Breaking: 92.3 The Fan is Coming to Cleveland

All you music fans, the fateful day is August 29th.  92.3 will no longer be pumping out rock tunes on that day as it gives way to the first FM sports station in Cleveland.  We’ve been talking about this lately here and here and now it is officially happening.  We had reported that CBS loves to get NFL rights when they launch, and it appears that for now this new station will not become the home of the Cleveland Browns.  That will presumably stay on 100.7 WMMS and WTAM – both Clear Channel properties.  92.3 The Fan will have the other NFL games from Westwood One including national broadcasts on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights.

Here’s some info from the CBS press release.

Beginning on Monday, Aug. 29, Cleveland sports fans will have a bold new choice for news and information about their favorite sports teams. Sports Radio 92.3 The Fan (WKRK-FM) will feature locally produced programs hosted by familiar Cleveland voices, along with headline updates every 20 minutes and a full lineup of NFL and college football play-by-play coverage. The station will be available on-air, on-line at and via the application for a variety of mobile devices.

Additionally, Andy Roth has been named as Program Director of the CBS RADIO station. He joins 92.3 The Fan from Buffalo’s WGR, and also has experience at legendary sports properties WFAN in New York and WIP in Philadelphia.

Roth said, “What we are launching is literally a radio station for ‘The Fan.’ For Clevelanders who live and breathe sports 24/7 this will be the place to get the best insight, most in-depth coverage and a well-rounded balance of listener participation all presented in an entertaining forum.”

Nationally-known talent Kevin Kiley will team up with Cleveland’s own Chuck Booms weekday mornings from 6:00-10:00AM for the area’s only local morning drive sports-talk show. Kiley & Booms previously co-hosted a national show on the Fox Sports Radio Network. Adam “The Bull”, formerly of WFAN in New York, will fill the afternoon drive time slot from 3:00-7:00PM. The remainder of The Fan lineup will be announced at a later date.

So, there you have it.  Go ahead and react.  Are you excited?  Yesterday on The Really Big Show on WKNR, I heard Rizzo make reference to some consultant’s presence at their station by the orders of Craig Karmazin.  Who knows if that is a direct reaction to new competition entering the marketplace or not.  Love it or hate it, things are about to get interesting in the media marketplace in Cleveland.

(h/t to @JoelHammond from Crain’s)

  • Dave Pavlik

    This sucks.. No more music. Got to fix my Cd player. Rock N Roll City (B.S. – edited by admin)

  • Jason

    While I’m upset to see Radio 92.3 go (I’ve been a loyal listener since the days of “The New 92.3” back in 1999, through most of the format changes), I did find a great alternative: X1075 Las Vegas, the ORIGINAL ‘Xtreme Radio’ that 92.3 was mirrored to be back in 2001. While I can’t have it in my car, it’s available through iTunes!

    Also, HD Radio is NOT worth the investment at all. Why should I pay more to listen to the same radio stations I get in FM in surround sound?

  • Pat R

    This is complete crap the one decent and I say decent radio station in Cleveland is now sports talk take that mindless crap and complaining about overpaid hacks that couldn’t do a real hard days work if they had a gun to the back of their heads back to 1100AM where it belongs. BRING BACK A DECENT RADIO STATION FORMAT TO CLEVELAND. I propose a complete boycott of this mindless crap so they don’t hit the advertising quota that CBS has set and put this pos idea to bed

  • tyler & mommy

    We do not like sports talk. Please bring back the good music. We will not be listening to this station (or it’s advertising) now.

  • ap13

    We HAD an alternative to the general trash music radio Cleveland suffered from for so many years and now we have more talk? What was wrong with AM….?

  • really?

    This station used to be great with no idiots talking & a good music selection. What is wrong with this city? There is enough sports talk on AM.

  • Suse

    I guess it will only be Pandora for me. I’m disgusted that the Rock ‘N Roll Capitol has nothing but crap pop stations left with short tracks that repeat every four hours. 92.3 had decent music which is much more than I can say for the other stations in the area. If I wanted to listen to more sports, I would quit my job and watch ESPN all day. Oh wait, I’m wrong, with social media advances I don’t have enough access to everyone’s opinion about more crap that is irrelevant. Way to be cutting edge!

  • Me

    You destroyed and replaced the best music station that Cleveland has with sports [WFNY edit] cattle-plop. Take the sports talk to AM radio and gives us back our rock station back! Boooooo

  • Jack mcmarlin

    What the Hell happened, everyday at work I would listen to your non stop music. Now its sports crap,alot of fans leaving. Here we come 98.5.

  • Mine

    I agree with mcmarlin and Me. This is crap. You took the best alternative rock station that we have (WMMS does not count) and the ONLY station that for the most part played non stop music and turned it into just another talk show. If people want to listen to talk radio, especially sports talk radio, they go to AM. Looks like 98.5 will be getting alot more listeners tuning in now, not that they didn’t before. The big majority of people in Cleveland these days are looking for a good station, like the old 92.3, that they turn on during the day, in their cars, etc and hear some good music anytime day or night….Cleveland doesnt have enough talk about sports to keep this station alive, especially when you’re talking about high school football for 3 hours.

  • Katherine

    I am so sad and so mad and I want to cry. 92.3 was the ONLY reason I listened to radio and it got replaced with talk? What a major disappointment.. Just when I was starting to fall in love with you, Cleveland.

  • Don G

    Kiley and Booms MUST GO. I did not like them years ago and was looking forward to a alternative to Mike and Mike whom I also don’t like. Please replace them with someone local and eleminate the name calling and bad JOKES! The rest of the programing is GREAT and a WELCOMED CHANGE!

  • bobby

    Bruce Drennan is credible in Sports? He’s extremely funny with his self ego and is so disrespected in the industry,particularly talking sports

  • Marines7575

    No they dont need a qb they need me I play db linebacker im a beast I will at the 2012 nfl combine for browns im larry anderson

  • Cleveohwestside

    Station is ok.  But, this Kendall Lewis is unlistenable

  • Isaac

    I have become a big Fan of the Fan GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allison

    This was my favorite radio station… fine that you have a sports channel, but why’d the music station have to go?

  • Big Z

    This just popped up at the bottom of my screen as “recommended.” It’s 2014 by the way…