While We’re Waiting… No Death Penalty for OSU, Graphic Design, and Around the Farm System

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News broke yesterday that the NCAA will not hit Ohio State with “failure to monitor” or “lack of institutional control”. Matt Hinton at Dr. Saturday talks about how OSU throwing Tressel to the wolves essentially has worked, “In other words, it means that the odds the Buckeyes will face the sting of scholarship losses or a bowl ban have just plummeted. Ditto for the odds that it will face any other significant consequences beyond what it’s already inflicted upon itself. In other words, the NCAA appears to be friendly to the university’s argument that there is a bright line between the actions of Ohio State as a program and the actions of the man who was paid millions to oversee that program for a decade.” [Dr. Saturday]

Our own Brendan Bowers discusses graphic design with Mike Brenkus (aka @Cre8iveJuice) who as you probably know by now is the designer of the brilliant new “While We’re Waiting” images, with one of them pictured above. Bowers picked this creative mind in a great intreview over at Stepien Rules, “For this graphic I still wanted to go with the waiting theme, but didn’t want to use a clock or any other time-keeping device. Instead, I thought of a waiting room at a doctor/dentist’s office, and how there were always plenty of magazines to read “while you’re waiting”. One of my favorite things to do in design is to create new logos/designs using previously created logos/designs as inspiration. This of course meant finding the fonts for eight or so popular magazines and then typing the names of some of the sites that WFNY links to each day in their “While We’re Waiting” blog. ” [Stepien Rules]

Jordan Bastian on his MLB blog discusses the amazing, heat-heavy night it was for Justin Masterson on Wednesday, “In all, Masterson threw 104 pitches and 103 were fastballs. Now, this is not simply a case where catcher Lou Marson threw down an index finger as he called each pitch. There was variation in Masterson’s approach. He threw 54 four-seam fastballs and 49 two-seamers (sinkers) and mixed up his pitch velocity throughout the evening. That last part is what Masterson believes made the approach so strong. “I was able to mix and match,” Masterson explained. “Even within the fastballs, there was a mix, a range of velocities that also helped kind of keep them off-balance. And being able to control the inner and outer half, that’s what kind of made it effective. It was almost like having two or three different pitches just within a fastball.”” [Major League Bastian]

Andrew Zajac at IPI goes around the Tribe farm system, focusing on Lake County 1B Jesus Aguilar, “Aguilar is doing everything in his power (no pun intended) to prove to the Tribe brass he’s ready to be promoted. He’s been swinging a hot bat, hitting .357 in his past ten games, scoring 9 runs along the way. He also has compiled 4 doubles and 3 home runs while driving in 12. His splits are even more impressive: .426 OBP/.667 SLG/1.092 OPS. And on the year, he’s hitting .294 with 25 doubles, 19 home runs, and 67 RBI. His splits include: .370 OBP/.549 SLG/.919 OPS. Not bad for a 21-year-old!” [Indians Prospect Insider]

Finally, Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie discusses the strategy of one NBA agent preparing for the lockout, “It’s a shrewd move by Brothers, one that’s likely to help his players at a time when lots of players will rue their lack of regular paychecks. Ultimately, consistent paychecks for a few players will not sway the opinion of the greater group as to whether or not they should accept a new collective bargaining deal. But Brothers’ approach is a sign that these athletes may be better prepared for the lockout than they were in 1998.” [Ball Don’t Lie]