While We’re Waiting… Tribe Magic Disappearing.

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“A first-place team can’t afford to be waiting for Jack Hannahan, of all people, to hit a game-tying home run with two out in the bottom of the ninth. When Hannahan did just that Wednesday afternoon at Progressive Field, it looked, momentarily, like the latest magic moment for a Tribe team that has been full of them in the first half. Reality, though, followed soon thereafter, when closer Chris Perez coughed up a run in the top of the 10th and Shin-Soo Choo grounded out with the tying run at second in the bottom half to put the finishing touch on a 3-2 loss to the Twins.

Magic only takes you so far in the Majors. At some point, you have to have something a little more solid to back it up. The Indians are a first-place team now clinging tenuously to that title, as the Tigers are bearing down on them and the White Sox, for all their faults, are not far behind. There are only so many rabbits this injury riddled Indians lineup can pull out of the hat. It’s going to take more substance to stick.” [CastroTurf]

Josh Cribbs is trying to make a difference in a family’s life. Video from ESPN’s First and Ten, and Josh’s twitter account.

“While the Canadian Football League might not be Pryor’s top destination, the Roughriders said he would be looked at strictly as a quarterback. The NFL projects Pryor as a wide receiver or tight end, so if he wanted to stay in his current position, Canada might be the way to go, eh? James told Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman that Pryor would need until next week to decide what route he wished to take. The NFL is still in a lockout and while the players and owners are meeting and things seem to be moving in a positive direction, the chances of anything being resolved within the next couple weeks is slim. Pryor is going to end up playing professional football somewhere. But it’s going to be up to him to decide whether he wants to wait for the NFL, which could possibly take another year, or get his professional career started immediately elsewhere.” [Dr. Saturday]

Indians grab hometown product OF Brian Ruiz- “Ruiz is a hometown pick as he goes to high school in Cleveland. He is from the Dominican, and played this season using a wooden bat given to him by now-fellow Tribehand Alex Lavisky. As of May 20th, he was hitting .588, and had driven in 21 runs in only ten games. He wears #24 in honor of Willie Mays.” [Indians Prospect Insider]

“I realize SF is a position of need for this Cavs team picking first overall, and maybe Williams does too. Maybe he remembers seeing Jamario Moon make that opening day start for the Cavs at said position, I know I do. As much as anybody I wish there was a SF out there to be had at #1, but there isn’t. Pretending that Williams could turn into that maybe/hopefully/one day is a mistake. Similarly, this “drafting a package of two players” line of thinking is a mistake as well. I’m hearing people say it’s not about who you pick #1, it’s about what two players you end up with at #1 and #4. I don’t understand this exactly, but it goes something like this from what I’ve heard: Would you rather have Derrick Williams and Brandon Knight or Kyrie Irving and a lesser player?” [Brendan/Stepien Rules]


  • Lyon

    Agree with Brendan that picking Williams just so you can take a PG with the #4 pick is stupid thinking. Why pass up on what almost everyone considers the consensus #1 pick in Irving just because the 3rd or 4th best is a PG too?

    In that line of thinking, if we had 1 & 4 in 2003 we should’ve taken Darko #1 since there were Sg/SF options available at 4.

    And later in his article he mentions Beasley maybe being available. I wouldn’t mind getting him, but depends on the cost. I wouldn’t give up anything that we believe we can build on since I’m not sold he’s a 3.

  • mgbode

    @Lyon – I agree too.

    Also, I like Beasely as a scoring option off the bench, but not as a starter (even for a bad team). He still wasn’t playing defense last year. Not sure he can be a SF either, but he definitely cannot be one if he doesn’t try to defend.

    If we can get him cheap (and I mean c-h-e-a-p), then sure, why not. he’s better than Gee.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Re: Tribe Magic Disappearing…


  • Lyon

    Only way I feel comfortable with Beasley is having Scott as coach. He seemed to get through to JJ & I think if anyone can get into Beasley’s head, it’d be Scott. Ultimately he’s a bench scorer, but on this team, until we can draft a legit SF, he’d have to be the starter.

    But this is probably all a moot point considering Minnesota would want something really good in exchange for him, which we really don’t have. Our biggest assets are JJ Andy & Ramon & Minny already has bigs & PGs.

  • jimkanicki

    @3c-bus — i’m quite tired of the dismissive attitude toward those who express concern about the major drop off in the tribe’s performance.

    you’re not the only one (in fact this is the first i’ve seen you take that POV).. but it seems a trend, and not a helpful one, to lump observations on the crappy baseball of the last three weeks as ‘panic.’

    not directed at you, c-bus, personally but more broadly:
    1. the team’s 4-11 in last 15.
    2. team replaced starting 2nd baseman with minor leaguer.
    3. the supposed ace has an ERA of ~9 in the last four games.
    4. the median runs scored in the last 15 games is 2.

    i could go on and on. the team has fallen off a cliff. this was noticeable three weeks ago. so let’s move past the name-calling of those who are concerned about it.


  • mgbode

    @C-Bus – I think the most panic I have is looking at our roster and thinking who ‘deserves’ to make the allstar game.

    Asdrubel – best SS in MLB this year (apologies to Reyes). his UZR is low, but he doesn’t fumble plays and has made a bunch that look really good (maybe his range is bad and that makes these more ordinary plays look better but still)

    Brantley – he’s the 2nd most deserving of our everyday guys. and, he’s probably not deserving for a top6 AL OF spot (Bautista, Joyce, Ellsbury, Gordon, Granderson, Quentin). He’d be in the next tier, but tough call between him and: Melky, Span, and Adam Jones.

    No other everyday guy even deserves to be in the conversation (though Pronk would have been in line at DH with Michael Young and Ortiz had he not gotten injured, but those injuries are our problem with him in the first place).

    Masterson has been great for the most part, but he’d still have a tough time cracking the top6 SP for the allstar game (Weaver, Price, Haren, Felix top4. Final 2 between CC, Masterson, Shields, Beckett, Verlander, and Floyd).

    No other starter deserves mention.

    Perez has not been good for over a month. So, sadly he doesn’t deserve it at this time.

    our relief-setup pitching has been rock solid still, but it’s not like any of them would get a chance at the game.


    so, 1 guy who really deserves it (asdrubel) and 2 others who are fringe(masterson, brantley).

    yes, you can win without stars (and we have been), but it makes it harder and tougher to dig out when you have slumps. I think we will be fine and will compete with the Tigers for the division (I think the White Sox have the most talent but are poorly constructed and it will hurt them enough to not be a real factor).

    gotta start digging out of this thing now though and win a couple of really tough series against the Yankees and those Tigers.


    I can’t believe there hasn’t been more talk of the UFL as an option for Pryor…I guess I don’t know the ins and outs, but it seems to me like this would be a better option than going to Canada. Some decent coaches, not quite NFL talent to showcase your skills, and the opportunity for a buy out if an NFL team really want you.

    Actually, I’m surprised a lot of the undrafted FAs haven’t signed on with the UFL either…


    oops….just saw an article on espn discussing this option…