Outside the Lines Updates Its Report on Ohio State Football

This morning, ESPN’s Tom Farrey and Outside the Lines updated their reporting on the great Ohio State memorabilia scandal of 2011. The report focuses on the the market for NCAA athlete signed memorabilia. It paints the OSU autograph seekers as particularly intense and aggressive.

It also claims “Ohio State ceded the marketplace inviting fans to public events…where they could obtain signatures.” OTL quotes former AD Andy Geiger as saying they “created this monster” by backing autograph events and promoting a market for memorabilia.

There was nothing earth-shattering or revealing in the new report. Jim Tressel continued to take a beating for much of the clip but it was really nothing new. The OSU beat reporters and journalism community implored that it changed nothing and took some shots at ESPN. And they’re right – it does little to alter the NCAA’s investigation, which is where Ohio State’s attention is focused. This is now a pretty antagonistic relationship so I would imagine ESPNers will continue to see what they can dig up.

  • JM

    But I bet ABC/ESPN will air them almost every week next season. What a sorry network.

  • Steve

    The video link keeps autoplaying every time I come back to the site, even after I click “autoplay off.” It then moves on to different highlights after the OSU story is over…

  • Garry Owen

    When ESPN Gameday inevitably comes to Columbus this year (when we’re hopefully undefeated heading into the meat of the Big 10 season), I would love to see NOBODY show up. No witty posters, no cheering, just conspicuous silence and an empty parking lot declaring that ESPN is dead to Ohio State. How great would it be for them to do their entire show with nothing but one guy waving his Washington State flag?

    I wish there was another option for college FB.

  • RJ Edgington

    Better yet one big banner reading “Columbus welcomes ESPNquirer”. I don’t pretend Tress didn’t bring this on himself. Nor do I pretend ESPNquirer has so much as a shred of journalistic integrity left. They whore themselves regularly, and especially go after those who can’t fight back. Ever see em’ critisize an organized player work stoppage? No way, they need players for sound bites, video clips, and Sunday evening sit downs.