramon over the past year to name one, and I think he would’ve helped the Bulls some backing up Derrick Rose too.  He also could’ve even started for the Lakers over Derek Fisher and Steve Blake for that matter.

He averaged 13 points and 5 assists this season, and despite the fact that all Cavaliers players posted inflated numbers this year, those are still numbers that will catch people’s attention.

In a possible trade package, I don’t know exactly what he’d bring back to Cleveland in return, but at least a 2nd round pick I’d suppose.  Additionally, he could also end up playing some sort of role in a three-team type deal that sends more value back than that.  Who knows really, but it does appear fair to say that it is Ramon’s days in Cleveland are coming to a close.    


On the TPEESPN 850’s Will Burge said on twitter yesterday that the Cavaliers have not yet petitioned the league to extend the Trade Exception deadline in light of the impending lockout, offering the following:

“The #Cavs tell me, contrary to reports, they did not request for an extension on the July 11thTPE deadline. Take it for what it’s worth.”

Which could mean they feel comfortable that they’ll be able to use the TPE on Draft night before the impeding lockout forces it to prematurely expire, or simply that they will petition the league at a later date.

Burge went on to say that it’s his opinion the Cavaliers actually have petitioned the league, or will at some point, when he added the following: 

“For the record, I think the Cavs either really did, or are going to petition for the extension. Wouldn’t make sense not to.”

I totally agree with him too.  But more than I expect they’d petition to extend if necessary, I really think they’ll end up using it on Draft Night; before it expires

We’re starting to here rumblings and rumors in recent days of quality level names possibly emerging onto their team’s respective trade blocks.  Guys like Monta Ellis, Michael Beasley, and Steph Curry have been mentioned recently, along with Nene, Deng, and Gay.  I’m not saying any of those guys specifically fit for the Cavs, or specifically don’t, that’s a topic for another day.  What I am saying though, is that names like that will continue to emerge as draft day approaches.

A team looking to dump salary in fear of the impending new bargaining agreement could look to the TPE as a solution for their balance sheet woes, and deal a player of a caliber similar to those I mentioned in exchange for it.  If that happens, hopefully that player ends up being a young SF capable of 20+ per night they’d be looking to send our way in exchange for the TPE.  That would fill a relatively gaping need for this team, a need the draft has no potential to address.

  • Shamrock

    Mmmm Monta Ellis or Nene, that’d be nice.

  • Haas

    Dream scenario: Irving at 1, then Kanter at 4, then Rudy Gay with the TPE. Vastly improves PG, SF, and C.

  • A.C.

    It is essential that the TPE be used to get a YOUNG, talented player. Nene is a nice player but he will be 29 at the beginning of next season. The same can be said for another possibility, Andre Iguodala. Deng, Gay, Ellis, and Curry will all be 26 or younger and all can still be a major factor for the Cavs five years from now.

    The talent level on this team is still very low. There is no sense picking up a player who won’t benefit the team long term, especially when the team is nowhere near being a contender.

  • Lyon

    I’d love to have Curry.

  • architrance

    I disagree with you A.C. – If the Cavs can pickup a good draft pick for taking on an older player with a bloated contract, I’d be all for it.

    Do we realistically think they could just get Curry, Ellis, Deng or Gay for nothing!?

  • mgbode

    @architrance – realistically? no. we are not getting any of those players for free.

    West has said GS wants a legitimate big man. They might give us Ellis for AV, but would we want to make that move?

    Memphis has repeatedly said they don’t want to move Gay. Even if they do, I would suspect it would be for much more than the TPE. Same for Iggy and the 76ers.

    Chicago is thisclose to having a team that can legitimately compete for a championship in a major market. If they trade Deng, then it will be for a piece they think that makes them closer, not farther from that goal.

  • A.C.

    architrance: I will take any deal that gives us a young, promising talent. What I don’t want is a player in the middle of their prime because that has no long term benefit for the organization. If we have to take a Rip Hamilton to get an Alec Burks, I would do it. What I don’t want is Nene to get us the #7 seed while missing out on an Austin Rivers-type talent in next year’s draft.

  • Cam

    I think the cavs should try and go for Monta. He can put up 20 a night and is lightning quick which would fit Byron Scotts offense perfectly. It would also address the 2 guard situation that we have which is Parker likely gone, Boobie kinda slumped this year because of injuries, and that leaves us what…Manny Harris? I like Harris but I don’t think he has what it takes to be a starting SG if we are trying to become a championship contending team in the future

  • Mike

    Monta Ellis is a terrible fit for the Princeton offense, assuming that Byron Scott continues down that bottomless rabbit hole again next season.

    Ellis needs the ball in his hands at all times to be effective. That’s not how the Princeton offense works, and Ellis lacks the size or vision to be able to do anything but clog up a motion offense. Sure, the Cavs have plenty of guards who are a bad fit for the Princeton offense – Baron and Ramon also never let go of the ball until they absolutely have to – but adding one more is not the solution.