While We’re Waiting…Cavs Interested in Lighty, Browns Workouts, Greg Little Background

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More Draft analysis and looking at how to rebuild this roster: “My reaction to the Cavs’ draft is confusion. Draft day started with so much promise. The Cavs had the 1st and 4th picks, two second rounders, a huge trade exception, and an owner willing to spend money. The options seemed limitless and, at a minimum, it appeared the day should end with the Cavs having two long-term starters and a quality role player in tow. Something completely different happened. No picks were bought or traded for; instead a pick was traded away. At #4, the Cavs reached for a player that most had in the 8 – 10 range; who also plays the same position as two of their three best players under the age of thirty. Of their fifteen players, the Cavs have four point guards and six power forwards. Are the Cavs trying to remake themselves as the Minnesota Timberwolves? The trade exception expires in two weeks. Surely a trade is coming. This can’t be the last memory prior to a depressing lockout, can it?” [Kevin Hetrick/Cavs:TheBlog]

Cavs interested in Lighty: “Former Ohio State Buckeye David Lighty has been contacted by five different teams expressing interest in the undrafted rookie free agent. Cleveland is one of those teams who want a closer look at the undrafted rookie.  Other teams that have shown interest in Lighty are San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Phoenix.  Lighty, who grew up in the Cleveland area, played for local VASJ High School before heading to Ohio State to become a four year starter for the Buckeyes…On his twitter account the undrafted rookie made a promise to his fans.  ‘U will see me in the NBA I promise you that…'” [Chris Renkel/WEWS]

Analysis of the Tribe’s roster: “Realizing that this is complaining about the periphery of the roster that have little to no bearing on games, with the Indians about to play 9 games in NL parks, their bench should be full of useful players who have a specific role to play on this team. Right now, Kearns and Everett (particularly as he’s being used) are neither useful nor do they fill a role. While money may play a role in the decision to keep Kearns afloat on the Indians, let’s hope that the Indians come to their senses and maximize their roster options and eventually send Kearns (who now has a .589 OPS in the 217 plate appearances he has since the Indians traded him to the Yankees last year over) on his merry way…blazing a trail that will hopefully be followed soon by another off-season FA “addition” from this past off-season.” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Rockies pitcher admits he forgot what he was throwing on balk this week…”Well, there were other things that happened that could have changed the outcome. Like not throwing this 2-0 cookie to Travis Hafner in a later at-bat that resulted in a two-run homer. That would have been the pitch to forget beforehand, not after. But yeah, manager Jim Tracy had a difficult time hiding his frustration with Hammel’s brain cramp.” [Big League Stew]

Big deal for Browns – full team workouts…”McCoy and linebacker Scott Fujita are looking to put together a full-team minicamp should the lockout continue to drag on. While recent talks have been positive and everyone is starting to feel optimistic that a deal will get done, it’s likely that it won’t happen for at least a few weeks.  Most players on the Browns seem to be on board with the idea, and everyone is working together to make sure everyone who wants to attend is able to do so. If that means that the veterans will help incur some travel costs for the rookies and younger players, then so be it.  As the lockout drags on, it’s great to see Browns players taking the initiative to get the team together for these minicamps.” [Steve DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Some background on one Browns rookie everyone seems to be talking about these days. [Orange & Brown Report/Don Delco]

(Photo Courtesy of Official Cavs Twitter)

  • MrCleaveland

    Said it before, will say it again: Little is a big-time diva jerk who will bring us nothing but embarrassment.

  • Nick B.

    I made this comment in a different topic, but I think that the Cavaliers could put Thompson at SF. Almost all the scouting reports I read listed him as a PF who had the potential to play SF, and I think that could be what the cavs are looking for.

    This team was not “One pick away from contention” and this is a team that will still finish at the bottom so why not take the risk, while you still have Hickson to try and improve his trade value, and run him at SF. The worst that can happen is the worst thats already been expected. The best is that we get a new dominant SF and we see this team make a significant improvement.

  • RPM

    @Nick I also like the idea of trying out thompson at SF, but from what I’ve read/watched of him, his shot range is equal to JJ or maybe even worse. He seems to have little to no shot outside maybe 10 ft from the rim. For defending better SF’s though, it may be worth a shot.

  • Nick B.

    Thats such a good upside, if he can oversize a lot of the SFs in the league and the cavs start getting the offense to attack the rim with him at SF they could have a very effective setup/playstyle that could win games and potentially make Hickson worthwhile to keep around or increase his trade value midseason.