While We’re Waiting… Time for a Change?

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“The Draft has been the front office’s primary focus this week, and, after it is completed next week, all teams will begin to take the trade market more seriously. In the meantime, the Indians are weighing their internal options for improvement, and Phelps is a guy most certainly being discussed. But the old balance exists between shaking things up for the sake of something new and respecting the veterans who have helped get the Tribe to this point. By that, of course, I mean that Cabrera’s contributions can’t and won’t be discounted. But just as important, the Indians have also gauged the impact Adam Everett has made in the clubhouse and in the utility role. To add Phelps is to limit or even erase the role of at least one or maybe both of those guys, depending on how the playing time would be divvied. The Indians do not, at this juncture, sound at all willing to go down that road… at least, not yet. They still don’t view the particularly shaky play that’s transpired the last week and a half as a prolonged period.” [Castroturf]

Writing on the wall from Matt Roth?- “Right now I kind of like the 3-4 [defensive system],” Roth said in a phone interview, his first since the Browns’ season ended and the coaching staff was overhauled. “I feel the Browns are on the right track. But going into my seventh season, I want to play for a winner. I do feel the Browns are right there. They’ve done a good job. I’m not sure what’s going to happen.” [Grossi/Cleveland.com]

“It’s difficult to sweep a team in a four-game series at home, never mind a series on the road. First of all, a four-game series isn’t all that common, and more importantly, even the worst teams will pull off at least one win in four tries against an opponent. But today the Rangers pulled off a rare four-game series sweep in Cleveland. This is the first time Texas has pulled off the feat in 33 years. The key to the sweep? The Indians managed just six runs over the four games, and none in the last two games.” [Ryan/Let’s Go Tribe]

Hmmmm. “The first five Big Ten football championship games will be played in Indianapolis while the conference’s men’s and women’s basketball tournaments will rotate between Indianapolis and Chicago. The league announced its decisions this afternoon. The Big Ten football title games will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium from 2011-2015. Indianapolis previously had been awarded the inaugural game this December while the next four years were awarded today.” [Indy Star]

I actually disagree. I think these all-star uniforms are better than some we’ve seen lately- “Not only are they in the crappy sedona red and black (not to mention “sonoran sand”) that are the official colors of the host D-bagscks, but they include all the WORST elements of the current BP jersey — color side panel and pit stripes PLUS shoulder yoke — they actually make the D-backs official BP jersey look good in comparison. Plus, on both ASG jerseys, they’ve introduced a “blue” star to dot the “i”. I wasn’t sure what that had to do with Arizona (or the All Star Game), and I originally thought it was perhaps to be symbolic of turquoise, but it turns out it’s picking up the sky on the ASG patch. Now the patch — that’s cool — why couldn’t they do something like that for the jersey wordmark?” [Hecken/Uniwatch]

(Cord Phelps, photo courtesy of http://www.clippersbaseball.com)


  • Max

    am I the only one who hates the idea of a Big Ten championship game being played indoors?

  • BuckeyeDawg

    @1 – no, you aren’t. I would love to see it played outdoors and rotate between Soldier Field, Lambeau Field, and Cleveland Browns Stadium. (Maybe you could include Paul Brown Stadium and Heinz field too)

  • MrCleaveland

    Playing in a sterile dome and playing at night are more disturbing signs of the corporatization of the Big Ten, with its Twelve teams and its hokey Leaders and Legends silliness. This conference gets more embarrassing by the day.

  • mgbode

    Grrrr to indoor Big10 title games. our chance to be featured nationally in a snowy, cold “the way football should be played” game and we go out like that? sad.

  • bobby

    How about Grossi’s interview with Vickers. Its basically him saying what I have been trying to say all off season. I am very sad to see Vickers seemingly on the way out after he did everything the right way. He wants to be in Cleveland and he would be whatever we need him to. Roth is more of a mutual breaking and Im fine with that. But the FO needed to talk to Vickers before putting the writing on the wall. I am very disappointed that 1 clevelanders are not showing more support for him (a guy who directly said he wants to be like Kevin Mack), and 2 the FO didnt give him the shot (or doesnt appear to want to give him that).

  • jimkanicki

    @5bobby — ditto re: vickers. if i were going to buy a jersey last year it would’ve been 37.

  • Swig

    I think the reason the Big10 had so much success 2 years ago in the bowl games is because of the inclement weather across the nation. If the SEC had to travel north to play the Buckeyes in Minnesota in January I guarantee** tOSU’s record would be better.

    That said I hate the indoor game idea.

    ** double your money back with proof

  • http://twitter.com/Bbo13 B-bo

    A national championship game at Lambeau, or Soldier Field, or CBS? It’s the kind of idea that makes so much sense that it will never, ever happen. SEC-style football is king, much as it pains me to admit. The majority of folks want high-octane offenses piling up yards and points on a fast track in a climate-controlled setting, whether its college or pro football. Old-school, hard-nosed football isn’t sexy enough for the masses. It’s sad to see, but it’s where the sport is headed on every level. Might as well be proactive and slap a dome on the Shoe.

  • Lyon

    from what I’ve read, the indoors is for the beginning stages, where high scoring “watchable” games can be played, thus bringing in a bigger audience. And then the possitbility of playing outside can be broached once they have the non Big10 fans watching the championship game.

    I do agree with everyone here, an outside game would be great.

    And bobby, I would love to have Vickers here too, but do we have room to carry 2 FBs?

  • mgbode

    @Lyon – it depends. it seems doubtful because we didn’t tender Vickers though.

    however, if you want a glimmer of hope to hold onto: 4-3 teams carry less LBs than 3-4 teams (obviously). well, you still need ST players and DL are less likely to play those roles. therefore, 4-3 teams often carry more RB/FB to offset those positions. Vickers is a great ST contributor for us.

  • Lyon

    agree, he does a lot for us. I’d love to keep him and use him Hillis & the rookie in a large goalline formation.

    But in reality, he’s most likely gone