While We’re Waiting… Rivals and Realignment, Second Round Options and Phelps was Safe

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Talking rivals and realignment- “In what would be the Central Division within the American Conference, the Indians would still go to battle against the Tigers and Minnesota Twins, but in addition to the other team from Ohio – the Cincinnati Reds – the Wahoos would have a new division rival in the Bucs. A fellow mid-market team that has been handcuffed by salary constraints, Pirate fans have also seen their fair share of big-name players move on to have successes while donning a different jersey.

Only two hours east, the Pirates’ home facility of PNC Park is widely considered one of the best in the game. Nestled along the infamous three rivers, the scenic surroundings coupled with excellent amenities all within walking distance provides Clevelanders with a worthwhile Plan B when it comes to catching a baseball game. If the two teams were to play more often than twice per season, PNC Park would be the closest “rival” stadium; Neil Zurcher’s dream come true.” [Scott/Still WFNY]

“The Cavs have four draft picks, and for anybody that may have forgotten this isn’t the NFL. Teams don’t bring in “draft classes” in the NBA, they bring in one guy usually. The first round pick makes the team in most cases, and if you happen to hit on a second round pick like Carlos Boozer Daniel Gibson, then he makes the team too. The Cavaliers will be bringing in two rookies already with Kyrie Irving and whoever they end up taking at four – assuming they are unable to deal that fourth pick – and I really don’t see how both second rounders will also make the team along with those two first round picks. Chances are neither second round pick will make it, but hopefully one of them does.” [Brendan/Stepien Rules]

Talking about Alomar’s All-Star game homer? Pretty much a guaranteed link- “My vote, naturally, would for the only All-Star Game I’ve ever been to in person. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the 1997 All-Star Game through Ticketmaster over the phone. (Also landed 1994 Opening Day tickets that way too–something that basically never happens now…) We scalped second row tickets for the home run contest the day before for peanuts, and sat right behind someone sporting a giant 1996 World Series championship Yankee ring. (If you ever think about buying tickets for those HR derby days, don’t spend a lot of money–it is incredibly boring.)” [Cleveland Sports Torture]

“In the 10th inning, with the Pirates and Indians knotted 2-2, Brandon Wood hit pitch from reliever Joe Smith for a low liner toward the hole to Cabrera’s right. The ball one-hopped in the dirt in front of the shortstop, and looked destined to be a single to left.

Then, in the blink of an eye, Cabrera snared the ball with his bare hand, took a step and threw across his body to first baseman Carlos Santana. The catch was amazing and the subsequent relay was as incredible. Manager Manny Acta said “half the dugout” was screaming, “Best play ever!” The question is whether it was even Cabrera’s best so far in 2011.” [Major League Bastian]

And just for the record. [@MrNegative1]

(Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer)

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    1) I think it would be cool to have Pittsburgh and Cincinnati as division rivals in MLB.

    2) Can the Indians send Carmona down to AAA? They did it to Cliff Lee and he seemed to benefit from it a little. Can’t they send him down to get his head straight?

  • Ben

    Carmona is out of options…I think it’s time to fake an injury and put him on the DL for a couple weeks.

  • Lyon

    Like Brendan’s article, but I don’t agree with the part where only 1 2nd rd pick has a chance to make the team. Are Harris/Harangody better options than Lighty & Parsons? If the Cavs do find this to be true, then I believe 1 of the 2nd rd picks has to be a Euro. Stash them overseas & don’t have to use a roster spot on him.

  • http://www.andysochor.com AndySoc

    Realignment talk makes me nervous, but I like that division.

    Are they going for geographical proximity? If so, CLE, CIN, PIT & DET makes sense. But why the Twins and not, say, the White Sox? (Not complaining, I’d rather have the Twins.)

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    @Ben — Duh, forgot about the options part. Situation truly sucks then.

  • mgbode

    @Lyon – agreed. we need to take&stash a Euro in round2 (with the later pick likely).

    I think that there could be guys worth picking at #32 that could make this team though. here’s a list of candidates (starting with less likely to actually be there)

    1. Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA (he’s been doing well in workouts unfortunately)
    2. Nikola Vucevic, USC (legit C size. I don’t think he gets past SA)
    3. Travis Leslie, Georgia (SG who should thrive in Byron’s system. ridiculously athletic and should be a huge boon to defense and in transition. he’s not much of a shooter, but he could definitely help the bench)
    4. Jimmy Butler, Marquette – SF who is decent at everything, but no 1 tool that makes him an obvious NBA fit, which is why he would drop. That said, he fits a huge hole on the roster and could very well make the team.
    5. Jeremy Tyler, Japan – he’d be more of a longshot, but why not take a chance on the kid (if his head is now screwed on right). Legit size cannot be taught and he could benefit from coming back over. He’s more of a longshot than any of the others on this list though.
    6. Norris Cole, C-State – 32 is right in his range and if we trade either Baron or Sessions we will need a 3rd PG. Might as well get one with decent size that can develop (I think he could become a defensive stopper in the NBA).

  • Lyon

    mgbode I don’t see us taking Cole b/c we have so many holes, we can’t draft 2 PGs this year.

  • mgbode

    @Lyon – yep, that’s why he’s so low on my list. he’s just a guy I think could make the team if we trade Sessions. if we get the Knicks #17 for Sessions (I don’t buy that one though), then we could get our wing player there and go Cole #32.

  • Believelander

    Phelps wasn’t just safe. By the point in that photograph where the glove was considering the act of tagging him within the next 24-48 hours, Phelps had already gotten 2B’s number, bought it dinner, and copped a feel.