Browns Reportedly Reach Agreement with Safety Usama Young

Chris Fedor of WKNR said it was imminent and Tony Grossi has apparently confirmed that the Cleveland Browns have signed 26-year old Usama Young.  Young comes to the Browns by way of the New Orleans Saints and the third round of the 2007 NFL draft.  Grossi also reports that the Browns expect Young to be their starting free safety this season, spelling out Abe Elam’s future (or lack thereof) pretty definitively.

I know this isn’t the big splash that a lot of Browns fans were looking for, but it seems like a decent gamble.  Young is a Kent State grad and hasn’t played a ton.  He served as a backup and utility type player on special teams for the Saints.  There is really no shame in being a backup to Darren Sharper in your mid-twenties.  You can consider this a real opportunity to judge the Browns’ scouting department.

Assume that the Browns get Young for a reasonable price as he isn’t a high-profile player with tons of experience.  Still, that doesn’t mean it is a bad pickup for the Browns who needed to fill the spot opposite T.J. Ward.  The Browns will also have Mike Adams, and rookie Eric Hagg from Nebraska in camp to go along with the newly acquired Usama Young and the aging Nick Sorenson.

Maybe Pat Shurmur was thinking of this play, in particular, and he decided to tell Tom Heckert to pick him up?

  • bobby

    I dont hate this. If this is it for safety though I surely hope they plan on trying to bring back Abe as a back-up. Elam and Young may have some KSU chemistry too

  • James

    Now I’m excited for some Browns football!!!


    Have we decided to not participate in the ‘free agent frenzy’ because of the cost of these players?

  • typo

    The browns have like the fifth most cap room and this is what we get? Why are they not bigger players in free agency? I don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a sign of what to expect during the FA period; the Browns want Shurmur to work with what he has for a year, and then re-evaluate when the season is over. They can then fill the needs they “really” have after they see what they can work with.

    Of course, all this means is that this season could be a wash. :(

  • Anonymous

    not a splash at all but they’re still going to have to get some other guys to reach that new cap floor…..I’m just wondering who?

  • Acrossthefield11

    This free agent frenzy is what is gonna set teams back years. Build through the draft.

  • Anonymous

    Still hoping we can get Ray Edwards, Jonathan Joseph and some O-Line help.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Was hoping for Dante Whitner, truthfully, but this isn’t bad.

    Any word on if they’re going to restructure some contracts (Joe Thomas in particular) and front load them to bring them up toward the minimum this year, while opening up a ton of space for some big names later?

  • Craig Lyndall

    Joe Thomas not only needs some up front money, but hopefully a bunch of years on the contract so we know he will be here for the foreseeable future.

  • Shamrock

    Maybe the Dolans are silent partners!

  • B-bo

    I like this move quite a bit, as I think Young is a definite upgrade from Elam. Still, I hope Ray Edwards is heading our way, or this is all going to feel pretty underwhelming.

  • bobby

    How can you say Young, who has not started ever and was mainly a ST guy, is a definite upgrade of Elam?

  • mgbode

    the only thing I can think of is that Usama is a FS to pair with SS Ward whereas Elam is a SS as well?

  • Mark54

    what are the browns doing sign ray edwards

  • Anonymous

    Young is 3 years younger, roughly the same size, faster, and a solid tackler (from what I’ve seen at least). I’m not heading his Hall of Fame campaign here, and I don’t hate Elam (he’d be nice for depth), but I’d call it an upgrade.

    Also, it appears the new commenting system has forced a slight name change. Disqus does not appreciate hyphens

  • Anonymous

    I can see where you are coming from, but Elam still is a 2 year starter here and Young has been a back-up with limited actual playing on defense. Im not trying to say he wont be bad, because he was in fact backing up Darren Sharper, but Im not execting ed reed.

  • Anonymous

    The way we are going about this, we wont be getting Edwards or any other big name guy. I am beginning to realize these types of moves will be what we are about until we are set to compete consistently. We are just looking for a young nucleus to build around right now.

  • Anonymous

    Saw a report that the browns signed RB Brandon Jackson signed in cleveland.

  • DK

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports former Packers RB Brandon Jackson has reached an agreement with the Browns on a 2-year, $4.5 million deal.

  • D K

    you are correct

  • BetterCallSaul

    ugh.. i had b-jacks on my fantasy team last year after ryan grant went down.. he’s good for about 12 carries and 8 yds a game.

  • Jordan

    When he has a bad game, can we say he was “SEAL Team Six’d?”

  • Craig Lyndall
  • Ezzie Goldish

    Agreed. I mean sign him to a new, five-year, front-loaded contract.

  • Craig Lyndall

    Better Call Saul is my new favorite screen name on earth. Just finished season 3.

  • Thebigmack67

    5 years? Lets make it 7

  • Denny


  • Dave

    It’s like the Browns organization has some special inside info on Kent State grads – it’s almost like they’d have a former Kent State QB on their payroll or something.

  • Joe

    Love the pick up. As far as WKNR, it NEVER matters who the Brown’s pick up, they will ALWAYS complain about it and say the pick up sucks. End of story – ALWAYS negative.

  • Cletus453

    wow 1 pick an it was againt marc bolger he blows