April 16, 2014

It’s Official: Phil Dawson Returns

The Browns officially announced this morning that Phil Dawson has signed the one year franchise tender offered to him by Mike Holmgren & co.  The reliable kicker will enter his 13th straight season with the Browns – having debuted on the original roster when the team returned in 1999.  He’s a fan favorite in Cleveland and has been a silent stalwart in this moribund era of Browns football.

In addition to Dawson, the Browns also announced that they had re-signed two cogs from last year’s defensive front – with Marcus Bernard and Brian Schaefering inking their RFA tenders.  Bernard is a surprising talent who Browns fans have come to love rushing off the edge.  He has emerged from the practice squad over the past two years and  led the team in sacks last season by a significant margin with 7 and a half.  Schaefering is a defensive tackle that the front office views as a key part of the rotation up front.  Like Bernard, he is another player who has come up from the practice squad after being waived off rosters continually at the beginning of his career.  He has become a solid contributor and played in all 16 games last year.

While the Browns are not making the one big free agent splash, they are quietly locking up role players from last season and keeping them in-house.  In addition to Bernard and Schaefering, the Browns also announced deals for RFA Evan Moore and Billy Yates.

Not only the veterans are being locked up – the Browns have also signed 7 of their 8 draft picks.  Only Phil Taylor remains unsigned as camp begins.  I would expect Taylor to be signed before the day is over.

  • Joe

    I like it! Good move…I also like other moves being made by the Brown’s so far. Colt McCoy is PERFECT for the West Coast offense. Injuries will be key, as in avoiding them, as is the case for every team!

    What I can’t stand is listening to Aaron G. at WKNR this morning making a total idiot of himself as he systematically tears down our Brown’s before anything happens. We need 92.3 FM “The Fan” so much in this market…it is scary!!! No more virtual monopoly on LOCAL sportstalk for these ASS-JACKS at WKNR. No matter WHAT the Brown’s or Indians do, they get RIPPED. Over and over…

  • Anonymous

    I like the Billy Yates re-signing almost as much as anything here. Solid player who can back up anywhere on the line.

  • Anonymous

    good to see yates signed. there’s your starting RG. he had a lot to do with hillis’ 170+ yds vs pats and losing him after the jets left us exposed… jax pwnd the lauvao/stclair right side.

    picking up mgbode’s jihad… cliff avril is an RFA with 1st round tender. he’s 25, he’s only 6-3, he was a beast last year. tweeted w propietor of lionsinwinter and he says no way lions let avril go. but as it stands lions have only given him the one year tender. would you be willing to give up a 1st round pick for him? i might be…


    joe, i had a toothache once. an exposed nerve. hurt like hell every time i touched it until i got to the dentist. if i didn’t touch it, it was fine. but when i did, the pain was so intense i couldn’t believe it. so i kept touching it to be sure it was really that painful. and every time after i touched i thought to myself, you are a dumbass for touching it, stop touching it.

    WKNR is your cracked tooth.. stop touching it.

  • Joe

    Thanks JIm…I get what you are saying. However, I want my LOCAL sportstalk on my radio as I go about my business! I am just thankful that there will be an OPTION to these TOOLS in the very near future!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Joe

    Is it Labor Day weekend yet? IMO – the perfect time for CBS owned 92.3 FM to go ALL sports. F _ _ _ WKNR with their pathetic retread Brinda, apparently lazy Rizzo, out of town “Peter Brown wannabee”, Aaron G, ALL negative Chris Fedor and R & R team of Reghi & Roda (now called by me: Ramble & Repeat) as that’s all they do…talk amongst themselves and say it again and again…all show long.

    The GM at that station told me himself that Craig Karmaxin bought into this market because of the fans passion for their home teams. So…now the former “voice of the fan”…good one there guys…is running the show like a NATIONAL show. Kind of stupid…but, as long as they are hitting their $$$ targets – why change? Guess what…they will be forced to change or get run over. 92.3 FM will rock their little monopolized world!!!

  • Gren

    I have a soft spot for Marcus Bernard, so I love that they re-signed him. Everything else is just icing on the cake for me personally. I’m very glad to see Dawson is returning, he needs to retire a Brownie.

  • theherd10

    Agreed on the Yates signing. The offense was really humming during the NO/NE/NYJ stretch last season when he and Womack were at RG and RT, respectively. This is not a “sexy” signing, by any stretch, but I am really, really glad for it.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that Bernard can go back to DE and be an effective pass rusher

  • Tim in Strongsville

    Is this definite? Outside of Rome and national broadcast of games the station is completely unlistenable. I tried to get through 20 minutes of x and o’s with the pros and that sucked like I remembered it. I like Rizzo but his buffoon entourage blows. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing Cleveland sports but the sheer negativity coming from that morning group is horrible.

  • Anonymous

    Great news about Phil Dawson. I wonder why they yanked him around like that. He sold his house and moved back to Texas. Odd. Oh well.

    I’m going to Browns camp tomorrow morning. Can’t wait.

    As for WKNR, I completely stopped listening to that kindergarten food fight a year or so ago, and I am a happier man because of it.

  • Anonymous

    Why is my earlier comment gone from this page, but still listed in the “Recent Comments” list? And why does the “Recent Comments” list identify me as “Anonymous”? Are you still working out some bugs in Disqus? If so, there appear to be some pretty big ones. My interaction with this new system has been totally bizarre.

  • Anonymous

    Presto-change-o! And just as mysteriously as my earlier comment disappeared, it has now mysteriously reappeared! But I’m still listed as “Anonymous.” Well, there’s only one thing to do: have a beer.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry MrC – not sure what’s going on with the new system but have a call into fix it and address the issues.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, BMP21, whoever you may be. Another problem is that the page keeps breaking up when I scroll, and I get a whole string of the same line repeated over and over. This wouldn’t have anything to do with my 19th century operating system, would it?