Eric Mangini is Your Newest ESPN NFL Analyst

The next chapter of Eric Mangini’s storybook career will land him in Bristol, CT as the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns will take a seat within ESPN’s studios as an NFL analyst, the New York Post reports.

Mangini, who was relieved of his duties last January, spent some quality time with the WWL’s talking heads as the football world awaited the playoff contest between the New York Jets and New England Patriots – two teams which had been the coach’s employers prior to his two years with the Browns. While some speculated that Mangini, 40, would take a step back from the head coaching ranks and focus purely on the defensive side of the ball as a coordinator, it appears that the in-studio responsibilities will buy him some time as he continues to receive paychecks signed by Randolph D. Lerner.

  • Elizabeth


    Does ESPN even try or its all about name recognition.

  • Roosevelt

    Elizabeth, the ONE thing we heard consistently about Mangini, no matter how the team was doing, was that he knew everything there was to know about the game.

  • Robbie

    My goodness… “television personality Eric Mangini”? Having “personality” and “Eric Mangini” in the same sentence… doesn’t seem possible. Hey, I actually liked Eric Mangini, but Elizabeth is right… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Nate_4

    ESPN definitely plucks too many former players and coaches to sit in the analyst chair, but I enjoyed watching Mangini on ESPN when he was a guest at the end of last year. He definitely doesn’t have a personality and he doesn’t have a good television voice, but his insight is definitely above average. It’s not like being a good coach and a good analyst are connected in any way.

  • mgbode

    I thought he did an admirable job back in January and am glad that he’ll get another shot.

  • Ben

    I wish him nothing but the best. He was kind of nice to watch on TV…seemed like a real person instead of the fake excitement that some of the clowns use there.

  • Haas

    Funny he would want to go to work with people who high fived on live television at the fact that he was fired. I wish Mangini the best, but I know I would want nothing to do with that place if they did that with me.