While We’re Waiting… Deadline Deals, Pryor Left Out and Masterson Getting Better

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“…did the Indians already make their big deadline deal by bringing up Kipnis? Per CNNSI’s Jon Heyman, one unnamed AL scout thinks so. Heyman quotes the scout as saying that ”the Indians just made a blockbuster deadline trade,” and added that Cleveland should get a “helluva in-season jolt.” Hopefully that ends up being the case, as Kipnis to the big league roster as an in-season “trade” was something that has been floated in this space a number of times by both myself and Pauly C. Do I think it is a “blockbuster” trade and one that will propel the Indians to the Central Division crown all by itself? Absolutely not. Do I think that if given consistent playing time Kipnis will be better than Orlando Cabrera at the plate and in the field? I 100% do. So temper your expectations a little bit and give him time to get his feet wet, but hopefully Kipnis is here to stay and will be part of a run to the postseason this year, albeit not the driving force behind that run. ” [Ciammaichella/The DiaTribe]

Interesting- “Hoping to make an NFL bid after leaving the Ohio State football program, former Buckeyes star quarterback Terrelle Pryor could be stymied in that effort due to his undetermined eligibility for the supplemental draft. FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez is reporting that the league hasn’t scheduled a supplemental draft at this time and Pryor doesn’t fall into the category of having been kicked off the team, ruled academically ineligible or having graduated from college.

So, traditionally Pryor wouldn’t be a candidate for the supplemental draft because he hadn’t been ruled ineligble at Ohio State after being suspended for the opening five games due to NCAA infractions.” [Scout.com]

“The only saving grace in all of this is the AL Central is full of mediocrity. Even with Sunday’s loss, the Indians head into the three-game series with the Angels only two games out of first. A good week and they could be back on top of the division. But with the offense in its current state of distress, it’s hard to see how that can happen. If you can’t win with the kind of pitching the Tribe received this weekend, when will you win?” [Red Right 88]

Masterson, becoming a special starting pitcher- “According to fangraphs.com, Masterson’s pitches sat between 89.9-97.7 mph on the night. There was the one exception: a 78.6-mph slider. That lone offspeed offering came on his 47th pitch of his outing on a 1-0 count to Minnesota’s Michael Cuddyer. It was a called strike. Then, it was back to the sinker for a groundout. So, Justin, um, why fire that ONE offspeed? Masterson laughed at the question.

“Well, you know, we thought we’d probably use it more,” he said with a chuckle. “We were probably trying to get ready to throw some more sliders. But it just turned out…” Masterson paused and shrugged.” [Bastian/MLB.com]

Ever want to work for one of your favorite teams? New job posting from the Indians- “The primary responsibilities of the EDF are to assist the Software Development staff with designing and supporting web-based applications for the Baseball Department. Through an intensive and structured 12-month immersion program, the EDF will also be exposed to other facets of the Indians business operations and will participate in a comprehensive orientation and mentoring program to enhance professional development. Responsibilities and Duties:” [Cleveland Indians] (Hat tip to Baseball Prospectus)

  • 216in614

    They already sat Kipnis for OldManDo Cabrera. I hope its just because of him not getting a break due to the minor league allstar games. If you call him up. You have to play him at least 4 times a week.

  • boomhauertjs

    Kipnis has to get in the lineup to help the team…

  • 5KMD

    I don’t get it with Ocab. He’s been here less than 1 year. It’s not like he is tribe royalty playing out his last meaningful years.

    And the thought that Acta wants to show respect for the veterans so he does lose the other veterans. There are no other veterans right now other than Hafner. He should be trying to avoid losing the young guys since that’s all we’ve got.

    Plus, he’s only been here a half of one season! Wait, did I say that already?

  • mike

    “8. C.C. Lee, RP-COL
    Lee has been one of the most dominant relievers in the system this year, posting a 1.83 ERA and striking out 77 hitters in 54 IP between Akron and Columbus.”

    the indians actually have a pitching prospect named C.C. Lee?! WHAT???

  • http://www.cavstheblog.com Tsunami

    Loved that article on Masterson. Thanks for the link!