While We’re Waiting… June Drought for Tribe, an Omri Casspi Scouting Report, and NBA Web Design

Editor’s note: This weekend, due to holiday plans and travel plus the fact that everyone will be outside appreciating the warm weather, we will have fewer articles than most weekends (just the Tribe recap later this morning for today). Get out and enjoy the weekend!

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WFNY’s own TD tackles Mark Shapiro and his way with the one-year deal, “Once the Dolan ownership era was ushered in and the realities of our market took shape, then GM Mark Shapiro had to take chances on guys who have had injury issues in the past and were looking to get their careers back on the right path or veterans stars on one year deals looking to cash in the following year. Shapiro became the king of this technique. It was almost as big of a calling card for him as using the phrase “championship caliber club,” his khaki pants and golf shirt look, and trading veterans for prospects as they approached free agency.” [TD/Still WFNY]

Just how bad was June for the Tribe? Jordan Bastian takes a look at a month that the team may just want to forget, (On his Rookie of the Month, Vinnie Pestano) “Once again, Pestano takes home the rookie honors. Perhaps in July, when third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall starts piling up some at-bats, Pestano will have some rookie competition for my monthly accolades. Not that Pestano isn’t worthy. In June, he put up a 1.86 ERA and a 0.828 WHIP over 10 games. Pestano struck out 15 and walked four in just 9 2/3 innings. [Major League Bastian]

Conrad Kaczmarek gives us some more information about the newest Cavalier, Omri Casspi, via Sactown Royalty “The situation is much different in Cleveland however.  Baron Davis and Kyrie Irving are both true point guards instead of hybrids like Tyreke Evans.  Omri also has little competition for the SF spot in Cleveland (sorry Joey Graham).  On offense, Casspi’s best attribute is his three point shooting.  He has a weird looking shot, kind of like Shawn Marion’s, but he hits threes at a decent clip, right around 37%.  He’s also very quick and athletic and loves running down the court on fastbreaks.  He’s more explosive than he looks to, and while he’ll never win any dunk contests, he’ll dunk quite a bit.  On the other side of the ball, perhaps his best attribute is his defensive rebounding, where he’s very good for a Small Forward.” [Fear The Sword]

Joe Posnanski gives us 14 crazy baseball facts. My favorite? Curtis Granderson hit 23 triples in 2007, the most for any player in the last 60 years.

Finally, from SI’s The Point Forward, the NBA in the midst of a lockout has done a little website redesign. Where did all the active players go?