While We’re Waiting… Indians Mull Trade, Tomlin Adjustments, and NFL Free Agency

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“Too many injuries for a $49 million payroll to bear. What if Grady Sizemore is lost for the rest of the season with another knee issue? What if Shin-Soo Choo and/or Alex White have a setback in their recoveries? The depth of this organization is long past the point of being tested. It’s been all but eliminated. With the notable exception of a Jason Kipnis promotion or a Drew Pomeranz desperation jump from Double-A, you’re looking at every last strand of spaghetti the Indians have to throw at the wall. A starting outfield of Luis Valbuena, Ezequiel Carrera and Kearns ought not be allowed by the Commissioner’s Office. There ought to be a clause in the CBA that protects against it. Yet the Indians carry on in this crazy division, and they have 10 days to decide how serious they want to take this final push.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]

On Josh Tomlin- “Now, baseball is a game of adjustments. Tomlin was magical for two months. Unfortunately, it seems his magic tricks have been revealed. He does not miss bats as only 7.8% of the time does he get a swinging strike. He cannot keep the ball on the ground, producing only a 37.1% ground ball rate. As a result he has given up a team leading 18 home runs. Teams have obviously adjusted to him.

Does Tomlin have a counter adjustment in him? The Indians can only hope. They don’t really have any other alternatives to confidently slide behind Masterson in the starting rotation. Carlos Carrasco is talented, but he is also young and wildly inconsistent, as most young pitchers tend to be. Alex White is young as well and will probably be prone to an innings eater out of the second slot in the rotation whenever he returns and settles in.” [Dew/Indians Prospect Insider]

“At this point, it certainly feels like a move is coming as the Front Office knows an opportunity when one is presented to them because of the first three months of the season. What that move is (assuming there is one) may tell quite a bit about what the Indians think of their chances this year and beyond and may even perhaps be telling as to whether they start making plans for “Life Without Grady”.

While that notion of Sizemore NOT being in an Indians’ uniform in 2012 may have been laughable just a few years ago, it’s possible that Grady isn’t playing in Cleveland in 2012, either because of a decision by the organization in the off-season or because of a prognosis of his doctors in the coming weeks.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

In case you missed it yesterday, great piece on NFL free agents to avoid- “For general managers, free agency is a minefield. One misstep can cost you your job, your livelihood, and sometimes your soul. (How else would you describe the existential pain of sitting next to Matt Millen in the commentator’s booth?) But never fear! We come bearing information that can help save wayward general managers from themselves. When evaluating NFL free agents, there are certain archetypes that stand out as particularly bad bets. Avoid the following types at all costs. Without further ado, we present the free agents you meet in hell.” [Barnwell/Grantland]

Oh no. This may be bad for office productivity in the Cleveland area. Baseball Reference’s Franchise Trade Partner History. Want to see all the ways the Tribe has fleeced the Mariners? Here you go. (Hat tip to Hardball Times)

Tom Moore’s experience at the Aeros gathering, in which he explains one reason it is good to be a Cleveland fan- “Sites like Cleveland Frowns, WFNY, The DiaTribe, Ten Cent Beers, RiverBurn (and this one), among others, are all working to make sure the voice of the fan is heard like never before. We are all working, in our own way, to give Cleveland what it needs, rather than something it already has. And, just as importantly, we are doing it without any hysterics. It drives us batty when we hear people ripping a particular player and then concluding that the player should be traded for a superstar. You won’t find that kind of irrational thought at most of the local sites, which is refreshing.” [Red Right 88] and in case you missed Pete’s Frownie Fotos piece from yesterday.