April 19, 2014

NFL Trade News: Brodrick Bunkley, Browns, Broncos, and Bewilderment

How’s that for alliteration?

The Browns thought they acquired Brodrick Bunkley who is/was a defensive lineman, and 2006 first round draft pick disappointment for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The defensive lineman-starved Cleveland Browns thought they had added some depth and experience to a line that lacks in both categories.  Then Monday, Bunkley’s mysterious absence was explained.  In an act of apparent revenge for the Peyton Hillis deal, the Denver Broncos appropriated the 6-2 295 pounder.

It is an odd path to be sure.  Usually defensive linemen have to play for the Browns before they end up in Denver like Gerard Warren, Courtney Brown, Ebenezer Ekuban and Michael Myers.

So Bunkley goes to Denver for a 2013 pick instead of the Browns’ 2012 5th rounder.  Meanwhile, the Browns are dreadfully thin at defensive tackle considering that first round draft pick Phil Taylor remains unsigned and out of camp as of Monday night.  The Browns and Taylor are almost undoubtedly arguing over the amount of guaranteed money in his rookie contract.  So what, exactly happened?  We still don’t know.

According to Jeff Schudel of the News-Herald, conditions of the deal were not met.  That’s fancy NFL front office talk for, “We’re not telling you exactly what happened.”

What we do know is that Bunkley reported to the Browns on Sunday.  We don’t know what kinds of meetings took place, whether a physical was taken and passed or failed.  We don’t know if Bunkley convinced the Browns that he really had no interest in playing for them.  I would say that maybe someday we’ll find out, but honestly, I don’t think anyone will really care.

Well, unless Denver truly did exact their revenge on the Browns for the Peyton Hillis trade and Bunkley sacks quarterbacks with alarming frequency this season.

  • mgbode

    the Broncos have a fever and the only cure is more ex-Browns DL!

    heck, they are even going after the ones that are linked but never actually played for us.

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    The thing I remember about Bunkley from that draft was thinking, “Man… that guy looks WAY bigger than the guy the Browns chose! Why didn’t the Browns take THAT guy?!?”

    And, neither of the two guys in question amounted to anything near the guy Phil Savage gave to the Ravens. At least the Browns got Travis Wilson as a consolation prize.

  • mgbode


    doh! not a great way to start camp. zastudil is injured as well (hurt trying out for Texans)

  • Anthony

    So what, are the Broncos going to try to sign Orpheus Roye to back him up?

  • elisacurtin

    His talent isn’t the problem…everyone saw him as a top 20 pick that year…He has had injuries…and is probably too lazy too work hard to maximize his talent…at this point in his career…he needs to play in a rotation… http://bit.ly/rtmrtN