While We’re Waiting… Hickson Talks, Parker Moves and Tribe Wins

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Our own weekend editor Brendan Bowers talked with JJ Hickson for SLAM magazine- “SLAM: As far as your age goes, I think people forget that there were players just drafted in the first round this past June who played with you in your McDonald’s All American game. Do you think the Cavaliers rushed to judgment by trading you in some ways?

JH: I’ll be honest with you, I think they rushed to judgment a little bit. But, they got what they got and the Kings got a great player in JJ Hickson. So when the season starts, we’ll see how it pans out from there.” [Bowers/SLAM] Excellent job with this interview B.

Yesterday afternoon, Sam Amico wrote this about Anthony Parker- “Word is that Cavs guard Anthony Parker has moved out of his Cleveland home and does not plan to return once the lockout ends. Parker is an unrestricted free agent and 36-years old. The Cavs love him, as he’s just a good all-around person to have on the team. But he’s clearly not part of the Cavs’ long-term (or even short-term) plans and he knows it.” [Amico/FSO] However…

Later Parker took to twitter to tell his own version- “Most players choose not to pay rent for 7+ months for an empty house. Means nothing about my future. Thx Cavs fans for the kind words!” [@AMP1808]

His speed was on display yesterday for certain- “Ezequiel Carrera will be the Tribe’s center fielder either until Grady Sizemore returns or the Indians acquire an outfielder; there isn’t another internal option in the minors. Carrera is not going to replace Sizemore’s power production, but he brings some other things to the table. He looks smooth in the outfield in the short time I’ve seen him, and most scouting reports project him as at least an above-average defender in center. His speed is his best offensive weapon right now; he stole 35 bases in 39 attempts in Columbus, and he stole his second base in the majors tonight. The key for Carrera to be an effective offensive player is getting on base so he can utilize his speed efficiently. He walked 39 times in 375 plate appearances with the Clippers, so that’s a good sign. If he does well at the plate, he may be moved to leadoff in order to move Michael Brantley lower in the order (Orlando Cabrera hitting fifth isn’t going to cut it).” [Let’s Go Tribe]

Not Cleveland-centric, but a good read on the reason for sports- “How bad must a loss be to interrupt the life cycle of American celebrity? Does real fame end at the last whistle? Or does a low-grade variant persist for life, like something incurable, a fever that neither purifies nor kills? Did someone win? Or did someone else lose? Did someone choke? Are we really debating this? Is the word “choke” where we make our stand? Is the real equality in unspooling the same blunt and empty-headed narratives and criticisms we unfurl for the men? Is this the rhetorical hill we die on for parity?” [MacGregor/ESPN] (H/T @WFNYScott)

  • mgbode

    good article on JJ. he admits some of his faults, thanks the fans and the team repeatedly. really, everything you would want a former player to do as they walk out the door.

  • Chucky Brown

    yep, I wish the JJ the best as he takes his talents to Sac town

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    “Is the real equality in unspooling the same blunt and empty-headed narratives and criticisms we unfurl for the men?” – that is a great line.

    Also that Hickson interview is so good. Sucks for Hickson that a couple people only picked up on the one part where he referred to himself in third person in describing what was exchanged in the trade. I think he came across as pretty mature.

  • Swig