While We’re Waiting… Butch Davis Fired, Tribe Woes and Pryor Hate

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“Davis thought he could turn any player or in this case – “recruiting coordinator” – into gold. And if not, so be it. This point has to be tied to Davis’ dismal Browns’ drafts – which he clearly orchestrated. Citing a “hunch”, Davis took Gerard Warren over LaDainian Tomlinson and Richard Seymour in 2001, then gambled on the likes of William Green, James Jackson, Quincy Morgan and Kellen Winslow* over the next few years – all in a futile attempt to build what appeared to be a limitless roster. In Davis’ eyes, volume at the expense of any other clarity was the mandate. How else to explain a roster-building approach that was straight out of the “U” playbook?

*On a side note, had Davis stuck around another year, Adam “Pacman” Jones would have been a Brown. Think about it: immense talent, criminal tendencies, Big East background….” [DK/Meta Orange]

“Over the past nine games, the Indians have gone 3-6 despite receiving the kind of starting pitching that would make most teams green with envy: * Huff has a 0.71 ERA over 12.2 innings of work, but is only 1-1 * Tomlin has a 3.86 ERA over 14 innings of work, but is 0-1 with a no decision * Fausto Carmona has a 1.50 ERA over 12 innings of work, but is 1-0 with a no decision * Justin Masterson has a 0.61 ERA over 14.2 innings of work, but is 0-1 with a no decision * Carlos Carrasco has a 4.26 ERA in 6.1 innings of work (but that was the result of a single bad pitch against the White Sox) and is 0-1

How is that even possible?” [Red Right 88]

“After considering it a moment, however, I’m thinking Indians brass is going to come to the opposite conclusion. That is, at least in the mind of GM Chris Antonetti and the rest of the Tribe’s deciders, today’s no-no proved just how far the Wahoos are from real contention, and that the benefit from plugging one or even two guys into this roster is not worth the cost of minor league talent.

I don’t agree with this line of thought, believe me, and doing nothing at the deadline would be annoyingly emblematic of an ownership group that always seems to find reasons not to take risks, only to sit back and wonder why fans are down on the franchise.” [Cleveland Sports Torture]

“Terrelle Pryor, perhaps, wasn’t the most humble of cats, but he’s still a figure of tragedy. (I don’t mean “tragedy” in the sense that I would in relation to the recent events in Norway or Kim Kardashian’s relevancy; I simply mean it as I would in relation to a character in a play). For TP, it was never supposed to be this way.

… It’s weird, because, Tressel and TP, as different as they were… they went down for essentially the same crime. At the end of the day, neither of them respected the NCAA or their arbitrary rulebook. TP did it in a way which resulted in him getting discounted tattoos and a few extra thousand dollars in his pocket. Tressel did it in a way which lead to him ignoring the fact his star quarterback was pulling up to the Woody Hayes practice facility in a new car every week. In the end, they both decided they were above the NCAA rulebook. And that’s all understandable, because the NCAA rulebook is a joke. If you embrace and accept Tressel & his redemption, then you must accept Pryor’s. To accept one, and to shame the other, is, in my opinion, hypocrisy. So why does one get a parade to his house, while the other gets a constant stream of hate-fueled messages on his Twitter feed?’ [Eleven Warriors]

Brendan Bowers catches up with Cavalier Manny Harris- “SR: What would you say Byron Scott’s impact was on your game last season, and can you talk about your experience playing for him?

MH: It was a fun experience. His system was great, and not only that he’s a coach who’s actually really played the game. He was successful, won championships, so I learned a lot for him. It was fun playing for that team, because the system is good and he’s a coach that’s not going to allow you settle. He’s a hard-nosed coach and that’s how I like to be coached, so it was a great year all around. I learned a lot from him and the other coaches on the staff.” [Stepien Rules]

  • yerfdog

    I hope they keep Harris around for awhile.

  • mgbode

    CST just fueling the hatred of the ownership. Great. We need more people doing that :eyeroll:

    by all accounts (national media, not even what our FO is saying), we were heavily in the Beltran sweepstakes only to get rebuffed by Beltran/Boras. We are now heavily involved in Ubaldo and BJ Upton (again, national media reporting). We may be swinging at a target too high, but it seems we are trying.

    on the other hand, the Tigers have gotten some praise for “making a move” Nevermind that Betemit’s offense might not be able to make up for how terrible he is on defense. And, most of the pitchers they are going after are not better than the ones they already have (Kuroda, Guthrie).

    then, we have the White Sox deal an engimatic but toolsy pitcher who can help them now(Edwin) for a so-so prospect that probably can’t(Wheeler). Again, making them weaker (and they did this for a salary dump on Teahan).

    if these are the moves to be made right now, then perhaps we do need to just sit tight. i’ll hope we can get an OF upgrade that won’t cost us too much, but i’m not going to chastise the FO for not overpaying for marginal talents if we cannot find a match.