Omri Casspi Injures Knee, Says He’s Fine

Omri Casspi, the Cavaliers recently acquired small forward, slipped and injured his knee on Wednesday during an Israeli national team practice.

Despite multiple reports that have varied in terms of severity, Casspi has recently tweeted that MRI results have come back fine.  The player is expected to take two-to-four weeks of time to recover, potentially missing European Championship.

In a world where the NBA lockout has forced team sources to be mum, basketball news has primarily come in the form of stars looking at overseas opportunities and Rucker Park sideshows.  Thankfully, in an age where Twitter bridges the cap between players and fans (sometimes to a fault), Cavalier fans have the ability to stay in touch with one of their newest arrivals in the 6-foot-9-inch deep threat.

Casspi included a “Go Cavs” hashtag in his last knee-related tweet, and reassured fans that he would not take part in full-on basketball activities – at least two weeks – until his knee was 100 percent. The player expects six weeks for a full-on recovery and contends that he is still in considerable pain.

“I wont risk anything before I’ll be 100% to go out there and play,” said Casspi. “I’m getting treatments everyday. 2-4 weeks recovery time. But again, nothing is torn and I’m just fine.”

As reported, the Israeli national team is trying to finish among the top six in the EuroBasket tournament, which would help them qualify for next summer’s last-chance Olympic qualifying tournament.  It is at the subsequent tournament where the three teams will win bids to the London 2012 Olympic games.  Casspi, the first Israeli-born NBA player, factored to be an integral part of this journey.  When acquired by the Cavaliers in the 11th hour deal for JJ Hickson, Casspi told Cleveland media that the next several months would be a “very important summer.”

  • christopher

    well hopefully he has an entire season to recover..wink wink.


    @1 Speaking of this….has it been discussed what will actually happen for next year’s draft if/when the entire bball season is cancelled?

    I can’t imagine they’d do the 2012 draft in the same order as 2011, although Cavs fans definitely wouldn’t disagree.

    We certainly wouldn’t be able to keep the Clippers pick 2 years in a row, but I don’t think that means that they should get the #1 pick either….maybe a lottery re-draw with teams not changing picks? or a lottery with all of the teams? Just wondering if this has been discussed/determined?

  • mgbode

    @2 – noone knows for sure because it would be apart of the new CBA agreement. however, it has been reported that the most likely case would be to slot the teams the same and do a redraw for the lottery.

    and we don’t hold the Clippers 2012 pick, so we would not get their slot (but we would have the 2nd best chance to get the #1 overall pick).

  • Chucky Brown

    Ive heard that they would use a model similar to the NHL’s when they went through this .Unfortunately that would be disastrous for us beecause that model slots teams based on average win total over the last 3-4 years

  • christopher


    I’ve read similar to what mgbode mentions in that the draft rules would be apart of the new CBA but if one is not reached lottery teams would redraw ping pong balls. Teams outside of the lottery would hold their same picking order from the year

  • Stinkfist

    I heard the draft order will be awarded to the team with the most collective Sports Illustrated swimsuit appearances by players wives/girlfriends

    Yay Casspi!

  • kevin

    What a shame, the European Championship would have been a great opportunity to develop for him with an EXTREMELY strong competition.

    I hope that it’s not that bad as he has stated, and I don’t think it’s the right time to speak about the draft. I think there will be a shortened season, starting in january.

  • mgbode

    @6 – better sign Marko Jaric to be safe.