While We’re Waiting…Tribe All-Stars, LRMR & Cavs, Pryor & Browns

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Potential Tribe All-Stars: “After Cabrera it gets a little dicey in figuring out who may also represent the Tribe in the Midsummer Classic.  The only other possibilities are right-handed pitchers Josh Tomlin (9-4, 3.95 ERA), Justin Masterson (5-5, 3.18 ERA), Carlos Carrasco (7-4, 3.62 ERA), and closer Chris Perez (2-3, 2.54 ERA, 18 saves).  Tomlin, 26, is tied for the league lead in wins, but doesn’t appear to have the eye-popping numbers or sexiness to get added to the roster over a host of other popular names from other teams, though if he were to go out his next start and win his 10th game it could make it interesting.” [Tony Lastoria/STO]

Mangini approach: “Character counts.

That is something the Cavaliers determined long ago, and something that factored into their decision to select Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Now, don’t misunderstand. The Cavs like Irving, the point guard from Duke, and Thompson, the power forward from Texas, mostly because they can play. The Cavs think both can be important cornerstones on the court, remarkable athletes who can help shape a winning franchise for years to come.

But it doesn’t hurt that both Irving and Thompson come across as two young men who own many of the important qualities. They’re humble, well-spoken, relaxed and confident. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought their introductory press conference was a gathering of young Republicans.” [Sam Amico/FoxSportsOhio]

More on LRMR & the Cavs: “There’s got to be some uneasiness from Cavs fans. After all, just the word LRMR is enough to create outrage there. And CAA is no friend of the fanbase, either. But this is the reality. LRMR will use its connections through James, who WFNY notes Thompson calls ‘a big brother,’ to further their own individual goals. The members of LRMR haven’t been necessarily impressive with their decision in or outside of LRMR beyond ‘stay friends with James,’ but the roster of players they influence is starting to grow. Their sphere of influence could be expanding more with each day.

Have fun thinking that one through, Cavs fans and Heat-haters alike.” [Matt Moore/ProBasketballTalk]

Big game tonight: “Tonight’s game is on ESPN, and the Indians need to win. They are getting a ton of negative publicity nationally because of their recent slump. A win on national television would maintain at least a share of the lead in the Central, while also showing their abilities to a national audience.  This game is also a very important one for Fausto Carmona. He has had a forgettable year so far, but Manny Acta insists that he has good stuff, and that he just needs to be given time. I agree with Acta that he has great stuff, as he has shown it in the past, but he must find it soon.  Carmona is 4-9 on the year with an ERA of 5.98. These are unacceptable numbers for any pitcher in the MLB, especially one who was supposed to be the ace of the staff. No one is currently asking Carmona to pitch like an ace, but he must start pitching like he belongs in the rotation.” [Steve Kubitza/Deep Left Field]

More on the the Browns & Pryor: “Adding Pryor in the 4th round to be your third-string quarterback may be worth a shot. Many people, namely Jon Gruden, believe this guy could really be something special. He has a tremendous arm and can really do a number with the ball in his hands. The guy’s truly a physical freak.

He does have some maturity issues and character concerns, but if we can draft a dude that threw another man through a window, why can’t we take a shot on Pryor?

With all of this said I still think the chances of the Browns obtaining Pryor are slim.” [Chris Donovan/Rebuilding Since 1964]

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

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    This Jeep ad has hijacked the site.

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    Thats right, because ONLY republicans can be well spoken…and white people..

  • Hank

    Tristan Thompson is not represented by LRMR. LRMR is a sports marketing firm, while Tristan Thompson is represented by CAA, or Creative Arts Agency, a company who gives professional representation to many athletes including Lebron James. The confusion comes because Richard Paul is the player representative or liaison to Tristan Thompson for CAA. This has nothing to do with LRMR. Basically, Rich Paul has taken an entry level position (low level lackey) with CAA in order to learn the ropes. Leon Rose represents Thompson and Paul is basically serving as one of Rose’s assistants Whether or not this is coincidence or not is impossible to know (just as we will never know if the Heat trading up to get a guy from Cleveland was pure coincidence or some plan to soften public sentiment). In any case, the Cavs could hardly afford to spend a moment thinking about whether their picks were represented by this company. LRMR still has, I believe about 2.5 legit clients.

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    Can’t stand Pryor, his ego is way too big (see Milton Bradley, Chad Johnson, TO, LeBron)

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