WFNY Cleveland Sports Awards Roll On

Last week we introduced you to the Woofnies, our version of a Cleveland Sports Award. We gave out awards to Joe Haden for civic pride and to Vinnie Pestano for being the best role player.

You voted Peyton Hillis’ game against New England as the Performance of the Year, and called the Indians the team closest to a title.

Today we honor the Cleveland Sports Executive of the Year. This was an interesting category. For the Indians, Chris Antonetti’s team burst out of the gate and grabbed a strong lead with players like Orlando Cabrera and Jack Hannahan playing important parts. Then there were players that have been drafted under his watch like Alex White and Lonnie Chisenhall. Certainly his input was also part of the trades that brought players like Justin Masterson and Carlos Carrasco, even if the price for them was steep.

For the Cavaliers, rookie GM Chris Grant has had a pretty interesting first year. The trade of Mo Williams and Jamario Moon brought in Baron Davis and the first pick in the draft. Sure, there was some luck involved in the pick, but he did negotiate the unprotected part. It also couldn’t have been easy to resist the temptation to trade the TPE at the deadline for someone else’s long-term nightmare in an effort to win a few games.

But the winner of the WFNY Cleveland Sports Executive of the Year is-

Tom Heckert.

Some people give Holmgren all the credit for what’s going on with the Browns. They say he is the behind the scenes coach. One thing that Holmgren has been pretty adamant about is that Tom Heckert runs the draft. In fact, his draft success was one of the primary reasons he was brought over from Philadelphia. Last year’s draft produced 3 starters for this season’s team (Haden, Ward and McCoy) and we still don’t know what Hardesty is capable of.

This year, all Heckert did was fleece the Falcons (nearly unanimous among experts that Atlanta gave up too much) for an extra first and fourth round pick next year. He addressed the defensive line with the first two selections and grabbed a WR with his third. How those players will turn out is anyone’s guess, but given Heckert’s history at least two of them should develop into solid pros.

Now it’s your turn to give an award. Today’s reader choice category is Favorite current Cleveland Cavalier. Which of the current Cavs are you turning on tv or buying a ticket to go see?


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  • mgbode

    this should be a boring near-unanimous vote.

  • Boomhauertjs

    Being named Cleveland sports executive of the year is like being named smartest Kardashian.

  • MrCleaveland

    I think Heckert is a good choice in a close race, mainly because he seems to have righted what was for a decade or so the worst front office in town. I think we have three pretty decent GMs right now.

    Also, Kyrie is my favorite Cav because he’s all new and shiny right now.

  • bobby

    I voted for TT.. just because of intrigue.

  • Andrew

    I’m excited to watch Tristan Thompson develop. I think he has great potential.

  • mgbode

    I apologize for my earlier comment. It seems I was wrong.

    I expected some support for the big-haired-one (and a few curiosity votes for Tristan), but am absolutely shocked at the support for Baron, Gibson and Eyenga.

  • Alex Mathews

    You know, looking at that Cavs roster and forcing me to vote made me realize I’m not really attached to *anyone* on the Cavs team right now, with the possible exception of Varejao.

    Anyway I voted for Irving, only because he’s our only hope to be a potential franchise player.