While We’re Waiting…Colt McCoy’s Future, Tribe Rotation Questions and Deadline Deals

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How long is Colt McCoy’s leash in 2011? “But there is something else that will be hanging over the heads of the Browns in 2011 and that’s the 2012 NFL Draft, specifically the #1 overall pick. At this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, about as “can’t miss” a prospect as you will ever see, will be chosen first. If the Browns spiral down into oblivion, there will be an opportunity to draft Luck.

Does that mean the Browns give up on Colt McCoy after only one season? And what do you do if he plays relatively well and the opportunity to draft Luck is still there? The Browns are going to have to determine this season if McCoy is a quarterback that can lead them to a Super Bowl – it’s a decision that will affect the franchise for years to come.” [Steve DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Where it could go wrong and right with Vrabel: “The cultures at Ohio State in 1996 and 2002 were very similar; the defense led the way.  Players would rather get caught screwing up or slacking off by a coach than by someone like Vrabel, or Matt Wilhelm, because getting nailed by the latter would be worse.  Now Vrabel will be in a true authority position, but the mentality should not change.  Vrabel will be a welcome addition to the Ohio State staff and he and Fickell together should have a positive impact on the culture of the team.  The real wild card will be how Vrabel personally adjusts to life without crushing dudes: This August will be the first time since 1988 that he won’t be wearing a helmet and pads.” [Ramzy/Eleven Warriors]

More on the Indians’ rotation: “Players like David Huff, Jeanmar Gomez, and Zach McAllister are ready to be called up to the rotation. (It is too early to close the book on McAllister, even though he had a short outing on Thursday).  The player most likely to take Talbot’s spot in the rotation is Alex White. White was doing great until he got hurt on May 20th. He is 1-0 with a 3.60 ERA this season. He is starting to throw again, and should be back in August. He is too good of a pitcher to keep in AAA, so he would likely be recalled to the major league club in Cleveland to replace Talbot.  The other pitcher who could be replaced is Fausto Carmona. The only difference between Talbot and Carmona is that Manny Actaalways says that Carmona is a pitcher with good stuff, who just needs to be given enough time.” [Steve Kubitza/Deep Left Field]

Could the Tribe take a bold approach before the deadline? “At the end of the day, the question becomes whether the Indians could (or would be willing to try to) turn one of the legitimate prospects at 2B (Phelps or Kipnis) or the glut of relievers into something that fills an obvious need on the Indians for 2011 and beyond. The answer to that is elusive, but if the Indians really do know more about their own prospects than the ones they’ve been pilfering from across the league for the last couple of years, it could be the bold move (executed prudently and making the right decisions on players) that could build momentum for the rest of the season and into the seasons to come. Maybe “bold” moves or moves outside of their comfort zone aren’t something that we’ve come to expect from the offices of Carnegie and Ontario, but 2011 has been full of surprises.  Perhaps a couple more are still coming…” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Mid-season prospect report for the Tribe: “Essentially as long as the Lake County franchise has been in existence, the squad has featured a lot of young talented arms and low-ceiling, older bats. It has been a common destination for college draftees from the previous year making their full-season debut and high school and international pitchers who had graduated from the ranks of the rookie leagues. Either by chance or as the result of shifts in organizational player acquisition and development approaches, this year’s Lake County squad is exactly the opposite. The hitters are essentially the youngest in the Midwest League, with a plethora of teenagers on the squad. The pitchers, in contrast, are primarily recent college draftees. The overall results for the team have not been great (34-50), but the individual performances, while uneven, have shown interesting flashes of potential.” [APV/Let’s Go Tribe]

  • 216in614

    If you can draft Luck, you take him no matter what. More than likely if you can draft Luck, Colt didn’t do his job.

  • Stinkfist

    I’m rooting for Colt. One, I like his attitude, but mostly, I just don’t want to have to draft another QB, as good as he may be.
    And I really hope that Vrabel pads up from time to time to really hammer home some toughness. It’s not very coach-like, but how awesome would that be